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To think 2pm on a Sunday is an anti-social time to barbeque?

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BumpowderSneezeonAndSnot Sun 03-Jun-18 14:25:17

One of my sets of neighbours are an obnoxious couple in the early throes of retirement. They have children my age and grandchildren who are toddlers. This time of the year until October now they will be barbequeing almost daily and twice daily on a weekend with the kids and grandkids noisily "enjoying" The garden.

We work full time. The only time we can feasibly peg out washing is the weekends but with this good weather every weekend from 1pm 2pmish their barbeque is fired up and doesn't go off until dinner.

I freely admit I don't like them as it is but this just tips the balance. Do tell me I'm being unreasonable...ill just ignore you keep seething while they stink my washing out.

Lizzie48 Tue 05-Jun-18 20:54:44

I personally quite like the smell of a bbq. It makes my mouth water actually. grin

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