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To be somewhat perplexed by this Facebook "offer"

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LEMtheoriginal Wed 30-May-18 23:54:42

Really? For free?

This is a bit weird isn't it?

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UpstartCrow Wed 30-May-18 23:56:17

Call me an old cynic, but yes it is. Does he have any feedback?

Singlenotsingle Wed 30-May-18 23:59:38

Sounds like a scam. He covers a wide area. Who collects and delivers the stuff? Who pays the petrol? What does he get out of it? There's a big market for good quality used clothes. Would you ever see them again?

MissionItsPossible Thu 31-May-18 00:01:25

Yeah, that’s a scam.

gaggiagirl Thu 31-May-18 00:05:53

Unless he does your first bin bag for free and charges for subsequent ones? Although he doesn't say so.
Or is he trying them on?

UserV Thu 31-May-18 00:07:48

Dodgy as fuck.

BettyPitts Thu 31-May-18 00:08:56

No thank you.

Emma198 Thu 31-May-18 00:10:24

but he only irons knickers 😁

DickensianHysteric Thu 31-May-18 00:12:29

Yeah, all genuine offers include the words THIS IS REAL... grin

SimonBridges Thu 31-May-18 00:13:37

Either it’s a scam or you clothes come back covered in jizz.

crunchymint Thu 31-May-18 00:23:50

I suspect this is a masturbator

PurpleTango Thu 31-May-18 00:38:55

Can you message him and enquire about his ironing service? You have to and report back. I need to know if I should move (tomorrow) into his free ironing area.

salsmum Thu 31-May-18 01:34:55

He's a Carer for his wife and he has time to stand all day ironing for free??? Wow I don't know many carers who would have the time or the energy to iron all day while caring for someone let alone doing the world and it's uncles ironing for FREE....confusedhmm

AjasLipstick Thu 31-May-18 02:03:38

He's probably a submissive and this is something his "master" has told him to do to humiliate him.

Subs and doms do weird shit....public humiliation is big. His dom has probably told him to place the ad and he'll do strangers' ironing whilst his dom tells him what a bad boy he is.


QuackPorridgeBacon Thu 31-May-18 02:33:02

It could be genuine I guess. Weird people about an all. I wouldn’t risk it though. Or it could be like someone else says, a sub/Dom situation. Or a dirty perv. I’d message and ask questions. Obviously report back to us.

LEMtheoriginal Thu 31-May-18 06:52:13

Should I message and say I need my nurses uniform ironed?

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ScreamingValenta Thu 31-May-18 06:59:22

My guess is that he is a submissive, and will be doing your ironing naked while his wife scolds him in the background.

UserThenLotsOfNumbers Thu 31-May-18 07:01:25

Must be legit then. grin

YouAreNotImportant Thu 31-May-18 07:07:37


MartagonLilies Thu 31-May-18 07:10:48

This is in my area, and so I had a search for it. He has another post that says £15 per bagconfused

People are trying to figure out what kind of weird scam it is, on the comments.

Slitherout Thu 31-May-18 07:11:56

Message him and ask if he'd do a job lot as a one off, as you and your colleagues in the fraud squad are very interested and need your suits doing.

AlonsoTigerHeart Thu 31-May-18 07:12:50

Yes, they will come back "well starched"

glitterballbag Thu 31-May-18 07:17:07

I've just read this out to my husband- sounds well suss!!

BrieAndChilli Thu 31-May-18 07:27:00

Do you have a bag of clothes for the charity shop that you could get him to do as a test? Just to see what happened? If he is stealing them to send abroad then it’s not the end of the world, likewise if they come back stained.

Cagliostro Thu 31-May-18 07:34:16

Message him to enquiry about your clothes being ironed, then send another from a different account saying your husband needs all his y-fronts ironed. See if they get the same enthusiastic response grin

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