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Are these mattresses with names just a gimmick?

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HunnidBands Mon 28-May-18 02:57:22

Eve, Leesa, Casper and the other one - all memory foam and all the same apart from the colour. They all also offer a 100 day guarantee if you’re not satisfied. Is it all part of the same company or what? Does anyone on here have one of these mattresses?

At 500 quid a pop they’re not cheap but it’s so confusing which one do you plump for?

SneakyGremlins Mon 28-May-18 02:58:01

I know the Eve one always gets great reviews.

HunnidBands Mon 28-May-18 03:17:08

There’s one which on the ads seems to have the Which seal of approval but I can’t remember which one they said yay too. Plus it might not be up to date, sometimes they have the Which seal of approval thing years later.

I really need a new mattress and would buy one but which fucker is the best one? They literally all look the same bar the colour.

steff13 Mon 28-May-18 04:24:05

Get a Purple.

CantankerousCamel Mon 28-May-18 04:27:55

We got the herdy sleep after months of research as couldn’t find a single bad review, plus has natural wool which regulates body temp which I needed. DH gefs hot at night and I couldn’t hvs anything that would warm us up which all the others do.

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