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To wonder why nobody seems to hang pants on the washing line

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cjferg Sun 27-May-18 13:43:17

I seem to be the only one who does...
Not being a creeper, just something I've noticed in the last few weeks while hanging the washing out that genuinely baffles me (shared garden, can see numerous other gardens from it.)
There's nothing better than a fresh pair of line dried pants.
I'd understand not hanging out a really scabby old pair...
Do people want to give the impression they don't wear any?

BlueTrousers Sun 27-May-18 13:43:58

I do, you may be mistaking them for bed sheets though grin

TERFragetteCity Sun 27-May-18 13:44:05

I do. Sorry.

MatildaTheCat Sun 27-May-18 13:44:16

Because they don’t want people commenting or looking at their Small’s? hmm

HolyMountain Sun 27-May-18 13:44:57

I put ours out.

FreudianSlurp Sun 27-May-18 13:45:04

There's nothing better than a fresh pair of line dried pants

You need to get out more... or stay in more.

Gardai Sun 27-May-18 13:45:05

Maybe your neighbors go commando or they know you’re always checking theirs lines out...
Pant stalker grin

Storm4star Sun 27-May-18 13:45:35

Honestly, I feel embarrassed having my undies out flapping in the wind for all to see! That’s the truth of it. Plus I usually just dry all my smalls together in the tumble drier so they’re soft!

Keeptrudging Sun 27-May-18 13:45:53

I tumble dry little things to get them out of the way, hang bigger things on the line. I'm in Scotland, so maybe the high chance of rain explains this.

WeaselsRising Sun 27-May-18 13:45:55

I do, but I've noticed that my neighbours don't.

ASqueakingInTheShrubbery Sun 27-May-18 13:46:38

I hang mine. I took no notice whatsoever of weird neighbour/ex-SIL (still thankful she is no longer either of those things) who expressed wide-eyed surprise, and confided that she would be just so embarrassed for anyone to see her perfectly standard undercrackers hanging in the conventional place for things to dry.

Belindabauer Sun 27-May-18 13:46:44

I do.

GaraMedouar Sun 27-May-18 13:48:04

I do! And they're great big comfy knickers. I don't care if someone wants to check them out. grin

Butterflykissess Sun 27-May-18 13:48:21

No way would I hang underwear out in a shared garden! I don't even in my private garden but mainly becAuse I like to use my line for bigger items like bed sheets that aren't easy to dry indoors. But nope not on a shared line as I wouldn't want my neighbours seeing. When I use to live in flat my neighbour hung her underwear outside her front door on a line. I use to find it very odd.

donajimena Sun 27-May-18 13:49:14

Mine go on one of those ikea octopus things which I then hook over the line. They would take up too much line space otherwise. I like my pants to be capacious grin

RavenWings Sun 27-May-18 13:51:26

I do. Who gives a fuck, it's underwear, not some sort of MI5 secret document. Unless you're secretly a dominatrix you're kidding yourself if you think your underwear is that interesting/unusual.

Ariela Sun 27-May-18 13:52:28

We've solar power so when the sun shines rather than faff pegging out, all smalls, socks etc go in the drier.

OpiningGambit Sun 27-May-18 13:55:22

I've zero issue with my pants being on the line, but as we have limited line space the 'small bits' tend to go on the airer inside, while the jeans, towels, sheets etc are outside to get dry nice and fast.

When I first moved in with a boy I remember him being horrified that I put my bras on the line where "anyone could see them"!

SaltyPeanut Sun 27-May-18 13:55:53

Maybe some people are scared they might find a nest of tarantulas when they come to put their knickers on if they've been left outside unguarded.

cjferg Sun 27-May-18 13:56:20

Keeptrudging I'm in Scotland too! Been lovely the last few weeks smile

Butterflykissess God forbid the neighbours know you wear underwear you strumpet!

Olddear Sun 27-May-18 13:56:44

Mine are blowing like bunting on the line right now!

TittyFahLaEtcetera Sun 27-May-18 13:59:26

My neighbours do. I'm in flats with a communal washing line.

However, because our washing lines were so accessible, we did have a knicker thief a few years back. So I prefer to use my tumble drier!

TittyFahLaEtcetera Sun 27-May-18 14:01:45

And I don't just mean another neighbour taking them - it was actually someone from another town nicking them off washing lines all along the bus route!

BuggerOffAndGoodDayToYou Sun 27-May-18 14:01:50

I hang mine out on the line but following a similar thread on another forum a few years ago I did notice that one of my neighbours never puts her underwear on the line.....unless she and her teenage son wear identical boxers.......

PollyCotton Sun 27-May-18 14:01:55

I do but I use a rotary dryer & always hang pants in the middle so they're hidden by all the other clothes.

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