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Has anyone suddenly turned vegetarian?

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DrowningEveryDay Sun 27-May-18 03:04:16

Not for ethical reasons? Like you suddenly found yourself not liking meat and craving veggies?

Picklepickle123 Sun 27-May-18 03:08:26

I did, about two or three years ago. DH and I used to eat a fair bit of meat, but now we have at least three vegetarian days every week and plenty of non meat accompaniments to a meat dish. Personally, I didn't feel the need to become a pure vegetarian or vegan, but rather make a conscious decision about what I'm eating. It was quite a feat, considering I'd never even meal planned before!

DrowningEveryDay Sun 27-May-18 03:12:08


I think I'm like you! I used to eat a lot of meat, but earlier this year I just started favouring vegetables more. I did have phases in March wherein I couldn't finish my protein, and my problem before was eating so much protein!

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