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What is your favourite nationality of food?

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Frosty66612 Sat 26-May-18 15:48:59

Good quality British food is always going to be my number one.
Followed by Italian and Thai

NotUmbongoUnchained Sat 26-May-18 15:50:25

Which British food?

I love Japanese and African.

Theimpossiblegirl Sat 26-May-18 15:50:29

Mexican or Indian I think.

Whyohwhy65 Sat 26-May-18 15:50:30

Thai or chinese.

TheScandinavianWoman Sat 26-May-18 15:51:08

Turkish and Asian

EleanorLavish Sat 26-May-18 15:51:26

Can't beat a spud with a bit of kerrygold-so Irish I guess!
But Italian is just so bloody gorgeous.

Queenoftheblitz Sat 26-May-18 15:54:30


Calic0 Sat 26-May-18 15:55:05

Sadly, I’ve yet to find one I don’t like. Which is probably why I’m a porker blush.

Frosty66612 Sat 26-May-18 15:55:54

@notumbongo a traditional roast dinner is up there if the ingredients are good. Yorkshire puddings!!!
Perfectly done fish and chips with a crisp batter too

SluttyButty Sat 26-May-18 15:57:58

Indian but not supermarket or takeaway stuff. Proper home cooked Indian recipes.

Crunchymum Sat 26-May-18 15:58:15

Turkish for me too

Also love Thai and Italian

GreatDuckCookery Sat 26-May-18 15:58:43

British I guess, I love roast dinners, fish and chips, pie and mash, cottage pie, steak and chips etc

I do love thai food though too and Indian and Italian and Mexican blush

karyatide Sat 26-May-18 15:59:08

Persian or Indian.

bassackwards Sat 26-May-18 15:59:46

Lebanese. So fresh!

workshyfop Sat 26-May-18 16:00:06


BlueJava Sat 26-May-18 16:00:33

Chinese is my favourite - not the Chinese you get from a takeaway in the UK or US, but proper Chinese food in China. Nothing like a large group ordering a load of dishes for dinner and sharing everyting. Second would have to be roast chicken and all trrimmings and yorkshire puddings!

OohMavis Sat 26-May-18 16:01:12

Caribbean. Can't get over how healthy it is whilst being the most flavoursome food I've ever eaten.

redexpat Sat 26-May-18 16:01:56

Good quality British, indian and italian.

ArtBrut Sat 26-May-18 16:02:21

Lebanese, South Indian.

Nothisispatrick Sat 26-May-18 16:02:59

Mediterranean food generally, so Spanish, Italian, Greek. Spanish in particular as I love tapas style food.

Jaimx86 Sat 26-May-18 16:03:04

Turkish or Caribbean

greendale17 Sat 26-May-18 16:03:06

In this order-

American (ribs, burgers, fried chicken etc)

ginghambox Sat 26-May-18 16:03:12

British and Greek.

NotUmbongoUnchained Sat 26-May-18 16:03:38


Aaaah, I had a brain fart and couldn’t think of any British food 😂

TheVanguardSix Sat 26-May-18 16:05:12


Number one is anything with a spud, thanks to my Irish mam. smile

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