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Repealing the 8th 💪

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Empoweredwomenempowerwomen Fri 25-May-18 22:23:26

I just want to show solidarity, and give my support to Irish women with regards to the vote today.
We need to stand with and shout for our right to chose.
It Is so incredibly important for Irish women and those who love and support them that the eighth amendment is repealed.
Having an abortion Is shit at the best of times, but not having access to one, having to pay thousands of euros for one, or having to travel overseas for one must be harder than I can ever imagine.
I’m a British woman who travelled (within the uk) for over eight hours, alone, through the dead of night to have an abortion. And I can tell you it was horrific.
Travelling home, I was on a train with standing room only, as blood soaked through my trousers. But at least I was in my own country and my care funded by the NHS.
During my procedure I met two Irish females. The beautiful nurse who held my hand. And a thirteen year old girl, who had got her big sisters passport and travelled to London to terminate without telling anyone.
Please tell me how that is ok?

Being pro choice isn’t about being pro abortion
You can be pro choice and fucking hate abortion
You can be pro choice and never want an abortion
You can be pro choice and never have an abortion because you can’t go through with it
Being pro choice is about respecting autonomy and allowing females the freedom to control their bodies

I’m urging you to stand with our Irish sisters, and those around the world who don’t yet hold autonomy.

Thank you and goodnight.

(Ps hq, if this is too much please do delete. I’m not intending to be rude, devisive or go against the rules I’m just an upset lady who is trying to raise awareness!)

Littlelambpeep Fri 25-May-18 22:28:17

I woke early this morning and voted before work. I really hope (exit polls look good) it happens. It is so important. I know my in laws voted ( no sex before marriage types) so I imagine no.

They would be the types to 'judge' all the same if you were unmarried. Dh sibling is separated and they don't discuss it / talk about neighbours who don't contribute to the church.

On a positive note - most of my work mates (aged 30 - 60) voting yes..

It is a wait and see game

Lana1234 Fri 25-May-18 22:38:07

Love this post and I hope the exit polls are right

Amanduh Fri 25-May-18 22:39:21

Hoping those exit polls are right too! 🤞🏻

BastardMs Fri 25-May-18 22:40:38

I hope beyond hope that the exit polls are right. Standing with Irish sisters.

HoofWankingSpangleCunt Fri 25-May-18 22:45:27

Standing in solidarity with you OP and our Irish sisters.
It is looking positive. Goodness knows it's about time something positive happened for women.

hungryhippo90 Fri 25-May-18 22:47:35

Well said. It’s a discussion within our family. Something I never thought we would be discussing as we’re not even Irish, but you know, I’ts humbling to see that there are so many ladies making the trip home to vote, it really feels like people are pulling together. I am hopeful that the answer will be yes when votes are counted. I really do.

Wolfiefan Fri 25-May-18 22:47:54

Hoping too.
I have never had an abortion. But to not have that choice? No matter what your reasons are? I can't imagine.
Pro choice.

UpstartCrow Fri 25-May-18 22:47:55

If the polls are right, whats the next step?

Gilead Fri 25-May-18 22:49:37

Crossed fingers, here.

Littlelambpeep Fri 25-May-18 22:59:28

I'm not sure upstart but emotionally.. it will really do women the world of good. Look up the documentary on YouTube of Ann Lovett to see how unmarried mothers are treated. In Ann Lovetts case... Her parents neglected her/she appeared to have been asulted and her boyfriend was hidden away by priests and a very quick inquest held into her death. There are rumours she knocked on a local priests house for help and he turned her away so she died in a field beside the church giving birth on her own.

My friend was snubbed by her priest (literally months ago) for being unmarried. Same priest is messing about himself with local married woman.

UpstartCrow Fri 25-May-18 23:11:33

Its basically all the same stuff that went on in the laundries, isn't it angry

NotARegularPenguin Fri 25-May-18 23:14:18

I was amazed by all the ex-pat Irish people inc men who have flown back home from all over the world, some from Australia to vote. Made me feel quite emotional.

LooseyInTheSky Fri 25-May-18 23:17:12

Fingers crossed Ireland. It's making me emotional too.

Littlelambpeep Fri 25-May-18 23:23:32

We have it.. not officially of course but rte and Irish times both staying majority in the repeal camp at pollimg stations

peanut2017 Fri 25-May-18 23:47:38

I am so hopeful that this change comes

I had to travel to the UK a few years ago only a few months after I got married after receiving the really devastating news that our baby had abnormalities.

Luckily we could afford to travel but the pressure, having to ring clinics in the UK, book flights and accommodation made it all much more difficult and traumatic.

The shame, guilt and worry that we might be seen in the airport and have to explain where we were going.

Staying in a hotel where I couldn't sleep a wink and having horrible thoughts and about what I was about to do.

Getting a taxi to a place we had no idea where it was. Getting lost and ringing the clinic to try and find where it was.

Going into a packed clinic and just wanting to scream and go home. No privacy initially. No where to grieve and cry in privacy.

Waiting on the ward for hours with a gorgeous nurse who tried to comfort me. Me and DH uncontrollably crying before I went to surgery.

Going into the theatre and the Anesthetist who couldn't really look at me and was texting on his phone.

To waking up with two other girls there. One balling her eyes out. Me crying and telling the nurse I didn't want it to be like this and I did want my baby.

Waiting hours to get out. Waiting on a taxi and feeling shame that they would know what happened. Going back to the hotel and feeling somewhat relieved and just wanting to forget all about it.

Bleeding heavily and afraid to get an earlier flight in case I leaked or had complications.

Coming back through the airport terrified again that anyone would see us.

Then just feeling like I couldn't get over it and if we did the right thing. Having to go to counseling. Feeling like I couldn't talk about it to anyone.

Hearing horrible things from the no side including family saying it's killing babies and I'm evil and a horrible person. Sometimes I felt this too.

If this goes through I think it will be such a step forward for Ireland and women.

x2boys Fri 25-May-18 23:51:18

that's such an awful situation @peanut2017 nobody should have to go through thatflowers

niddy Fri 25-May-18 23:57:18

flowers Peanut and to all others affected. Time for change. Without doubt.

Fridayfun Sat 26-May-18 00:04:07

The exit polls won't be far wrong. This is certainly a great win for the yes campaign. I am so happy tonight. I really thought it would be closer and was worried it wouldn't pass. My heart goes out to all those who this country failed due to the eight. Thanks to all who bravely shared their stories. It's an emotional night.

rosylea Sat 26-May-18 00:04:26

So sorry peanut. Hope your (and dh) sadness subsides eventually. The loss is difficult enough as it is, without having no support and then everything you Fingers crossed for Irish people.

unintentionalthreadkiller Sat 26-May-18 00:08:16

Is anyone else shocked at the lack of coverage on uk / English news? I haven't seen anything.

HelenaDove Sat 26-May-18 00:12:00

I stand with my Irish sisters #togetherforyes.

HaroldsSocalledBluetits Sat 26-May-18 00:14:23

flowers peanut and flowers empowered

It's looking very hopeful. It's been amazing seeing all the plane tickets of people so passionately supporting this. And incredible reading women's stories. It honestly feels like people are listening to women, which is what is driving the force for change - real women's voices, with their unique and terrible stories about how this has devastated them, are being brought into the light. There's no going back from this. It's momentous.

RaininSummer Sat 26-May-18 00:15:41

Everything crossed for repeal.

ErrolTheDragon Sat 26-May-18 00:17:12

* Is anyone else shocked at the lack of coverage on uk / English news? I haven't seen anything.*

There was a very good editorial in the Times this morning

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