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To ask our British sisters for help?

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Hideandgo Fri 25-May-18 09:35:53

Repeal the 8th. You may not have a vote today but if you are willing, could you show support for the yes vote for us Irish women on social media? I’m sure many of you have Irish friends and if it encourages just one more person not to forget to vote it would be worth it.

I had a termination when I was 22 and felt deeply shocked and less than human when the Irish nurse told me ‘we don’t do that here’ when I asked about my choices. Luckily I was living abroad (just coincidently at home when I found out) so had one as soon as I got back to the country I was living in but I avoided tying myself to an increasingly abusive man who would have been able to take my baby from me and force me out of the country if he’d wished.

I credit my 4 beautiful children, my kind, supportive husband and my freedom to be the kind of Mum I always wanted to be from that decision.

So many Irish women have a loaded gun to their heads when they find out they are pregnant and it’s wrong to force them to become a Mum. This doesn’t even take into account all the mishandled miscarriages and devastating cases of foetal abnormality. Every woman is vulnerable to a miscarriage that doesn’t resolve immediately and Irish women have been forced to hold on to a dying heartbeat till they themselves have septicaemia and/or PTSD. It’s barbaric and wrong. And makes women feel useless and dehumanised.

Please help us.

AlpacaLypse Fri 25-May-18 09:38:21

I'll be delighted to help. Fingers crossed!!

AgentProvocateur Fri 25-May-18 09:41:41

I’ve got the Repeal twibbon on my FB profile. Hope your fellow countrymen make the right decision today.

kissthealderman Fri 25-May-18 09:42:42

I've posted on FB this morning. Good luck today.

Noqont Fri 25-May-18 09:45:34

Definitely. Really hope it goes well today.

Sweatymoose Fri 25-May-18 11:44:23

Fingers and toes crossed for you all today <3

BartholomewsCat Fri 25-May-18 12:13:32

Also posted on FB. Best wishes, hope it goes well x

BastardMs Fri 25-May-18 12:22:05

I have shared a lot on facebook leading up to today, and will carry on doing so. I desperately hope that the yes vote wins. Good luck.

TanteRose Fri 25-May-18 12:23:22

Repeal the 8th flowers

Amanduh Fri 25-May-18 12:23:51

Good luck xxx

MrsJoker Fri 25-May-18 12:36:16

I’m currently in Dublin Airport and the amount of people wearing Tá badges is unreal. I really hope it goes through. I’m from N Ireland, so I have no vote obviously, but I’m a proud supporter

Rufustheyawningreindeer Fri 25-May-18 12:36:30

Repeal the 8th thanks

Even dh is very aware of this...its surpised me actually

Good luck!!

willnotbetamed Fri 25-May-18 12:38:20

All my love and support for Northern Irish sisters today!

UpstartCrow Fri 25-May-18 12:38:36

I wish we could do more.
Lets hope humanity prevails today flowers

PerryPerryThePlatypus Fri 25-May-18 12:40:16

I'm home to vote. Polling station was packed this morning. Hopefully the yes vote wins.

Lifeaback Fri 25-May-18 12:40:20

Absolutely. I have lots of Irish friends and family, and have been reposting lots of stuff about the vote for the past few weeks. Everything crossed today flowers

aaaaargghhhhelpme Fri 25-May-18 12:41:18

I’m on it!

Everything crossed for today flowers

SimonBridges Fri 25-May-18 12:45:36

I have been going on about it on twitter for weeks.
Reading the #hometovote hashtag last night left me in tears.
I wish I could do more.

evilharpy Fri 25-May-18 12:47:21

Lots and lots of my friends in NI have been sharing, and so have I. I don't have a vote but if I did I would have been on a plane this morning. Everything crossed.

Butterymuffin Fri 25-May-18 12:48:58

Have been doing this already and I'm happy to keep showing my support. All the best to our Irish sisters.

Skarossinkplunger Fri 25-May-18 12:49:44

Done! Thanks for reminding me.

ArcticMumkey Fri 25-May-18 12:50:31

I'd be happy to. Is there something 'official' I can share? I'm hoping for a Yes for all my Irish sisters. No-one should have to take the boat in this day and age.

Beaverhausen Fri 25-May-18 12:51:56

Done, good luck with it. xx

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Fri 25-May-18 12:52:34

I really really hope this vote goes the right way. Fingers crossed for you.

If it does go the right way will it have any impact on NI? <crosses fingers>

JammyDoughnuts Fri 25-May-18 12:52:36

No-one should have to take the boat in this day and age

I was one of those sad

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