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AIBU to ask you to help me book an amazing UK long weekend?

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whyhastherumgone Thu 24-May-18 09:39:28

Cheekily using AIBU for traffic but I have a lovely problem - going to book a long weekend in July but can't decide where to go!

Fancy a lodge type place with a hot tub maybe, somewhere we could train it to so don't have to drive (so anywhere accessible from London) and somewhere that has a village or places to explore on foot nearby. It's only for two people so don't need huge accommodation or anything. Mainly want places to go for good food, bit of nice scenery, walks etc.

Has anyone been anywhere that fits the bill?

pompomcat Thu 24-May-18 19:53:45

What a lovely problem to have!
I'm far from London so bumping for you in case someone else has ideas.

In my neck of the woods Leeds, York and Harrogate are all lovely and very accessible by train from London but potentially a bit far for you. If you are particularly after a village feel, how about:

MissionItsPossible Thu 24-May-18 20:02:27

Not sure OP but I would go on Trip Advisor, putting in the 'miles from you' part the number of miles you wish to travel and then putting in the key word(s) you're looking for and see what comes up accommodation wise and then google the general local area and what's there smile

Leeds2 Thu 24-May-18 20:03:10

That looks lovely, pompom. Where is the nearest train station, please? I can't see it mentioned on the link.

SushiNushi Thu 24-May-18 20:03:56

Have you tried Canopy & Stars? Here's a list of there places less than two hours from London with hot tubs:!searchByKeyword=1&filter=Hot.+Tub.&filter=Two+hours+from+London&display=list

SushiNushi Thu 24-May-18 20:04:34


yorkshireyummymummy Thu 24-May-18 20:09:04

Keighley is the nearest station.
Haworth is divine - one of my fave places in the world. I try and go every couple of years. The Bronte parsonage is wonderful. Quaint shops , cobbled streets, and a slow Yorkshire pace. It’s divine.

Usernamehistory2225684 Thu 24-May-18 20:10:20

Might be to far but the ericmore in dunkled is just fantastic

MiddleClassProblem Thu 24-May-18 20:12:18

I was going to suggest the same as Sushi.

Although no hot tub, this is a very unique experience for the U.K., if you like animals have a look:

MiddleClassProblem Thu 24-May-18 20:13:23

yorkshireyummymummy MIL lives in Haworth smile

Rudgie47 Thu 24-May-18 20:14:49

*Haworth is divine*- I'd say its alright, the walks are nice round there.You can also walk from there across the moors to Hebden Bridge.
If it was me, I'd go to the Cotswolds, Bristol,Bath etc.
Leeds and York are O.K, Harrogate I think its boring and overpriced.

MummyMummy01 Thu 24-May-18 20:18:24

Griffin forest in York. Lodges fantastic. You can get a bus or taxi into York which is about 9 miles. York centre has a bit of everything have a look at Betty’s tea rooms on web

BlondeB83 Thu 24-May-18 20:25:28

BlondeB83 Thu 24-May-18 20:31:22

The Parsonage is also lovely. The rooms are quite basic but the ones in the house are lovely and characterful. They have an amazing swimming pool/spa and there is a bus into York every half and hour that runs late. The attached pub does good food and the Thai next door but one is excellent.

Leeds2 Thu 24-May-18 20:35:40

Thanks, yorkshireyummymummy. Is Keighley to Haworth reasonable in a taxi? Don't want to bankrupt myself!

Rudgie47 Thu 24-May-18 20:42:28

Its about 4 miles, it shouldnt be more than a tenner. If it is their ripping you off. You can also get the bus there from the Keighley bus station, it stops at the bottom of Howarth main street.
Theres taxis outside the train station, if they say its £20 tell them to piss off and go for the bus.

anon99827 Thu 24-May-18 20:59:25

Who'd a thought it in Maidstone Kent. Absolutely STUNNING.

CoughLaughFart Thu 24-May-18 21:04:55

Bath. 90 minutes from Paddington, beautiful scenery and historical sites within walking distance - and if you can’t get a cottage with a hot tub, you can treat yourselves to a trip to the Thermae Spa 🙂

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