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Husband AGAIN!

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Motherduckling Wed 23-May-18 17:57:59

He's got a month off work- great
He's been taking us to the park as were sharing a car atm (another thread lol) then he drops us off at his mum and dad's house- and leaves us here whilst he fucks off to the gym for 2 hours
We don't speak the same language so convo is limited, but they just pick baby up she's 1 so wants to walk and crawl around but they force her to sit on their laps or on the sofa and she screams
Only one room and the kitchen so I don't know what to do!!
I've explained to him but he sees nothing wrong with it even though he doesn't even spend 30 minutes here with them cause he's a lazy sod
I've been prodded today to Tell me to pick up a bloody swing and move it- I couldn't lift it cause it was heavy and got swore at in their language
I told them to do one and walked off with baby in my arms she's heavy!! Currently sat in Costa waiting to be picked up so so angry

aloneandginger Wed 23-May-18 18:00:32

Pack his bags and show him the door . You are worth so much more

AnyFucker Wed 23-May-18 18:02:20

The more I read about other women's way of life the more confused I get

Why are you living like this ?

MissionItsPossible Wed 23-May-18 18:03:31

I misread that and thought you and your husband didn’t speak the same language and wondered why you married him... and then I realised I still wonder that. Do what the other poster suggested. He sounds horrible and selfish.

Lacucuracha Wed 23-May-18 18:25:58

Why does he control the car if it's shared? Drop him off at the gym and use the car yourself.

I wouldn't go back to a house where people swear at me.

Motherduckling Wed 23-May-18 18:26:55

Believe me, he was nothing like this before we got married! And before we both had a car but I crashed mine and unfortunately savings don't cover a car and insurance...
I've told him numerous times i am starting to resent him, as he has changed so much since we got married and had a daughter.
He said he would change, but I'm still left with the whole house work/baby duties..
My in laws I just can't deal work-related I'd rather drop him at the gym and go for a walk around the park/supermarket but he says this is weird and he feels guilty?! Arghhhhhhhhhhh I'm so stressed

MyKingdomForBrie Wed 23-May-18 18:29:03

Definitely drop him off at the gym, don’t be dropped off to await his convenience!

You’ve already told him it’s not ok and it’s still happening - you need to assert yourself and say absolutely not again.

MyKingdomForBrie Wed 23-May-18 18:30:41

Who cares what he says about it - it’s your time to spend as you wish - how dare he! If he feels ‘guilty’ he should be taking dd to visit his parents, he’s a self centred prick.

troodiedoo Wed 23-May-18 18:31:01

Leave him he sounds awful.

Next best thing stop going to in laws and doing his share of chores.

Why can't you just stay at home?

Motherduckling Wed 23-May-18 18:31:12

He's just been called to his parents house and they told him I'm never to go there again as I was rude to walk off.. and that all I do is sit on my are when I come..
I did the whole back garden for them 6 months ago, made a nice little patio area? Ripped bloody trees out of the ground- now they are just dumping loads of rubbish and left over food there for the stray cats yuk? So I refused today to help for that reason

troodiedoo Wed 23-May-18 18:32:41

Problem solved then, you don't have to go any more smile

Motherduckling Wed 23-May-18 18:32:48

I usually do stay home, but today I've had an appointment and his gym is much closer to his parents house than dropping me home and coming back out.. think I need to just bite the bullet and find the cheapest car I can to insure so I can fuck off wherever and get away from their craziness

Lacucuracha Wed 23-May-18 18:33:02

Well now you never have to go back there!

So they're sorted, now put your foot down with H.

Bluntness100 Wed 23-May-18 18:33:08

Why can he not take you home? Why do you have to go to his parents house? Why do you agree to it? Why can't you just stay home whilst he goes to the gym?

Lacucuracha Wed 23-May-18 18:34:35

I suspect the H wants the OP at his parents house so they can see the DC and he can go off and do what he wants.

Is he even at the gym?!

AnyFucker Wed 23-May-18 18:50:19

2 hours at the gym ? I call bull shit. He wants op at his parents where he knows where she is. Less chance of getting caught doing whatever the fuck he is doing.

Motherduckling Wed 23-May-18 18:54:49

No, he really is at the gym for two hours he does cardio and strength training, swimming and sauna (and Snapchats me back when I send him one)
That pisses me off more aswell- the longest I've got to a bit of peace since baby arrived is a 30 minute nap on my own!

AnyFucker Wed 23-May-18 18:57:54

You are being made a mug of

FASH84 Wed 23-May-18 19:00:18

OP why didn't your insurance cover your car? Was it DHs idea to just have the one? I agree you could drop him off and then go home or do your own thing, also he doesn't need to go to the gym everyday, I'm sure you'd love a swim and sauna while he looked after the baby!

RebootYourEngine Wed 23-May-18 19:11:45

I would be getting the car keys and keeping them well away from your dh until he shows you some respect and you get a car of your own.

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