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To have a duvet day?

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Cloud9Until6am Wed 23-May-18 16:27:53

The weather is beautiful outside and I'm inside with ds1 and ds2 having a duvet day blush

We've had a month of chicken pox and ds2 is still itchy as his spots scab over. Ds2 is waking at 5am at the moment so I'm bloody knackered.

We went outside to play after lunch but ds2 kept trying to climb the concrete steps in our garden and fell off and hit his head . Ds1 had 2 melt downs because the wind was blowing and I couldn't play with him while I rescued ds2 for the umpteenth time.

They're both tired and nap refusing and I have hay fever.

I've deployed apples and twirlywoos and am snuggled on the sofa under a duvet. They're having waffles and fish fingers for tea which they've never had before as I usually cook.

I'm feeling somewhat ashamed as we'd never usually waste a day like this, but I'm bloody knackered and DH is out until past bedtime this evening. Aibu to think 'fuck it all' for a change?

Butterymuffin Wed 23-May-18 16:30:05

Not at all. There'll be other nice weather days. Stay put for this one!

Cloud9Until6am Wed 23-May-18 16:53:34

Thanks buttery . Not enjoying being a stahp at the moment. Feels less like #making memories and more like a daily endurance of nappies, snacks, tantrums and naps (or not for the last one)

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