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To be annoyed with my daughters teacher

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Bollockstoyou Wed 23-May-18 14:00:06

I'm fuming, my dd (15 in June) has had a lot of time off school this school year, 6 weeks in one go and the odd day here and there, we found out she was coeliac after a lot of investigation, it has been a really difficult year for her, her dad who I'm separated from wasn't very helpful, my dad (her grandad) died of cancer. My sister has turned her back on us, it's been tough! The school weren't great but in the end she did get some support but after missing so much school I was not expecting her to do well in her exams this year which were gcse mocks in preparation for next years actual GCSEs. Geography has been a subject she's struggled with of late and in parents evening her teacher was very negative about her and said, her marks were embarrassing and she needs to knuckle down and sort herself out! I was annoyed at the time but I knew she had missed a lot of geography, blood tests were often done this lesson too just a coincidence is always seemed she was missing geography. Anyway fast forward a few months and she just took her gcse mock and got a C so would of actually got a pass a year before her actual exam. I was so pleased and so was she all her teacher said was, you can tell you didn't revise and threw her paper at her shockangryconfused what??? I'm fuming she was just getting her confidence back. She did revise and actually worked really hard!!! Would you complain?

AmazingPostVoices Wed 23-May-18 14:06:25

I’d ask for a meeting with the teacher.

I’d calmly acknowledge that she has missed a lot of geography time through ill health and explain that she worked very hard for the C awarded.

I’d ask the teacher to explain the “throwing the paper” incident from their perspective and suggest that it wasn’t the supportive response you were expecting.

Keep calm, don’t cry or rant.

Awwlookatmybabyspider Wed 23-May-18 14:07:59

Bleeding right I'd complain. Also a child could revise till their blue in the face and get a low mark as not all children are academic. Would he say that to a dyslexic child. Marks are reflection on revising. I couldn't get my dd to revise tried adding I did. She still came out with 6 GCSE results.
I'm not just saying this but a C is a brilliant result especially with all she's been through.

Ariesgirl1988 Wed 23-May-18 14:09:43

wow that teacher sounds like a cunt. I would defo be up the school asking what her problem with my child is! I worked in Childcare for over 10 years and if you want a child to improve in certain areas you praise them up not push them down.

Liverbird77 Wed 23-May-18 14:55:36

It isn't good... if that's what actually happened. Did you see it? Speaking as a teacher, students can embellish, or even make things up. One boy once claimed I had kept him in detention, meaning he missed his bus etc etc...parents came storming into school. It was an out and out lie, which thankfully I could prove because I wasn't on site on the day in question. Yesterday a girl accused me of being rude and bullying her. I asked her to remove her coat and asked her to go back to her seat because she had decided to wander around the room. Did this teacher actually throw the paper and say that? Please be sure because this is someone's career.

Bollockstoyou Wed 23-May-18 15:04:08

Liverbird, yes don't worry I'm quite aware of the lies and exaggeration teenagers come out with. I have 4 of them living with us and your right. I will be absolutely sure before I do anything but going by his attitude at parents evening and the comments on her report it seems likely. I wouldn't storm in anyway I would ask him why he said what he said.

windermerebell Wed 23-May-18 15:25:41

I had a bitch if a teacher in year 4 at primary school. Up until then I was quite good a maths but I got a bad score and she completely humiliated me. She made everyone who got too marks stand at the front and gave them 10 sweets each, she then got everyone else into groups depending on their score and gave then the number of sweets that related to their score. Until it was me and another lad who got one point and we were told we did not deserve even one sweet and the rest of the class just laughed at us. She made us stand there for ages.
So I would check the story out but you do get some people who seem to enter teaching to make their pupils lives a misery

MaisyPops Wed 23-May-18 15:32:47

I'd call up for a chat.
If they have been that abrupt and short then you absolutely should raise it. That sounds out of order.

Equally, find out what the issues are.

I know I've been a bit short with a couple of students because I gave a few non negotiables for the mocks and some clearly decided they weren't going to follow them (think 'circle if it says similarities or differences & students ignore that so answer the completely wrong question). Unsurprisingly, their papers were much lower than they should.
I'd never have been irritated if someone underperformed in a mock but I would if they underperformed and they'd made zero attempt to do the basics.

Bollockstoyou Thu 24-May-18 09:24:32

You know what I've decided to leave it, I will see what he says at the next parents eve, my dd is happy with her result and so am I so that's all that matters.

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