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To think urinating in the shower isn't a bad thing?

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SneakyGremlins Wed 23-May-18 11:49:11

It all gets washed away anyway and you can clean yourself straight after confused how come some people see this on a par apparently with dirtiness Kim+Aggie would faint at?

Oddish Wed 23-May-18 11:51:31

I’ve never understood either confused it’s not like the wee stays there it’s immediately washed away and then you shower yourself which gets you much cleaner than toilet paper. Would love to know why some people find it gross, is it simply the thought of urine outside of a toilet setting??

ApocalypseNowt Wed 23-May-18 11:52:26

I do it!

I'm sure i read on MN that it stops you getting/cures athlete's foot.

bluerunningshoes Wed 23-May-18 11:53:09

it is if you have outside drains...

HoppingPavlova Wed 23-May-18 11:53:18

Maybe some will splash up on the shower walls/door and remain as drops and not wash off etc? Who knows. Why not just use the toilet before hopping in the shower?

yaffingale Wed 23-May-18 11:54:28

I pee in the shower. I also pee in the corner of my horses stable when he / she isn't looking smile

Lethaldrizzle Wed 23-May-18 11:54:52

Like there isn't wee all around and on toilets hmm

VauxhallVectra Wed 23-May-18 11:55:00

Because as a fully-grown adult, you should have enough self-control and forward planning to have a wee before you get in the shower.

No-one is that busy that they can't take 30 seconds to have a piss before getting into the shower.

Plus, the piss might splash up the sides of the shower which isn't then washed away.

Depends when during the shower you have the piss. If it's near the start, I think that's better as you then have a full shower-worth of water and soap to wash it all away.

robotcartrainhat Wed 23-May-18 11:56:40

I pee in the shower... but then I always clean the shower after use... have to anyway just because of how the shower is.

donajimena Wed 23-May-18 11:56:55

I wouldn't. I see your point but I wouldn't get in if I was bursting. If I vaguely need to go I'd go after.

OnTheporch Wed 23-May-18 11:57:04

I like to wee in the bath - just laying there and letting go is quite liberating

Oddish Wed 23-May-18 11:57:36

It does feel nice and somehow cleaner to pee in the shower, I don’t think it splashes up far confused unless we are all peeing as forcefully as yaffingale ‘s horse?

LolaTheDarkdestroyer Wed 23-May-18 11:57:54

It's disgusting and the drains will
Stink..babies can't help it but adults that's dirt.

QueenOlives Wed 23-May-18 11:59:41

Some people are so uptight !
Disgusting !?

In a shower it would be so diluted it's hardly an issue!

MonumentVal Wed 23-May-18 11:59:46

Why should they, though, vectra?
Pee is no more likely to bounce upwards in a shower than in a toilet, and given water is running down all the walls of the shower anyway, it's probably cleaner to do so in a shower!

Also many people especially after childbirth find that the sound of running water makes them need to wee, or may have a pouched bladder that's hard to empty so if standing in the shower helps get the last few drops outs that's a good thing.
It goes to exactly the same place so why not?

adaline Wed 23-May-18 12:00:39

I pee in the shower, but I rinse the shower/bath after I get out every time, so I don't see how it's any more gross than going in the toilet.

But then I'm not as hygiene obsessed as a lot of people on here grin

Lethaldrizzle Wed 23-May-18 12:00:52

Its probs more hygenic in some ways and better for the environment

BlueBug45 Wed 23-May-18 12:01:09

The drains from my shower open up into a top drain where in theory the grey water can be collected and recycled.

The drains from my toilet go into the underground drain.

Lots of households have this kind of drain arrangement so peeing into a shower is disgusting.

baxterboi Wed 23-May-18 12:02:21

I often get in the shower not needing to pee and then as soon as i'm warm I really need to go. It's quite nice peeing in the shower, I feel cleaner!

Lucked Wed 23-May-18 12:02:30

I always pee before a shower so never in need. I don't see how drains would smell with a small amount of normal urine diluted by the shower and fragranced by shampoo, soap etc I would also presume that people pee at the start of a shower due to the running water effect so it will all be well washed away by the end of the shower.

Jaxhog Wed 23-May-18 12:05:15

Yuck! That means peeing on your feet, or on the walls with splash back. Just gross.

MereDintofPandiculation Wed 23-May-18 12:05:32

*It's disgusting and the drains will
Stink.* Toilets and showers both link into the foul water drain system, so it's all joining up somewhere under the floor. Showering after weeing will flush the pipes well enough. So I can't see any problem on hygiene grounds.

PeppermintPasty Wed 23-May-18 12:06:42

Some people need to let go...unclench, you might enjoy it.

robotcartrainhat Wed 23-May-18 12:08:00

well after having a baby all bets are off arent they?!?! I had to pee and poo in the bath to avoid screaming in agony (sorry tmi) So whatever squeamishness I had has now gone.

aspergersrus Wed 23-May-18 12:08:01

I wee in the shower and don't have a problem with anyone doing it either. I also wee in the garden if I am busy gardening and busting. We don't have any neighbours to see me lol!

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