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My hairdresser has come and gone.....

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Mmmmmmmchips Wed 23-May-18 11:35:46

She cuts my hair really well and as it’s a particular style I haven’t found anyone to cut it like her so have to grin and bear.

However when she leaves there is hair everywhere!
We cut in the kitchen and literally she’ll put her bag on the counter furthest away and constantly going back and forth so it’s not contained in just one part.
I cover the area where we are cutting with paper.
She then always uses the bathroom and basically shakes herself off there so there is hair everywhere and my hair is dark black.
Today this is how she left it (I have vacuumed the hair already) but the toilet stinks, the lid is left up and there’s footprints everywhere angry
AIBU at being a little angry and what can I do or say to her next time? Or do I just suck it up?

Whatshallidonowpeople Wed 23-May-18 11:37:31

Why does the toilet stink?

enpointeredshoes Wed 23-May-18 11:37:53

I normally brush/ dustpan the hair away myself after cutting and never have a problem with hair getting everywhere.

Mmmmmmmchips Wed 23-May-18 11:38:56

I do clean up of course but after she leaves

KatieKittens Wed 23-May-18 11:39:02

You suck it up. If you don’t want hair in your house after a haircut, go to the hairdressers.

Looneytune253 Wed 23-May-18 11:39:32

My hairdresser comes to my house and I clean up after. Quick hoover and it’s mostly gone. Only takes a second? You seem like you’re quite anxious about mess? It might be easier for you (mentally) to go to a salon?

Mmmmmmmchips Wed 23-May-18 11:39:46

She’s done a no2, not closed lid or used air freshener

LolaTheDarkdestroyer Wed 23-May-18 11:45:48

Get off your arse and go to a salon, fuck someone shitting my toilet up.

Basta Wed 23-May-18 11:49:08

Are you sure she's your hairdresser?

LalalalaaaCantHearYou Wed 23-May-18 11:50:43


I don’t understand

Mmmmmmmchips Wed 23-May-18 11:51:26


enpointeredshoes Wed 23-May-18 11:53:49


PeppermintPasty Wed 23-May-18 11:55:34

Basta grin

GU24Mum Wed 23-May-18 11:57:14

My hairdresser comes to me and I hoover/sweep the floor afterwards too - far quicker than driving to and from the salon and far cheaper too!

beanii Wed 23-May-18 11:57:48

That's why I go to the salon - what do you expect - her to do a spring clean before shes leaves? That is why it is cheaper to have a mobile hairdresser!

OneStepSideways Wed 23-May-18 11:59:01

Next time say you have a bad back and can't clean up, would she mind cleaning up the hair before she leaves?

When I had a mobile hairdresser she always swept up afterwards.

I think you're being u about the loo, that's just part of having visitors/people coming to your house.

12Etudes Wed 23-May-18 11:59:16

Mmmmmmmchips 😂

Referring to any hairdresser/barber as ‘my’ hairdresser or ‘my’ barber is the latest snowflake offensive term on mumsnet. It was born the other day on another thread.

Good luck 👒 tips hat

RatherBeRiding Wed 23-May-18 12:00:30

Does she cut your hair dry rather than wet? I have a mobile hairdresser and the cut hair is all in one place on the kitchen floor. I've always got it swept up before she's even packed away her stuff!

KatieKittens Wed 23-May-18 12:01:40

I think Basta is pointing out the use of possessive pronouns in your post. This lady is a hairdresser, not your hairdresser.

She is a professional person, and it sounds like she does a good job.

She is not yourhandmaid who should be seen and not heard.

MumofBoysx2 Wed 23-May-18 12:01:50

You probably could have cleaned it up in the time it's taken you to complain on MN. If she does a good job and the price is reasonable, then it's nothing much at all really is it? A lot quicker than going out to a salon. But the stinky toilet I'm confused about. Maybe that was a one off!

RatherBeRiding Wed 23-May-18 12:01:56

I must be offending a lot of people then.....

My farrier
My Vet
My hairdresser
My dentist
My equine dentist
My chiropractor

The list is endless. Why is it offensive?

Fink Wed 23-May-18 12:08:13

My immediate thought on reading Basta's post was back to the dark days of the That's Not My series of books.

'That's not my hairdresser, her shits are too stinky.'
That's not my hairdresser, her footprints are too muddy.'
'That's not my hairdresser, her bag is too far away on another counter top.'


I do not miss those years.

GreatDuckCookery Wed 23-May-18 12:08:23

I guess you have to suck it up if you don't want to go to a salon. For me going to the hairdressers, having coffee made for me, not having to clean up all the hair etc is part of the gig.

Clutterbugsmum Wed 23-May-18 12:08:50

If you don't want to clear up after having your haircut then pay more and go to a salon and get your hair cut.

The shear nature of cutting hair means it goes everywhere, just hoover it up and wipe down the sides.

VelvetSpoon Wed 23-May-18 12:09:44

It's normally a lot cheaper to have a hairdresser at home than go to a salon. That's reflected in the fact you don't get a salon experience ie you have to clean up after yourself. If your hair is cut wrt then it should take a couple of minutes to vacuum or sweep it up.

As for the loo, I'm always baffled by these posts. Shit stinks. It's pretty difficult to go and not leave a smell. And surely if you put the lid down it traps the smell in?! May be she could have opened a window if there is one and it's within reach. Although I'm always a bit reluctant to open windows in other people's houses, some people I know are spider phobic and never open their windows so would not thank you for doing so.

I think OP you should just pay the extra and go to a salon, you will have less to complain about.

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