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not to let DD go to the theatre on her own?

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haventkilledtheorchidyet Wed 23-May-18 07:00:36

DD will be 15 in September. For a treat DH has suggested he takes her down to London (we live in Scotland) and take her to see Hamilton. She's properly obsessed with it. She's quite shy and looks older than 15. DH has suggested she goes on her own to see the musical, as its £200 a ticket, and he's not particularly interested! I'm not comfortable with the idea of her going to the theatre on her own, imagining all sorts of things that could happen. Views?

Etymology23 Wed 23-May-18 07:01:36

If she wanted to go on her own, I think I’d let her.

DevilsDoorbell Wed 23-May-18 07:01:44

You can get much cheaper tickets than that. We (family of 4) are all going for less than £200

French2019 Wed 23-May-18 07:01:50

She is 15. If she is comfortable going on her own, I really can't see a problem.

Fayrazzled Wed 23-May-18 07:02:04

If you drop her off at the theatre and pick her up at the end, I really can’t see what might happen inside the theatre! Any problems and there will be plenty of people about!

Waitingonasmiley42 Wed 23-May-18 07:02:18

If he drops her off and picks her up I think it would be safe enough. Depends on the 15 year old and whether she's sensible.

Tink2007 Wed 23-May-18 07:02:29

As long as your DH is in the vicinity of the theatre, sets up a meeting point for afterwards to pick her up I think she will be fine.

MirandaWest Wed 23-May-18 07:02:35

What sort of things would happen if she went to the theatre on her own?

Oliversmumsarmy Wed 23-May-18 07:02:57

Can you get tickets for Hamilton. It was sold out when tickets were put up on sale 2 years ago and you cant go in if you haven't bought the tickets direct

JassyRadlett Wed 23-May-18 07:03:02

What sort of things?

It’s a newly-refurbished, well-lit, well-staffed theatre in a safe area.

Oliversmumsarmy Wed 23-May-18 07:04:42

Also you have to show the card you paid on as that is your ticket and given her age I doubt she bought a ticket 2 years ago

thatmustbenigelwiththebrie Wed 23-May-18 07:04:45

it's a theatre, not a brothel! She'll be fine.

HeddaGarbled Wed 23-May-18 07:04:55

It would probably nicer for her to go with someone, wouldn't it? I don't think you need to worry about her safety, but wouldn't she rather have someone to share the experience with?

haventkilledtheorchidyet Wed 23-May-18 07:05:11

Devil's, the only tickets available on the night we can go (quite restricted) are £200 - or please tell me how you get them cheaper? Miranda, thinking sexual assault, getting locked in the loo, being stuck to people making a noise and not feeling confident enough to ask them to be my mind running away with itself?

Unicorndiscoball Wed 23-May-18 07:05:14

I'm not comfortable with the idea of her going to the theatre on her own, imagining all sorts of things that could happen.

I spend A LOT of time in theatres, both working and watching and I can’t think of many safer places! There are loads of ushers and other staff around, there are loads of other people there and everyone at Hamilton will be so obsessed with it and excited (I’ve had my tickets 18 months and go next week and I can’t tell you how excited I am) I can’t see that anyone is going to be paying any one else any attention. Everyone is security checked/bag searched and your DH will be waiting for her outside!
Also though I’ve paid nowhere near £200 a ticket, so maybe wait till the next release and get cheaper tickets then.

TheIsland Wed 23-May-18 07:05:23

I’ll see it with her if you like. Part of the fun of going to the theatre IMO is talking about it with people and knowing that someone else is sharing the joy and experience. I say that as someone who does go alone so knows both sides.

Can you get tickets for September?

Highhorse1981 Wed 23-May-18 07:05:43

I reckon by the time you manage you get your hands on a ticket, she’ll be 18 anyway!

But seriously, no I would not let her go alone to London. It yes I would be ok with her watching the play alone whilst I was in the vicinity.

I’d be surprised though that she’d want to go alone. Half the fun of experiences like this is sharing it with someone so you can discuss / critique afterwards.

GunpowderAndLead Wed 23-May-18 07:05:58

If she keeps a phone on her and he loiters nearby then she should be fine. If youre worried talk her through finding the ushers if she feels uncomfortable

BlueJava Wed 23-May-18 07:07:24

I think that's a lovely idea and she will be fine. (My son went to France for a month on his own last summer for intensive French at 15 and it was all good).

Whatshallidonowpeople Wed 23-May-18 07:07:24

Good Lord, poor kid. 15 and she can't go to the theatre by herself In case she gets stuck in the loo.

Unicorndiscoball Wed 23-May-18 07:07:34

thinking sexual assault, getting locked in the loo, being stuck to people making a noise and not feeling confident enough to ask them to be my mind running away with itself?

Yes I think it is! If she went with DH and got locked in the loo he wouldn’t be there with her, would he?

LIZS Wed 23-May-18 07:08:13

If you wait until the next release of tickets it won't only be £200 seats available. Some theatres only allow 16+ unaccompanied. There are also entry procedures where you need to show the right card etc before getting in, potentially rather stressful for a teen on their own.

MirandaWest Wed 23-May-18 07:09:17

I have never been concerned about sexual assault in a theatre. Also getting locked in the toilet could happen anywhere - has your DD ever got locked in one somewhere? People not being quiet unlikely to happen when Hamilton I’d say but if that were the case then there would be others around who would say something.

I agree that getting tickets could be more of an issue

TheFifthKey Wed 23-May-18 07:09:56

Theatres tend to be very friendly places full of nice, friendly people. I imagine the crowd at Hamilton will be young, lively and very excited! If she got stuck in the loo and have a shout probably about ten people would rush over to help! A theatre is the last place I’d be worried about a teenager going on their own. Safer than a cinema, I’d say, just because of the general nice vibe there tends to be there.

xyzandabc Wed 23-May-18 07:10:16

I wouldn't have a problem with her going alone, however the website is very clear that the original cardholder must attend the performance, so whoever makes the booking will have to attend with her. Unless she books with a card of her own.

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