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Is san pro appeal offensive?

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DrSeuss Tue 22-May-18 19:33:04

I work in a secondary school in the London area. I am currently running an appeal for Red Box, an organisation which provides sanitary towels and other toiletries for those in need. (Please check out their website and maybe start your own appeal). I made posters today and put one in every department office, then tried to put one in the main school office where about six women work. I was told that this was not possible as a member of the public might see the poster there. I pointed out that fifty per cent of the public use san pro but the answer is still no. AIBU in finding this reasoning odd?

gamerwidow Tue 22-May-18 19:34:55

Yes very odd and old fashioned. San pro isn’t a dirty secret that needs to be hidden away anymore.

KurriKurri Tue 22-May-18 19:37:25

What is the argument of those objecting to your poster? That sanitary towels and periods are things that are shameful and never to be mentioned ? - odd message to send to the young women in the school I'd have thought if that is their thinking.

of course it isn't offensive, the objectors sound mad.

Off to Google Red Box - sounds like a great idea.

UrsulaPandress Tue 22-May-18 19:38:53


MrsTerryPratchett Tue 22-May-18 19:42:02

Show us the poster if you want. Block out identifying info if you'd like. Unless it features a bleeding vagina, I can't see how it would be offensive in any way.

Flexoset Tue 22-May-18 19:42:37

I would find that attitude weird and misogynistic. Periods and sanpro are not shameful or offensive.

Also this sounds massively outdated. There are a million ads on TV for sanpro which are seen by absolutely everyone. Sometimes they even show ACTUAL SANPRO and demonstrate its absorbant qualities. gasps and clutches pearls

AsAProfessionalFekko Tue 22-May-18 19:43:13

I was going glto say something g along g the lines of Terry up thread. It's not a secret is is?

DrSeuss Tue 22-May-18 19:47:28

This image taken from their FB page and a request for donations with my name and room number. I limited the appeal to staff and so put the posters in staff only areas.

AsAProfessionalFekko Tue 22-May-18 19:53:50

What's wrong with that? Maybe it's the word knickers...

NeedMoreSleepOrSugar Tue 22-May-18 19:55:28

So seeing a list of sanpro and associated items is offensive? confused very odd.

As an aside, what's the reason the drawstring bags have to be handmade rather than bought?

MrsTerryPratchett Tue 22-May-18 20:00:58

No pictures = not offensive.


DitheringBlidiot Tue 22-May-18 20:04:25

Need more sleep - maybe people are more inclined to donate if handmade as people enjoy a project

Stickerrocks Tue 22-May-18 20:08:00

We have these posters in our local Co-op, Asda & Tesco Express. The boxes are often full to over flowing since I, Daniel Blake. Put them up anyway.

blueflorals Tue 22-May-18 20:08:34

The detail of knickers and tights sounds pervy. Sorry 😐

MrsTerryPratchett Tue 22-May-18 20:12:39

The detail of knickers and tights sounds pervy.


ErrolTheDragon Tue 22-May-18 20:14:53

The opinion of anyone who finds this list of necessary items 'offensive' is not worth considering.

* The detail of knickers and tights sounds pervy.* confused seriously?

FFS - the silver lining of the tampon tax was that the likes of George Osborne were cheerfully talking about sanpro in the House of Commons.

DumbledoresApprentice Tue 22-May-18 20:15:16

What is pervy about asking people to donate dark coloured knickers?

Digestive28 Tue 22-May-18 20:17:09

I do or local red box and only had one person have an issue, everyone else angry and surprised and happy to support. The one that was an issue is the kind of person to find issues with everything. It’s a good cause, don’t let them put you off!

PsychoPumpkin Tue 22-May-18 20:19:07

Fantastic cause!

Stickerrocks Tue 22-May-18 20:21:51

I have seen some fantastic knickers donated, which most young ladies would baulk at wearing. Plain & simple is the way forward, hence asking for black.

EspressoButler Tue 22-May-18 20:22:09

I’m offended by the suggestions that any kind of wipe is flushable.
Well, not offended, more aghast. wink
No wipes are flushable, even the ones that claim they are. Check the back of the packaging for the tiny print that says flush one at a time, not in old systems, not anywhere with a Saniflow evil poo mincer . Then look at any water board website for details of what can & cant be flushed.

PandaPieForTea Tue 22-May-18 20:24:07

Apparently Meghan Markle worked in this area as part of her charitable work and the royal family hasn’t needed to edit it out of her background because the public can’t handle it. So I think it’s crazy that your organisation is more conservative than the royal family.

Passmethecrisps Tue 22-May-18 20:24:21

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the poster or the request. I find it astonishing that someone might not only take offence internally but actually feel so empowered that they would insist the posters were removed.

Get them fired back up again op. It is a great cause and the majority of right minded people will support you.

And what in God’s name is wrong with a request for tights and knickers? How should it be worded? Hosiery and undergarments? Or should women simply do without these things as there mere presence is offensive

Passmethecrisps Tue 22-May-18 20:28:21

Who was it who told you to take the poster down? Was it the office staff or a member of SLT?

Stickerrocks Tue 22-May-18 20:30:31

The Red Box Project provides emergency packs for girls who are either caught by surprise or can't provide their own. I'm sure most people understand the embarrassment of being caught out. Nobody is suggesting the girls should flush the wipes down the loo, as there will be bins to hand which they can use, but they can hardly do a full personal hygiene wash at the sinks in the girls toilets, can they?

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