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To go to A&E? (Ovarian cyst)

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PollyParrot1 Mon 21-May-18 00:00:01

I was diagnosed with a large (7cm) Ovarian cyst in March following pain in my lower abdomen and groin area. I was refered for surgery due to the pain it (and still is) causing but I can't get a consultant appointment until the end of July. hmm I'm convinced it's got bigger since the initial scan. I'm more bloated and the pain has increased

I had some sharp pains this morning and a few throughout the day but ignored them. The pains have ramped up since about 8pm and won't go away. It's sharp all the time but constant. I can walk around (with pain) but can't lift my leg on the effected side. It's varying between a four and a six on the one to ten pain scale. I'm worried it's going to rupture or has twisted. Wibu I be unreasonable to go to A&E tonight?

Bettyfood Mon 21-May-18 00:15:00

YWNBU to go to A&E.

HotSauceCommittee Mon 21-May-18 00:17:20

Gosh no. Can’t lift up you leg because of it? Bad pain? A&E straight away. I don’t know anything about ovarian cysts, but is there w chance it could rupture and cause an emergency?
Hope you are safely in hospital x

WellAlwaysHaveParis Mon 21-May-18 00:19:18

Definitely go to A&E - you wouldn’t be unreasonable at all flowers hope you get on okay, OP flowers

UpstartCrow Mon 21-May-18 00:20:35

Yanbu, go straight away, and good luck.

MissVanjie Mon 21-May-18 00:21:12

Oh god

Go to a&e, it’s what it’s for.

Get well soon op that sounds horrid x

HeedMove Mon 21-May-18 00:22:29

Go absolutely I hope its resolved quickly for you.

baylisbaylis Mon 21-May-18 00:25:55

Ive had one of a similar size. Go to hospital.
If anything they'll do a scan to check if it's twisted or ruptured and at least you'll know and give you peace of mind if it hasn't

HaroldsSocalledBluetits Mon 21-May-18 00:27:00

Definitely A&E. Sharp pain that doesn't go away could indicate either rupture of the cyst or twisting of your tube. Both of these are medical emergencies.

Just as an aside, it's pretty bad that you can't even start the medical process for a cyst that size until July - it's not going to go away on its own if it's that big, is it.

Lifeaback Mon 21-May-18 00:32:13

Ywnbu to go to A&E, a ruptured/twisting cyst is a medical emergency and it sounds like this is what it could be. Hope you start to feel better soon flowers

LiquoricePickle Mon 21-May-18 00:39:16

YANBU. Go and get checked. Hot you feel better soon.

PollyParrot1 Mon 21-May-18 01:57:36

Thanks all. Sat in A&E now waiting to be seen. Pain has decreased a bit but hasn't gone away. Going to be a long night brew

HelenaDove Mon 21-May-18 02:00:07

OP thanks Hope this is sorted soon.

Lukeandlorelai4Ever Mon 21-May-18 02:12:04

Good luck opflowers

agnurse Mon 21-May-18 02:59:43

I hope everything works out okay. Even though the pain has subsided still get it looked at. It could have ruptured. This is what sometimes happens with appendicitis, for example.

lljkk Mon 21-May-18 04:29:03

What happened, Polly? Are you still there? What have they done for you?

huha Mon 21-May-18 06:13:25

A burst cyst consistories a medical emergency. I hope you are getting proper treatment OP.

Clubcuts Mon 21-May-18 06:36:50

Hope you've been seen and you are ok!

SecretStash Mon 21-May-18 07:33:08

I had this and it turned out to be a partial torsion.

Then the second time I went in with the same pain we figured out that it was day 14 and my ovulating had burst the cyst which caused the pain.

First one was only confirmed through a laparoscopy. Second was confirmed by scan.

Badoukas Mon 21-May-18 07:50:04

I had one the same size with similar symptoms. Felt generally unwell for fair while then when I was scanned again it had gone. I hope yours will resolve spontaneously too. X

lightcola Mon 21-May-18 07:53:51

I’ve had a ruptured ovarian cyst. It’s pretty horrific. Definitely get it checked out.

slowlywiltingpetal Mon 21-May-18 08:11:36

Hope you're getting sorted OP. Are they keeping you for a scan then taking it from there?

I had a ruptured cyst but ex H was always so slow doing stuff, for some reason although I could barely move he suggested a bath whilst we wait for NHS Direct, the nurse said we'll get a GP to call and advised paracetamol and ibropufen. By the time the Dr called, by some miracle the minimal pain relief had made the pain more bearable.

A scan confirmed my cyst had burst, it was an endometrioma, so filled with blood.

The only reason it burst was because ex H was on his console, I was doing work, asked for a drink, he acted like Kevin the Teenager, so stood up to get it and the pain was something else.

I've had cardiac issues and the twit waited an hour before calling 999, it was my first angina attack, with mental irregular HR. 2 shots of GTN, some dissolvable tablet, then in the ambulance paracetamol, morphine, some other stuff.

I doubt I'll ever get rose tinted glasses grin

Guna100 Mon 21-May-18 08:17:38

I’ve had ruptured ovarian cysts and never fun. Hope you get looked after OP.

Ickyockycocky Mon 21-May-18 08:19:42

I hope you are ok OP. 💐

Trooperslane2 Mon 21-May-18 08:28:40

I saw this in the early hours polly - I hope you're getting sorted out.

I'm not sure whether my ovary twisted or a cyst burst but it was the worst pain I've ever experienced - the consultant told me labour would be a breeze in comparison - and it was. (I was 11 weeks pregnant at the time). It was never confirmed either way.

I was lying on the bathroom floor throwing up so hard I was wetting myself, DH was on the phone to 111 and they were insisting on speaking to me. DH was like - umm - I think we need an ambulance.

DH: You can't speak to her because you can hear her screeching in the background. They told him to give me paracetamol and put me to bed -threw up in there and pissed the bed too. That was a good result

Eventually they sent ambulance, gas and air in the ambulance blue lighted to A&E. Junior docs fannying about until I was whimpering 'help' 'help' and I thought my very mild mannered DH was going to punch a wall.

Consultant whipped curtains open - gave junior doc a bollocking and wrote up morphine. The pain subsided I was off my nut reasonably quickly, scan confirmed DD was in the right place.... I could see in their eyes that they thought it was an ectopic.

In the end, over night stay or maybe 2? and took the advised 2 weeks off work to recover, which I would never have done before workaholic idiot

Sorry if I'm sounding a bit dramatic but I wanted to reassure you, like other posters it's a genuine emergency, from a pain management point of view at the very least.

Let us know how you are. flowers

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