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To wonder what you all do at the weekend?

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Sparklewithme1 Sun 20-May-18 13:38:00

Just that really. Every weekend we seem to just sit here wasting time. I’m a single mum with 3 kids (ds12) (dd8) (dd4) my ds wants to do nothing apart from pay on his Xbox and I end up sitting in the garden with dd’s fighting over the paddling pool then they get fed up and end up watching the tv. There is literally no one outside and even the playground is empty, I’m sure when I was a kid we used to be out all the time?

JenBarber Sun 20-May-18 13:39:48

I was on Glastonbury Tor at 9pm last night. That's outside.

Inside today though, work later.

FASH84 Sun 20-May-18 13:40:14

Where I live there are kids and families in the park, loads playing football and rugby especially in Sunday's and the beach is always full this time of year, the country parks are often busy too, we popped into London yesterday it was thriving, families everywhere.

scrumples Sun 20-May-18 13:40:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NapQueen Sun 20-May-18 13:42:59

Our weekends tend to go like this:
sat am (7.30 - 10am) I lie in. Dh up with kids. They do breakfast, dress, play on tablets, play in rooms, play in garden. Im up showered and dressed by 11. We go out to a park/museum/art gallery/down to the riverside/ikea etc. Lunch out and about (bought or picnic). Home about 5ish. Kids have 30 mins tv or tablet, we do housework. Kids dinner bath then bed for seven.

Sunday :- swap the lie in/morning routine. Do homework. Kids play in garden while we do chores or diy. Lunch at home. Usually a birthday party in the afternoon (one or both of us go). If one goes the other will do a food shop or some decorating or tip run etc. Home for about 5, call into grandparents on way back. Dinner bath bed etc.

SadieHH Sun 20-May-18 13:43:27

Yesterday we went to my parents to watch the wedding. Today I've been lounging in bed reading all day. DH is in the garden and the girls are pottering around. DD2 has a party soon and then we'll go and get dinner somehow. Tonight I will mad panic wash school uniforms because I couldn't be arsed up till now! Luckily they dry very quickly grin

isseywithcats Sun 20-May-18 13:43:53

i work Saturday mornings so don't do much other than tidy the house and cook dinner on Saturdays, Sundays we usually go out for a ride somewhere on our motorbike with our friends from the motorbike club we are in, not out this week as OH has marking to do(exam weeks at uni ) so today i have caught up with the ironing i have been ignoring all week , next weekend have 3 days off work so we are off to a bike rally , no kids though all grown up and left home.

Chasingsquirrels Sun 20-May-18 13:45:27

As little as possible grin.
On my own with 15yo and 12yo ds's.

This weekend has been quite busy.

Breakfast with the scouts yesterday morning, the boys helped me clear the hedge trimmings we'd cut earlier in the week, dropped ds1 at an activity, chilled with ds2 then when his dad picked him up I went for a dog walk with a friend, ended up in the pub with her briefly then out for a meal with friends.

Today is quieter, vet lazy morning doing nothing, just walked the dog and had some lunch. Will be going to my parents for tea when the boys are back later.

Your kids ages are tough, they'll all want to do different things.
What about Geocaching?

ThatsWotSheSaid Sun 20-May-18 13:48:59

Sunny day - park, summing pool, garden, walk, picnic, skate park, pub lunch with beer garden, Day out for example national trust. Bike ride.

Not sunny day - trampoline park, cinema, shopping, play dates, museum, softplay, arts and crafts, etc
We also have clubs swimming, Gymnastics etc

Badhairday1001 Sun 20-May-18 13:49:24

I’m a single parent to 3 too. Yesterday we got up about 8am, the kids played and I did some housework. We then went out for the day to a national trust place because I’ve got a membership, the eldest is 16 so he went shopping with his friends. Today my middle one had a rugby match like he does every Sunday, we watched that and then hung out with friends at the rugby club for an hour afterwards. We’re now in the garden and will go to the beach for a walk this evening. Then just showers and bed and make sure we are all ready for school and work tomorrow.

Fatted Sun 20-May-18 13:51:19

I work alternate weekends and DH works Saturdays.

Usually on Saturday mornings we chill out at home, do home work and reading, something like painting or drawing, playing in the garden when it's nice, playing with toys inside and have a bit of telly on in the background. We might go somewhere local for a walk or play in the park etc. Then we usually got to my parents in the afternoon, more of the same there really. I then go to work in the evening if I'm working.

Sundays when DH is off with us we usually go somewhere out for the day.

Usually at the weekend if we go somewhere locally like the park it's quiet but when we go out to town etc it's much busier.

Iletthedogsout Sun 20-May-18 13:57:19

We don’t do much to be honest.

We live in a small town with not much to do, and if I do suggest just going for a walk or to the local park, anything to get out of the house at all, the children do nothing but moan and complain that they are bored/tired/legs hurt etc, so I don’t bother asking anymore.

I used to live for weekends, these days I hate them!

Camomila Sun 20-May-18 13:59:01

We quite often go visit my parents in Bton for the weekend.

Otherwise - Saturday mornings DS has swimming, DH usually does a supermarket shop at some point, maybe take DS to ride his scooter at the aerodome in the afternoons.
Sunday mornings we have church and then we usually go to the park at some point.

My favourite Sundays (like today!) are 'daddy-ds adventure days' when DH takes DS out for the whole day so I can catch up on uni work. Right now they are in Regents park while I drink coffee and get to write about the patriarchy grin (Yes i know, stop dithering on mumsnet)

weegiemum Sun 20-May-18 14:01:27

Usually lie in a bit on Sat am, usually get up as and when dc (all teenagers) are asking for a lift/can they go into town/can friend come over etc etc etc. Recently dh and I have been doing the garden at the weekend - painting the fence/treating the deck/treating garden furniture/planting stuff etc when the weather is good, and sorting out the garage (emptying it as we are starting a conversion into huge kitchen after the summer) if not so nice. We used to always get takeout on Sat evening but dh and I are on Slimming World so we will look longingly at dc Chinese food then eat our less tempting tea! Quite often watch a film in the evening, with dc if they are in, they're quite sociable. Occasionally we go to the cinema if theres something good on.

Sunday we are up and out for church at 11, and our very sociable congregation has lunch together as well, which we are there for about half the time. Once again provide taxi service, usually food shop in the afternoon, tidy up, cook Sunday dinner (its the one meal a week we insist everyone is together for), enjoy some wine.

Teenagers (14,16,18) fit in homework, revision (and currently last minute panic exam folios), walking the dog, chores around some very active socialising and sport. I struggle to get out through the week as I have poor mobility due to my disability, so if we've nothing much on, dh and I will drive out into the countryside somewhere and go for lunch/have a picnic, which dd2, the youngest, often joins us for.

JaceLancs Sun 20-May-18 14:03:22

Bit more of a lie in
Household jobs
Go shopping
Go to a car boot
Go out for coffee
See friends
eBay listing and packing items I’ve sold
Very boring here

grasspigeons Sun 20-May-18 14:03:46

My weekends vary. Some are v dull to be honest. The children aren't old enough to leave alone all day but also don't really want to go for a walk, feed the ducks and get an ice cream. I've started trying to have school friends round even though I used to think of the weekend as family time.

MinisterforCheekyFuckery Sun 20-May-18 14:10:21

It depends. At the moment we are having work done to the house so yesterday morning was spent buying paint, choosing carpet and looking at furniture. Then we had lunch in the garden, DD (4) played on her trampoline and in the paddling pool for a bit and then we all went to the park and stopped at a local pub for some dinner. Today so far has been food shopping, quick trip to the garden centre and now DH has taken DD to the house of some friends of ours for a BBQ. I've stayed home as I'm feeling poorly but I imagine DD will come back tired from running around friends garden with their kids so we'll probably just settle in and watch a movie or play some board games before she goes to bed.

Some weekends are more active than others but as DH and I both work full time in the week there are always quite a few jobs that need doing in the house/garden. Fortunately, DD is quite happy to potter round after us and we always try to make sure these jobs are interspersed with stuff that's fun for her.

citychick Sun 20-May-18 14:13:16

I work 9am to noon every Saturday except school holidays.
DH and DS were out at rugby all day and then home for tea.
I had hair appointment after work then met a couple of girlfriends to watch the royal wedding together.

We’re in Asia hence watching the wedding over dinner.

Took DS to swimming, then home, made lunch, food shopping, chill, tea and bed for DS.

Weekend is pretty much dominated by sporting activities, work and homework.

Violetshift Sun 20-May-18 14:14:36

It varies.

Yesterday I went for a day drinking in york with my best friend. Today watching dd in a mass dance in town.

Normally we have swimming lessons and sometimes I do work on a Sunday. I like one day doing absolutely nothing.

Mycatsarebetterthanyours Sun 20-May-18 14:17:34

My DS is still a baby so we just go for a walk with the pram, find a nice pub with a garden and enjoy the sun or fresh air. Sit in the park, sit in the garden. I'm guessing it'll all change as he gets older though.

ikeepaforkinmypurse Sun 20-May-18 14:18:25

This weekend I have work to do so sent the kids to my sisters.

Chores are absolutely banned at the weekend in my house to free some time - homework excluded obviously.
Usually, we taxi the kids to and from various sports clubs and competitions, and parties. We normally try to spend at least a full day away somewhere: could be an amusement park, a National Trust place, taking the dogs with a picnic somewhere. We try to go and spend the weekends with friends as often as possible - clearly not every weekend - and they come to visit too so we often have a full house. We are just busy doing not very much at all really!

VivaKondo Sun 20-May-18 14:19:15

Shopping, lunch with my parents then drinks in the garden with them. Dcs in tow.
Today, sport activity with the dcs that has taken most of the day, and then down to town for an ice cream (unusual treat for us).

We are always out and about at the weekend (this week end is actually a quiet one for us).
It allows the dc to stop being stuck on a screen and start doing something else!

GummyGoddess Sun 20-May-18 14:20:33

Swimming lesson, shopping and general lounging usually. DH and DC1 go to soft play without me at the moment due to pregnancy otherwise we would go together and then go and do errands afterwards.

HellenaHandbasket Sun 20-May-18 14:21:46

Yesterday eldest (8) went to gymnastics, middle (6) and DH went to b&q and town while she did that. I stayed home with the baby and pottered and baked a cake.

Went to summer party for home ed group in the afternoon.

BBQ in garden in eve.

Today garden jobs, lunch at yacht club, walk on beach and then go to view a caravan. All very normal weekend bar the caravan obviously.

ImogenTubbs Sun 20-May-18 14:23:55

I usually try and have one planned day and one chilled day at the weekend so yesterday we had a birthday party and then had invited some friends round to play in the garden in the afternoon. Today we ended up driving out to the mountains and going for a long walk with the dog but this afternoon DD is chilling, colouring in and watching TV while I do some tidying / mumsnetting. Everyone needs some downtime. Sounds like you need an activity together as a family and then you might not mind the subsequent slobbing out so much!

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