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Where was your best ever holiday?

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Frosty66612 Sun 20-May-18 09:07:30

Where did you have your best ever holiday? I think mine would have to be the Canadian Rockies during the summer (weather was amazing and the scenery is like nothing else).

DowntheTown Sun 20-May-18 09:13:56

Hard call, but one I'd like to repeat.... Umbria, July, middle of nowhere. Beautiful little villages, amazing scenery, fabulous food. Afternoons by the pool, beside lavender and rosemary bushes utterl teeming with butterflies. Ahh....

KinkyAfro Sun 20-May-18 09:14:42

OMG I was going to say canada! I spent a few months over there during Spring/summer when younger, based in calgary but spent time in Banff, Kananaskis, Jasper to name a few. I don't think I'll ever see anything as beautiful....the Rockies, the rivers running alongside the road, mummy and baby bears strolling along the road, the trees. Absolutely stunning

JaceLancs Sun 20-May-18 09:16:22

Dalyan turkey - although it was just as much about who I was with on that holiday

annandale Sun 20-May-18 09:17:36

Tough one. Probably best ever overall was a flotilla sailing holiday in Turkey. Also had wonderful holidays in Frejus south of France and in Pembrokeshire and Northumberland.

LoniceraJaponica Sun 20-May-18 09:19:22

I couldn't just pick one
Stand out ones for me have been California, Hong Kong and Indonesia, Lake Garda, Croatia, Crete, Sicily, Devon and Shropshire.

nervousnails Sun 20-May-18 09:19:34

Coast Starlight train last year- LA to Seattle. THE best views ever and the happiest days!

dayinlifeof Sun 20-May-18 09:19:40


ipswichwitch Sun 20-May-18 09:21:30

Another one for Turkey grin, it as mine and DH’s first proper holiday together.
The hotel was nice but basic, food was great and there was a fantastic bar next door. We had the best day out on a Jeep safari, was so much fun. We have a picture of us in the mud pool in our sitting room which is a lovely reminder of the fantastic time we had.

whiteroseredrose Sun 20-May-18 09:22:48

We had our once-in-a-lifetime family holiday in California with New York at the start and Grand Canyon at the end which was amazing obviously. Cost a fortune but was paid for with an inheritance.

But our other top two were Northumberland and the Loire Valley. Both had a great variety of things to do. Castles, abbeys, boat trips, walks etc. We've never been beach holiday people!

Forgottenmypassword Sun 20-May-18 09:24:47

Canada for us too.

We drove from Banff to Nelson BC and it was the most amazing drive ever. Beautiful.

The Maldives were up there too though, two weeks completely barefoot and no phones or connections to the world at all. Just us and our little island. (Plus the others that were there at the same time, but they don't count.)

Frosty66612 Sun 20-May-18 09:25:20

Love that some of you are including British holidays as they can be equally as amazing too. My favourite British ones were either Dorset, Cornwall or the Isle of Arran

LoniceraJaponica Sun 20-May-18 09:26:48

Ooh, I forgot - Lapland, to see the Northern Lights. Just brilliant.

ellsbells2 Sun 20-May-18 09:27:56

Kerala in Southern India. Beautiful place and people.

Also Rome as it is such a spectacular city.

NeedForBlossom Sun 20-May-18 09:50:21

Sri Lanka, pre children.

Wonderful place, gorgeous country with lovely people.

Post children, Lykia World in Turkey.

brizzledrizzle Sun 20-May-18 10:36:57

We loved Northumberland and the Lakes - we try to go each year for a few days.

Niamhanna Sun 20-May-18 10:37:59

New York & Cape Cod, where we went whale watching. Both kids still say it was the best thing they've ever done.

MaryPoppinsPenguins Sun 20-May-18 10:40:24

And camping in a big group of friends was actually amazing. It’s up there.

MrsOsM Sun 20-May-18 10:46:37

Florida. Did the Disney and universal parks and got married while we were there (in Florida, not in one of the parks). I dream about going back.

unicorn56 Sun 20-May-18 10:49:49

Another one for Dalyan Turkey! It was mine and DP first holiday together, and was just such a beautiful town.

unicorn56 Sun 20-May-18 10:50:56

Pressed send too soon! It probably draws with Cuba, as the excursions and hotel we stayed at there were amazing!!!

20nil Sun 20-May-18 10:52:00

Corsica in September about 12 years ago. Lots of holidays since then, but still remember it as perfect.

iklboo Sun 20-May-18 10:52:27

Up to now our first cruise to Norway. Breathtaking scenery, brilliant weather and we spent a day kayaking on the fjords. Wonderful.

Caspiana Sun 20-May-18 10:53:10

I trekked to Everest Base Camp and being in the beautiful Himalayas was two of the best weeks of my life. I get all happy just thinking about it smile

MorningsEleven Sun 20-May-18 10:54:02

Carcasonne. It was pre-kids.

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