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Royal wedding: disappointed at all the nasty MN threads

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TwitterQueen1 Sun 20-May-18 07:55:55

I saw two 'positive' threads - one on Camilla, one on Charles. All the others (that I saw) were pretty spiteful and unpleasant, alleging or implying:
- Kate tried to upstage Meghan by wearing cream (which was actually lemon)
- Several royals were 'unable' to look at the happy couple whilst they were saying their vows
- Kate really wanted to marry Harry herself
- Elton looked very rough and his wig was awful
- Victoria B is miserable and po-faced
- David B - 'nuff said
- Harry's outfit looked like PJs and he should have shaved
- Meghan was afraid of being upstaged by adult bridesmaids to chose to have only flower girls
- Meghan's dress didn't fit well
- Meghan is going to get restless in a few years and flit
- apparently there's a lot of 'hate' for Meghan
- all the guests, including Harry, would be guilty of drink driving after the reception

At the risk of sounding like Pollyanna, and regardless of whether you're a royalist, republican, communist, whatever, I think it's a shame that people looked for the negative and nasty on a day of celebration.

Can we have some positives? Here's mine: William looked relaxed and confident and was obviously a huge support to a very nervous Harry.

boatyardblues Sun 20-May-18 07:57:57

For someone eschewing a Pollyanna attitude, that’s a pretty comprehensive rundown of all the negging that you just posted OP. 😂

GeorgieTheGorgeousGoat Sun 20-May-18 08:00:03

Actually there were a lot more positive threads started (mine on Windsor, another proud to be British one) that were railroaded by moany minnies.

mimibunz Sun 20-May-18 08:00:26

I loved the wedding, thought Meghan looked stunning in that gorgeous dress, and Prince Charles was very attentive to the bride and her mother. There were so many positive and lovely moments!

PurpleDaisies Sun 20-May-18 08:01:22

Did you miss all the positive threads? confused

Summerinrome Sun 20-May-18 08:02:53

I only read the positive threads op, I suggest you do the same if it upsets you so much, you have more or less just added to the whinging by posting this confused

ladymariner Sun 20-May-18 08:08:08

Totally agree with you, Op, think some people just look for things to moan about, sad really!
I thought it was a fabulous day, Meghan looked stunning, and she and Harry look so much in love. Good luck to them.

Shadow666 Sun 20-May-18 08:08:15

Is there a thread about thecae yet? I'm dying to comment on it. grin

Shadow666 Sun 20-May-18 08:08:32

the cake!!

L0UISA Sun 20-May-18 08:10:40

Welcome to mumsnet. Some people here will have opinions that are different to your own.

If you can’t accept that - other websites are available.

madeyemoodysmum Sun 20-May-18 08:11:07

I agree op.
My positives

Charles was very attentive to Meghan s mum on what would be an overwhelming experience

Harry was a suitably nervous groom

Meghans mum was clearly on the verge but she coped brilliantly

I loved the mix of Meghans heritage even if the preacher went on a bit.

Hats off to the rider of the white horse that was clearly not in a happy mood.

The queen looked lovely

I hope they are both very happy Gods knows all the odds are stacked against them. Let's hope they can make it work.

HolyMountain Sun 20-May-18 08:12:59

I ignore the moaning twats , I don’t care what they say and anyone who takes notice of unpleasant wankiness needs to have a word with themselves.

Everyone looked happy , Meghan wore beautiful dresses ,a good day was had by all and the sun shone, England and Windsor looked terrific.

Job done.

snowagain Sun 20-May-18 08:14:18

A lot of nasty jealous women on here.

I have not seen any negativity about Meghan/Harry, and the Royal wedding anywhere else except here. Speaks volumes about SOME posters here.

traciebanbanjo Sun 20-May-18 08:15:57

I'm sure all the homeless people that were removed and the police took all their belongings had a great day.

As did all the sanctioned people that went to be hungry.

GoldenWonderwall Sun 20-May-18 08:18:12

I thought it was lovely! It brought the fishwives out on here though.

Ohmydayslove Sun 20-May-18 08:22:29

Ignore the moaners op it’s just jealousy.

It was a stunning wedding

ragged Sun 20-May-18 08:22:35

As someone who madly clicked hide as fast as possible yesterday, I thought most the thread titles looked positive.

It's cool to bitch and snipe. It's uncool (fawning) to praise & gush. People who get into this stuff are very interested in being cool. <shrug>

I'm disappointed at existence of the Rwedding threads, full stop. Can't they keep their gossip to SLEB corner topic? Oh well, dying down I hope.

My twitter feed was worse than MN for RW madness, though. FFS, I don't follow any British media on there either. Even The Economist got into the story. I resorted to Russia Today for refuge.

NewYearNewMe18 Sun 20-May-18 08:25:17

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

MrsMozart Sun 20-May-18 08:26:09

OP that's folk for you.

Just enjoy the nice stuff and ignore the rest.

Ohmydayslove Sun 20-May-18 08:27:15


What a nasty post.

TheOnlyLivingBoyInNewCross Sun 20-May-18 08:28:12

I agree with ragged about cool vs uncool. I’m not really one for “inspirational” quotations but the bitchiness on some of the threads yesterday made me think of this one.

NewYearNewMe18 Sun 20-May-18 08:32:15

Nonetheless a true post.

Let the woman rest in peace instead of dragging her corpse out every two minutes as if you know her personally, was her confidante, was privy to her inner most emotions and thoughts. That's s'leb cult for you - people think they own you, dead or alive. The really sad thing is, all these hangers on, with their slavish desire for information and gossip were the ones who kept the paparazzi employed, so effectively they caused her death by the insatiable desire to read about her.

SuttonHooHoo Sun 20-May-18 08:32:30

Loved the wedding, really enjoyed the whole thing. How cute were those pages and bridesmaids, like little ducklings following her down the aisle and the twins were so sweet with her veil.

Did anyone see photos of the evening outfits? Meghan’s was lovely. Priyanka Chopra and Serena Williams looked stunning.

SetPhasersTaeMalkie Sun 20-May-18 08:42:29

I agree OP.

Some of the threads were just awful and a few really bizarre ones as well. I significantly increased my hidden threads.

The are some very strange people on here.

Sugarpiehoneyeye Sun 20-May-18 08:44:19

I loved the whole wedding, if was beautiful, as was Meghan.

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