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Influencer Ethics on Instagram 3

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FlyingBird Sat 19-May-18 16:36:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TireSwing Sat 19-May-18 16:50:04

I don't particularly like the idea of them being deleted - there have been a few times it's been useful to be able to go back and refer to old threads! Just a thought.

PavlovaPrincess Sat 19-May-18 17:10:27

Thanks for the new thread FB

Agree with tireswing that it's useful for them not to be deleted. Comes in handy when we get accused of saying stuff we haven't said.

NeverWas Sat 19-May-18 17:11:43

Thanks Flying. I agree Tire, I was checking a couple of things earlier myself.

FlyingBird Sat 19-May-18 17:21:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TireSwing Sat 19-May-18 17:25:33

And thanks for setting up number 3!

traciebanbanjo Sat 19-May-18 17:31:17

Is there a summasummary of the last two? I'm interested in this but I just don't have the time to read them all

NeverWas Sat 19-May-18 17:40:14*@caliberi*/ethical-and-legal-considerations-of-influencer-marketing-a-guide-4037923663d7

I had a thought. The article above that I posted in the last thread, defines that the instamums are 'peer influencers'. But given the chat at the end of the last threads by the pregnant mums discussing their feelings of vulnerability about how they would be perceived by their midwife, I thought it might be that a midwife instamum's X factor, as it were, would be that they were a peer and 'authoritative influencer', because they are seen as an 'expert'?

Am I right in thinking there are not many, if any, other instamums who are both a relatable peer and an 'expert' that all mums would have experience of dealing with?

NeverWas Sat 19-May-18 17:44:27

Tracie that's a tricky one.

Generally it has been a discussion about the ethics of advertising and of using children in that advertising process, and with regard to money making around mental health. Is that fair FlyingBird, MadameGrizzly, Gobbolino, Pavlova?

But the discussions have been SO much more than that, so I recommend at least giving them a skim read if you can!

traciebanbanjo Sat 19-May-18 17:46:47

OK thanks, I'm really interested in thetopic i must read them when i have the time. Worried about the lack of regulation and shady stuff they do. Have you mentioned people like Tanya burr that heavily Photoshop all their images?

Wish you could print a PDF of a whole thread!

Stopyourhavering64 Sat 19-May-18 17:48:47

I'm here!...found the other threads very interesting and informative!...everyone seems to be very quiet today...can't imagine why...but then I imagine there's other things to keep everyone occupied today...
anyway NB has her event tomorrow ....I did try to check out her midwife expert on the NMC register but couldn't find her , so either she's on register under another name or she's not currently on NMC register confused

NeverWas Sat 19-May-18 17:53:42

Tracie Tanya Burr the actress?

NeverWas Sat 19-May-18 17:55:27

Stopyourhavering It is nearly Lavender Flannel time 🙌🏻

traciebanbanjo Sat 19-May-18 18:01:23

Well yes, but I think Tanya burr is more an aspiring actress seeing as all she's done so far is some tiny bit parts and her play looks like it will be the end of her acting dreams.

FlyingBird Sat 19-May-18 18:21:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NeverWas Sat 19-May-18 18:24:54

An interesting, if quite long, article by a blogger about #ad.

Thanks Flying. I didn't know anything about Tanya Burr's SM background.

FlyingBird Sat 19-May-18 18:26:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FlyingBird Sat 19-May-18 18:28:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

finks100 Sat 19-May-18 18:45:14

A great article Neverwas.

NeverWas Sat 19-May-18 19:01:38

Isn't it Fink. A really intelligent, thoughtful response to the MN threads. Again, like MP and Mad about the House.

jamoncrumpets Sat 19-May-18 19:18:37

Nice to read a blog post by somebody that listens to, and considers, feedback. Rather than sticking their fingers in their ears and going 'la la la, you're all bullies'

PavlovaPrincess Sat 19-May-18 19:20:02

Very interesting perspective in that blog post @NeverWas

The only problem I have with it, again, is that in all these 'gifted' products that are sent to be 'reviewed honestly', I have never seen any negative feedback.

I'm not aware of that blogger and I haven't seen her Disneyworld write up, so I can't comment on that. However, if I was given a free Disney holiday and told I could be honest about it, I think I'd be so grateful to them, that I wouldn't be anything other than glowing (again, I'm not commenting on this blogger because I haven't seen her work). A free shit holiday is still a thousand times better than a shit holiday you've had to pay thousands for (IYSWIM).

NeverWas Sat 19-May-18 19:36:17

Pavlova unfortunately I think that's probably true re 'reviews' in any format of advertising. I don't recall any Editors in mags saying products were crap either. I hope that influencers just don't mention freebies they get that are rubbish, and we are just going to have to rely on trip advisor for real holiday reviews. Only restaurant/theatre critics tell the (brutal) truth!

BinG0wings123 Sat 19-May-18 19:41:56

I’m glad there is another thread. It needs to be an ongoing conversation.

EatMyShoes Sat 19-May-18 19:47:20

Restaurant reviewers often don't hold back, as you said. Imagine IG filled with honest reviews, how good would that be?!

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