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Things your neighbours do that annoy you

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Moominfan Sat 19-May-18 10:11:25

Such as playing happy hardcore in their garden at 10 in the morning.

MissionItsPossible Sat 19-May-18 10:16:03

Screeching “Little gay boy” because 4 year old son fell off bike (I assume) and cried. (Five minutes ago).

Other neighbour is nice.

Horrible neighbour also regularly swears, has shouty phone conversations with her ex, ex sometimes turns up and much drama played out on her doorstep, it drives us all mad.

romany4 Sat 19-May-18 10:20:51

Play music while being drunk in the garden morning till night every weekend!
Have constantly barking dogs that never get walked.
Let their kids in the garden at 7am on the trampoline
Kick footballs off my fence or into my garden constantly
This is just one neighbour. Can't stand them angry

ToadOfSadness Sat 19-May-18 10:22:05

Beep their horn rather than get out of the car and ring the doorbell.

Employ 'gardeners' that know nothing about gardening but just blitz everything with industrial strength equipment that requires ear defenders and drives everyone inside their houses on lovely sunny days.

Let annoying yappy dogs out to bark at bedtime and throughout the bloody night and don't get them back in again.

Let their ivy grow over and through the fences and take over the gardens surrounding them.

MissusGeneHunt Sat 19-May-18 10:22:33

Breathe. In AND out, FFS. to be fair, it's probably a reciprocal feeling.

Duchessgummybuns Sat 19-May-18 10:40:17

Downstairs neighbour seems to think the shared garden is his alone so dumps all his rubbish out there, let’s his dog shit all over the place and doesn’t pick it up, has smelly bonfires etc. He also once set up a chicken coop and had chickens shitting all over the garden. Yes I should have said something but I have to live here and could do without a neighbour feud in such close quarters.

Now we have new neighbours who seem to be landscaping a portion of the garden... I don’t remember being consulted but if they let me use their nice picnic table for a bbq I’ll let it go grin

Queenoftheblitz Sat 19-May-18 10:41:21

Nothing. Their kids are well behaved, adults are polite. They're all well behaved.
My road is missing out on some much needed drama.

Moominfan Sat 19-May-18 10:41:35

It really is the breathing bit that gets me smile to be fair think I've been topped with a few of these. Rest of my neighbours are lovely, hardly ever hear a peep.

Moominfan Sat 19-May-18 10:42:18

Queen your going to have to tell me where it is you live. I moved to escape one set of nightmare neighbours for some equally awful ones.

bobstersmum Sat 19-May-18 10:48:57

Our neighbours are great actually but my 4+5 year olds have been in our garden for an hour playing but getting more and more excited and I have been going around after them shushing them because I don't want to be that neighbour that everyone hates!

Whatdoiladymcbeth Sat 19-May-18 10:51:44

Put fucking decorations up in the street for royal wedding. Patriotic tossers.

Queenoftheblitz Sat 19-May-18 10:51:58

Moomin, sw london by the river. Beautiful place with great schools but a bit dull.

Oldraver Sat 19-May-18 10:52:54

They are fucking noisy, they cant do anything without making noise.

She screeches at him for hours on end...we even heard her over the fire engine that came to our close. He is forever banging in the garden. They have been building and dismantling a wooden gazebo for nearly a year and it's still not finished. It will house their spa which will hum next to my fence.

They now have a little yappy dog which yaps way too much in the garden. Visitors to their house were forever driving over my garden, one took out a plant and just thought it was funny.

In return she and her family bitch about my weedy front garden <yes I can hear you>

Two neighbours across the road have too powerful security lights that come on at a gnats fart lighting up our bedrooms. We have had to have extra curtain layers to try and blackout.

<they too bitch about our garden>

vampirethriller Sat 19-May-18 10:53:38

My downstairs neighbour likes dolly Parton very loud at weekends and then later it's football with his own rather dramatic commentary. But he's quiet all week and a very nice man so I just pretend I don't hear.

AhoyDelBoy Sat 19-May-18 10:55:22

Load sex. It bugs me.

AhoyDelBoy Sat 19-May-18 10:55:49

LOUD! blush

CluedoAddict Sat 19-May-18 10:55:50

Smoke in the garden so it all comes in our window and means it goes all over my washing on the line.

They can't park to save their lives. They leave 6ft gaps in between the cars.

Don't keep their trees pruned so we end up with it all over our garden.

Beep the horn instead of knocking the door at any time of the day or night.

Bash their rugs outside at night.

Nakedavenger74 Sat 19-May-18 10:58:56

Use the leaf blower for 4 hours every single Saturday and Sunday. They are retired and have the whole bloody week to move leaves around the garden but no it must start at 8am on the weekend lest a single fucking leaf drop on the precious lawn.

Other neighbour likes cutting down trees and chipping them in a chipping machine. It is brain meltingly loud. He likes to do this on sunny weekend lunchtimes and early evenings when you might have people round for a few quiet drink in the garden. He too is retired.

MotherforkingShirtballs Sat 19-May-18 11:06:43

I am the noisy neighbour today blush

Eldest DS had a meltdown, shouting and screaming. Got that all calmed down and DS2 decided he was Batman, threw his little Batman figure and it twatted DD in the face. DD started screaming like she'd lost a limb which set DS1 off again, DS2 tried to make amends by giving her his favourite car which he accidentally dropped onto her foot, starting off fresh screams. At that point I shouted "for goodness sake!" and "go play outside!!" at least it wasn't "for fucks sake" Ten minutes they were outside before the arguing started because DS1 found two lids , aka makeshift cymbals, in the shed and started a one boy marching band, blame flinging quickly started when I removed the cymbals and yet more arguing. I don't know what has gotten into them today but they're now in their rooms, grounded until I decide they can act like semi-reasonable human beings, and I'm watching Netflix in peace.

I'm surprised I haven't had a knock at the door from the neighbours.

MrsLaurac Sat 19-May-18 11:08:27

Got to be honest my neighbours are lovely people, only thing I didn't like was they kept blocking my view from my drive when they first moved in but they've stopped and its a teenager who lives with her parents so naturally theres a odd argument other than that so very lucky both sides.

echt Sat 19-May-18 11:09:59

I am a working older person (63) and completely get the retired crumblies mechanising the arse out of the garden. On the weekend.

Leafblowers are the work of the devil.

A NDN we had, when watering restriction were on in Melbourne, used to switch hers on a at 2.00.a.m. for 15 minutes. The racket was astounding. Her reaction to us asking her not to do this was, well, it's only for 15 minutes, can't you get back to sleep?

Unsurprisingly she wore a hearing aid.

I still see her off and on, sprightly in her 90s, lovely garden smile, and both our DHs now gone. sad

Oksono Sat 19-May-18 11:12:05

My ndn hang a blanket on their circular washing line then sit behind it so no one can see them get drunk. Every single sunny day. New move last week they’ve attached a screen of fake leaves to their gate (which is part of our garden wall) in case i see them walking to hide behind their blanket.
I never look. I’ve never looked . But we do joke about it with neighbours on their other side.
Maybe I’m missing something.

SaucyJack Sat 19-May-18 11:13:26

Yappy dogs. Smoking in the stairwell. Threatening to gut another neighbour with a broken bottle....

Maelstrop Sat 19-May-18 11:13:57

Got to say I love my neighbours. One side is a retired person who has always helped out by coming round to let the dogs out if ever our shifts clash (max 4 times a month). Other side is a family who’s dc are very polite. The mum actually got them to turn off the very quiet music the other day when she realised we were in the garden. Love her!

jaseyraex Sat 19-May-18 11:38:47

Next door neighbours are constantly arguing. Proper screaming, shouting, sounds like they're kicking lumps out of each other, arguing. They also have their TV incredibly loud all night. I asked them to turn it down once but apparently 1.15 in the morning "isn't even late".

Downstairs neighbours are an absolute delight though! Lovely elderly couple who put my bins out every week and cut my grass every few weeks. Even though I'm constantly telling them they don't have to. They just like to keep busy.

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