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Ways that the Royal wedding is affecting you.

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Mailfuckoff Tue 15-May-18 08:44:13

My son has a music exam near Windsor on Sat. We will have to leave very early and go back roads to avoid wedding traffic.
Just wondered if anyone else has the Royal wedding negatively affecting their normal life.
BTW, this is light hearted. It's not my biggest issue but is an extra concern.

Amanduh Tue 15-May-18 08:49:18

It will affect my ability to be sober as we’re having a bbq/party/gathering grin

biscuitraider Tue 15-May-18 08:49:34

Reading a few ridiculous posts on facebook about how excited people are for the wedding. Just that really, two ordinary people getting married, not a big deal to me.

BagelDog Tue 15-May-18 08:50:32

It really won’t.. I have a 6 day old baby and keep totally forgetting it is happening and looking a bit dumb in playground chat...!

LanguidLobster Tue 15-May-18 08:51:07

Oh, I've become quite curious about the whole palaver and am interested in seeing the wedding on Saturday! Tricoteuse.

We were planning on opening a bottle of champers left over from Christmas for it and I have a mild urge to put on a buck pal jacket for the occasion but that would be a little insane albeit behind closed doors and not in public

Tbh I love hearing the music and seeing the architecture, I enjoyed Kate and William's.

Sorry that's not negative enough, is it?

JenBarber Tue 15-May-18 08:51:26

I work in a nursing home and said I'd fold the napkins into swans for the RW celebratory tea.

lynmilne65 Tue 15-May-18 08:52:56

Is someone getting married???!

Bridesmaidinchief Tue 15-May-18 08:55:45

I'd normally have been getting pissed on prosecco watching it avidly with my mum grin but as it happens I'm going to another wedding that day (of a couple who chose the date first!) so I'll be catching up later. Understandable for you to be a bit annoyed OP since it does affect you! I don't understand the generally sneeriness from some people though.

LanguidLobster Tue 15-May-18 08:58:31

Jen are you good at origami? I keep meaning to practice, it would keep me out of other mischief!

JenBarber Tue 15-May-18 09:00:15


I practice funny napkins for work because the older folk love it.

I did bunnies for Easter and I can do Christmas trees.

Storm4star Tue 15-May-18 09:00:46

I’ll just be glad when it’s all over and isn’t the main topic of every bit of news coverage! I have zero interest in either of them and will not be watching it.

Nuffaluff Tue 15-May-18 09:01:00

I have to teach a whole week of lessons based on it next week. I’ll have to pretend to be interested to a bunch of little kids who probably have a very shaky idea of who they actually are.
So looking forward to it.

HeffalumpsnWoozles Tue 15-May-18 09:01:00

Lots of roads closures and there will be way too many people around for my liking so a day at home is on the cards. Still no internet connection/tv since the last week as the provider isn't allowed to dig up the road to repair the issue until after the big day.

elQuintoConyo Tue 15-May-18 09:03:56

Yeah, all the real news is being bumped off the Daily Mail angry

Actually, i'm in forrin so it is bypassing me completely grin

Crowd Tue 15-May-18 09:04:31

Lol this thread will turn into a bunch of sneezy people trying to competitively demonstrate how uninterested they are. It's a Royal Wedding thread, if you're not interested then scroll past!

I'm going to an afternoon tea party on a boat (not currently in U.K) after watching the coverage.

dreamingofsun Tue 15-May-18 09:04:44

when is it?

specialsubject Tue 15-May-18 09:04:50

happily nowhere near windsor. i have seen a few posters for expensive tv watching parties in pubs but havent heard anyone mention it.

Crowd Tue 15-May-18 09:04:57

Sneezy - sneezy! 😂

Crowd Tue 15-May-18 09:05:18

Sneery fgs!

thatmustbenigelwiththebrie Tue 15-May-18 09:05:31

I had no idea it was even happening any time soon. It does not affect me in the slightest as I live nowhere near London.

VickieCherry Tue 15-May-18 09:06:29

I'll be playing Pokémon Go as it's Community Day on Saturday morning and I want a shiny Charizard. I'm hoping town will be nice and quiet.

seafoodeatit Tue 15-May-18 09:06:56

Won't be affecting me as I live nowhere near it. It has made me consider deleting the BBC app though, her dad not attending the wedding is NOT breaking news.

baxterboi Tue 15-May-18 09:07:13

I live quite near Windsor but will be watching from home. It doesn't impact my life negatively. I love the Royals.

Step Tue 15-May-18 09:08:07

DS is having to go to school dressed up for the day. 'Cos I is a republican and DP is forrin not too keen on the whole idea. WAs considering sending him dressed as Michael Collins.... Nah maybe not so good an idea... I'll bend to societal norms (again).

FluffyPersian Tue 15-May-18 09:09:25

It effects my ability to look 'cool' hmm

It's my cats 3rd birthday party this weekend and I've invited my sisters and their partners to join us for a boozy BBQ, complete with a birthday cake and jelly.....

Now all the bunting and balloons outside the house are going to look like I'm some kind of Royal fan-girl, when in fact, I'm just trying to throw a good party for my cat grin

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