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Speeding ticket question

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ForTheLoveOfCrispyCreme Wed 09-May-18 10:39:53

Not really AIBU.. but really panicking.

So nearly 4 weeks ago I may have been caught speeding by one of those temporary cameras.

When should I expect to receive the ticket? I fully accept that I did it, and will pay the fine etc. But I haven't received anything yet.. how long should I be worried about this for? Or more along the lines of when can I forget about it or will I be worried for months about a ticket turning up? Obviously I don't want to miss it

MyOtherUsernameisaPun Wed 09-May-18 10:41:56

According to money saving expert it has to be within 14 days

BarberellaWife Wed 16-May-18 15:40:22

Did you ever get the ticket? I'm worried I got caught this morning.

LouiseEH Wed 16-May-18 16:24:21

Hope this helps smile

Amanduh Wed 16-May-18 16:30:42

4 weeks ago you’re fine.

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