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This Morning - Kids having ears pierced is child abuse ?

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daffodillament Tue 08-May-18 11:52:37

What utter nonsense. Just tuned in as heard them mention this subject stemmed from Mumsnet ! Now the woman is saying Kids ear piercing is basicly the same as FGM !! I mean WTF ? Get a grip. No it not !

daffodillament Tue 08-May-18 11:53:51

No it IS not. Raging at the ridiculousness of the convo.

Emma198 Tue 08-May-18 11:54:49

How silly. I don't understand why people do it before the child is old enough to make their own decision but don't believe it's abuse!

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Tue 08-May-18 11:55:36

It's not the same as FGM obvs, but it is pretty abusive to make holes in your child because you think it looks pretty.

agedknees Tue 08-May-18 11:56:29

It’s not the same as FGM, but who would want to unnecessarily hurt their child. I hate seeing toddlers with pierced ears.

daffodillament Tue 08-May-18 11:58:00 soon as kids are ready to make the decision for themselves but it's in no way abusive.

Osopolar Tue 08-May-18 11:59:30

It's not the same as FGM at all but I don't agree with children who aren't old enough to decide for themselves having their ears pierced and I do think it should be illegal below secondary school age.

Raggs Tue 08-May-18 12:00:22

I've known lots of sensible loving people who have had babies/toddlers ears pierced. I can't fathom it myself but not sure I could call it abuse as it could be minimising other abuse.

When I think about it though it does make me angry that a child should endure pain, however short term, to look 'pretty'.

I definitely judge when young children have their ears pierced.

Figgygal Tue 08-May-18 12:00:38

Obviously not the same but neither does it give the child any choice and is unnecessary

gillybeanz Tue 08-May-18 12:01:16

It's not abuse, but I hate seeing small children and babies hurt like this, for no good reason.
I think it's fine when they are older, maybe about 11 or so.

redannie118 Tue 08-May-18 12:02:45

I think it is abuse- inflicting a lot of pain and all the infection risk etc on a tiny child/ baby for no other reason than how it looks? Its barbaric !!

FaFoutis Tue 08-May-18 12:03:49

It's not the same thing but it is on the same spectrum.

Battleax Tue 08-May-18 12:03:50 soon as kids are ready to make the decision for themselves but it's in no way abusive.

Hurting someone without their consent for decorative purposes?

It’s arguable.

Soubriquet Tue 08-May-18 12:04:26

<pulls out bingo card>

How long before someone mentions it's a culture tradition so that's ok?

I don't agree with babies and young toddlers having pierced ears. Too easy to get them ripped out or infected

IWannaSeeHowItEnds Tue 08-May-18 12:04:40

I nearly started this thread. I know ear piercing for babies is contentious but I cannot believe that woman was so crass as to compare it to FGM.
Felt sorry for the other woman - she wasn't the most articulate, but there really is no arguing with someone that stupid.

MollyDaydream Tue 08-May-18 12:04:51

It's not the same as fgm, but hurting a child to fulfil your own wants/vanity does kind of sound like abuse..?

Soubriquet Tue 08-May-18 12:05:09

Oh and yes definitely not comparable to FGM

JacquesHammer Tue 08-May-18 12:05:42

I tend to agree that it’s a strange decision to put holes in a small child.

However to liken it to FGM is pretty ridiculous and actually does a major disservice to victims of FGM

Shootfirstaskquestionslater Tue 08-May-18 12:06:17

That's not abuse at all I do judge when I see babies and toddlers with pierced ears what if when they are older they don't want their ears pierced. Things like ear piercing are better done when the child is old enough to ask and fully understand what they are asking for not when they are a baby and it gets done because the parents want it doing.

ICantCopeAnymore Tue 08-May-18 12:06:31

It's not the same as FGM but of course it's abusive. Punching holes in a baby without consent? Causing pain for cosmetic purpose.


starbursts Tue 08-May-18 12:06:59

It's not the same as FGM, but if you punched holes in any other part of your baby or child I'm pretty sure it'd be called abusive - why is it different because it's ears?

Not a chance in hell I'd be doing it until they're old enough to consent to it and know what that means.

IWannaSeeHowItEnds Tue 08-May-18 12:07:13

I don't agree with piercing babies ears but thay woman said children should be at least 10 years old, as if a child cannot know their own mind or have an opinion before that age. That is very much out of touch with all the kids I know.

Ohmydayslove Tue 08-May-18 12:07:20

I think all piercing of anything should be banned under 16 really so it’s the persons choice.

Obviously it’s nothing like FGM or circumcision (for non medical reasons) but I do judge people having toddlers abs babies ears pierced. Why would you

CabbagePatch91 Tue 08-May-18 12:08:21

What's FGM?

Pinga Tue 08-May-18 12:08:28

Not at all the same as FGM but yes I would agree its borderline abusive. I think it should be reserved for children aged 10+ personally.

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