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To never buy snacks/squash/sweets etc again

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Fiera Wed 25-Apr-18 23:32:26

Every single time there is somthing remotely snackly in the house it just gets taken and eaten. The large double concentrate bottles of squash gone within 24 hours, any kind of sugary cerial gone the same day they come through the door.
I dont like to use the word 'steal' but tonight its the only word i can use because my daughter actually STOLE my can of coke.
We never usually buy coke or Fizzy anything, nut it was my eldest sons birthday and all the children had a can as a very rare treat. My daughter actualli hid my can up her sleeve (after having drank hers earlier in the evening) and went and drank it in her bedroom.
Even my toddler daughters 'treats' like 'GoGo' biscuits and 'Goodies' puffs just disapear before she even knows theyre there.
We have a full fruit bowl, two actually, every day and even they get emptied. They have hot meals every day so theyre not 'hungry' just greedy.
I just dont understand why they do it and im seriously considering just not buying again.
My toddler will happily drink water (theres hardly ever any squash left for her anyway)

GreenTulips Wed 25-Apr-18 23:40:17

You need to have a utility room or laundry room and 'busy' yourself doing very important household tasks in there not reading a magazine and eating chocolate hidden in the washing powder box

You sound like a first time parent!!

Storm4star Wed 25-Apr-18 23:44:54

"Very rare treat" that sums it up. It's because these things are so rare that the kids are going into overdrive when they appear.

I appreciate and respect parents wanting their kids to be healthy. But....I think people take it too far.

Fiera Wed 25-Apr-18 23:45:37

First time parent to teenagers really.
I dont care that i didnt get any, im more bothered that they just go at it when im busy with the littke one

Fiera Wed 25-Apr-18 23:47:22

The Coke was a very rare treat. They have snacks and juice weekly.
I dont buy coke generally but as it was my sons birthday today i did. Theyre not 'missing out' on the not so healthy stuff..

Petitepamplemousse Wed 25-Apr-18 23:48:44

I’m sorry it’s expensive but you need to provide more food and a greater variety. Teenagers require more calories than adults do.

LondonGin Wed 25-Apr-18 23:51:48

How many children do you have?
There are 8 bottles of squash / cordial currently on the go in our house. We go through two a day. One bottle makes up about 5 litres of squash, and we all drink it.
Why would you consider squash a treat?!
Describing a can of Coke as a ‘very rare treat’ is a bit of an odd relationship to have with food.
Why do they gobble all the snacks food up? There was a thread on this last night. Buy stuff weekly. Once it’s gone it’s gone. Ask why they eat more than their share. Did you ask your daughter why she took your can?

pumpkintree Wed 25-Apr-18 23:56:31

I don't belive its a rare treat. I know not one person who admits there kids eat more crap than they should other than me . the amount of parents on mumsnet who give unlimited fruit shocks me. I can honestly say none of mine have evr taken food from the kitchen with out mentioning it.

Why did your kid feel the need to take extra drinks?

LeilaBriggs Wed 25-Apr-18 23:59:51

Then don’t have all that crap in the house. No one NEEDS snacks, unless they’re ill. Ditto sugary cereal and squash.

LondonGin Wed 25-Apr-18 23:59:56

Access to fruit bowl: bananas/apples/pears no problem. Eating punnets of expensive berries/pineapple- they ask.
I’ve just got an image of the OP’s kids being like vultures because they are rationed so strictly.
And then you be people positing wondering why their child binge eats chocolate or steals pound coins to buy sweets on the way to school or multiplie bags of crisps. The whole treat and restriction causes a poor relationship with food and a ‘want’ for something they are restricted

AjasLipstick Thu 26-Apr-18 00:00:21

Very rare treat" that sums it up. It's because these things are so rare that the kids are going into overdrive when they appear

This simply is not true. We don't buy anything like biscuits or coke apart from birthdays and my children never take more than their fair share.

OP this is about manners. Plain and simple. Your children need to be taught more about sharing and caring.

Fiera Thu 26-Apr-18 00:00:56

Petite, Its not about the expense.. They have 3 meals a day, in more than adequate portions. We dont have a food shortage.
1 packet of crisps isnt enough.. they need to eat a whole box full in 2 days (i think think there are 30+)
Whole packets of biscuits.. even after a decent meal.

London Gin.... I have 4 children and i didnt say 'Squash' was a treat, I said today i bought everyone a can of COKE as a treat and my daughter took mine and drank it in her bedroom because she knew it was wrong.
Why is coke as a very rare treat 'odd'... I dont want my children drinking coke regularly for obvious reasons.

I have asked them not to do it and i also ask why they do it and the answer is 'i dont know mum'

When its gone its gone, youre right, but thats not the point. Theyre not deprived and i dont understand why they do it.

LondonGin Thu 26-Apr-18 00:02:07

Leila- so you have three square meals a day, every day?
No biscuit with tea, or crackers and cheese, no houmous and crudités? No nuts?

Fiera Thu 26-Apr-18 00:02:46

Gin... nothing is rationed strictly. Theres free run of the fruit bowl and i ask them not to eat multiple packets of crisps at a time but THEY DO IT ANYWAY!

Fiera Thu 26-Apr-18 00:04:34

Did i say anything other than Coke was a very rare treat? Im sure i didnt. Maybe people have misread what ive posted?

sauvignonblancplz Thu 26-Apr-18 00:05:53

I definitely ration sweets etc , excess sugar is a real problem & we’re living in the middle of an obesity epidemic. I don’t think it creates a poor relationship with food at all. I don’t care if the kids are bored listening to me talk about balance and healthy choices.
If your kids are eating plenty of fruit etc as well I wouldn’t worry too much. Maybe just have a chat about healthier snacking options .

flowerslemonade Thu 26-Apr-18 00:06:14

I have snacks every day... I;m size 6-8... I don't think snacks are bad at all, its more the amount (total amount of food per day) and what they are made of...

LondonGin Thu 26-Apr-18 00:06:20

You seem suprised about a bottle of squash going in 24hr. That’s not far off a fair quantity for 4 children (even 3) drinking it!
If you don’t see it as a treat, why are you limping it together as an example along with the crisps/snacks food? You have a big family, they are going to drink more!
As for the crisps- just don’t buy them for a while. When they complain explain why- because they can’t be trusted to devour them in one go. Buy smaller multipack to start. See how they go. Where are the crisps keep that they have unmonitored access to them? Surely you can see who is going Into the kitchen and coming out with food? Stop them!

LondonGin Thu 26-Apr-18 00:07:56

If they do it anyway then they still aren’t understanding. How old are they? Do they respect you? Are they well behaved in other ways?
Just don’t buy them then.

Thursdaydreaming Thu 26-Apr-18 00:10:17

Sometimes kids are greedy. I know I used to be as a kid! It was also difficult because even if I restrained myself, my sisters wouldn't. And my parents wouldn't try to stop them, just said "oh well, when it's gone, it's gone" while watching my sister glue down 2L of orange juice. So my "reward" for being good was missing out completely. No thanks!

My dad put any chocolates in a locked cupboard.

Fiera Thu 26-Apr-18 00:10:49

I put it as an example to show exactly what theyre going through and a big bottle of double concentrate in a day is LOADS. Considering theyre at school 6/8 hours a day.

And no, when im bathing the younger and sorting the house i dont monitor what my teenage children are doing.
Everything is kept in the kitchen

80sMum Thu 26-Apr-18 00:13:40

Save yourself a shed load of money and stop buying so many snack foods, OP! Snacks are mostly loaded with sugar and carbohydrates, are not necessary and can become a hard habit to break.

I wouldn't buy squash either; it has no nutritional value, all you're drinking is flavoured water with preservatives in it. Why not just have water and cut out the other stuff?

Fiera Thu 26-Apr-18 00:16:29

80's I think im just going to have to do that.
Its seriously sending me crazy now, i go to get a snack for the little one and hers are gone. Specifically bought for her so theres nothing appealing sugar wise but they have it anyway

Ivymaud Thu 26-Apr-18 00:19:16

Ah teenagers, that explains it!

Pinguine Thu 26-Apr-18 00:19:58

People do have some odd ideas. Why shouldn't biscuits, crisps, squash etc. be limited as treats? Are people really so oblivious to the serious problems this country is experiencing with dietary-related health issues? None of those things are a daily requirement. They are treats. Daily treats, perhaps, but not the norm- I'd be seriously concerned if my child only drank squash and ate multiple packs of crisps in a day, or was turning to biscuits instead of fruit as a regular snack. That wouldn't even be an option in my house.

OP, do you have rules surrounding those foods? I'd find it completely unacceptable for my children to be scoffing and gorging like that (and giving them more isn't the solution, despite what some people seem to think!). Perhaps instigate a rule where they have to ask first for that type of food, or only one a day, with consequences if they break rules (just like with anything else)?

Many children do not have the self control, self awareness, or understanding of health to be able to sensibly control their diets. People really need to understand that, rather than assuming 'control issues' on the part of the parent- how ridiculous.

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