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AIBU to ask what you'd serve for dinner with quiche?

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whoopsiedaisies Wed 25-Apr-18 14:38:27

Need inspiration!

PinkHeart5914 Wed 25-Apr-18 14:39:18

Sweet potato chips and salad

Corn cobs and salad

FindingNormal Wed 25-Apr-18 14:39:41

Salad and chips,baked potatoes or new potatoes depending how healthy I'm feeling

DairyisClosed Wed 25-Apr-18 14:40:29


SecretIsland Wed 25-Apr-18 14:40:38

Corn on the cob, salad and crusty French bread with salted butter

WhatWouldLeslieKnopeDo Wed 25-Apr-18 14:40:46

New potatoes, salad and coleslaw.

Smeaton Wed 25-Apr-18 14:40:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

user1471459936 Wed 25-Apr-18 14:40:53

Chips and salad. I now want this for dinner.

SugarMiceInTheRain Wed 25-Apr-18 14:41:04

New potatoes and salad, maybe some coleslaw.

Or fresh baguette, cold meats, cheese etc and salad alongside it.

Deshasafraisy Wed 25-Apr-18 14:42:36

Salad, beetroot, pickles, chutney, roast baby potatoes, crusty bread, mixed bean salad, roast peppers

Matilda1981 Wed 25-Apr-18 14:42:36

I’d serve with salad alongside some cooked meat, potato salad and coleslaw but that’s because I don’t really see quiche as a main meal - more of a side to go with other bits!

sparepantsandtoothbrush Wed 25-Apr-18 14:43:58

Salad. My mum used to serve it was buttered mash and baked beans though. Yummmmm

Butteredparsn1ps Wed 25-Apr-18 14:44:16

Salad, coleslaw and either a jacket potato or french bread. Yums.

GreenFingersWouldBeHandy Wed 25-Apr-18 14:44:28

New potatoes/small baked potatoes/coleslaw/salad

Or couscous and cold bean salad?

RosyPrimroseface Wed 25-Apr-18 14:44:30

See, i think the quiche counts as both carb and protein. So I'd have a big bit with just veg, salad, chutney, beetroot, whatever.

DH thinks it needs additional potatoes or rice. Same with pies. I strongly disagree!

livelyredjellybean Wed 25-Apr-18 14:45:04

Cous cous, salad and beans!

nokidshere Wed 25-Apr-18 14:45:06

New potatoes and salad with salad cream - yum

Foxysoxy10 Wed 25-Apr-18 14:45:54

Mash and salad!

Zintox Wed 25-Apr-18 14:46:12

For dinner? I wouldn't serve quiche.

For lunch I'd serve it with chips or bread and salad or baked beans.

TroubledLichen Wed 25-Apr-18 14:47:27

Potato salad or new potatoes with a green salad. But that’s mostly to appease DH, I’d be happy with just a big salad.

RatherBeRiding Wed 25-Apr-18 14:48:47

Salad and chips with coleslaw. Craving it now!

BlueSapp Wed 25-Apr-18 14:48:59

nicely dressed mixed salad, olives and hummus

MyotherUsernameisaPun Wed 25-Apr-18 14:50:03

Salad usually. Sometimes some nice buttery new potatoes

MaryShelley1818 Wed 25-Apr-18 14:50:09

Pies and Quiche definitely need potatoes! I’d have either sweet potato fries or new potatoes with butter/herbs.

Padfootprongs Wed 25-Apr-18 14:50:33

New potatoes and salad

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