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To think if I run 30-40 km I should have a toned bum?

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imnotinterestedthanks Tue 24-Apr-18 10:28:42

I run 3-4 times a week approx 10km each time. This includes tempo and interval training so I really get a sweat on and don't just go at a steady pace. I am slim, but my bum is pretty flabby despite the exercise. What am I doing wrong? What more do I need to do?

Sciurus83 Tue 24-Apr-18 10:31:10

Most people I know who excel in this department do lots of squats and lift weights (I am not one of them!)

DairyisClosed Tue 24-Apr-18 10:32:38

Running tones your legs not your bottom. Wrong exercise. Try dusts as suggested above. Planks also work.

Mari50 Tue 24-Apr-18 10:33:10

Running doesn’t tone your bum, in fact I’m not sure running tones anything much aside from calves maybe.
Squats and weight lifting seems to be the best way.

PurpleSea Tue 24-Apr-18 10:34:06

I agree with squats. Personally, I don't know any "serious" runners who have great toned bums - most of them don't have an ounce of fat on them.

FindoGask Tue 24-Apr-18 10:35:48

Running won't tone your bum on its own. Depending on how you run, you might not be engaging your glutes very much at all. Weighted hip thrusts, glute bridges, squats, split squats, and lunges will tone your bum.

ambereeree Tue 24-Apr-18 10:37:40

Squats, deadlifts and running uphill very fast for short bursts will tone your bum. You need to make the muscle bigger to get a toned look.

123Buckle Tue 24-Apr-18 13:27:28

I use resistance bands (look on amazon, about £5 or so). They often come with lists of exercises such as squats, lunges, glute bridges, hydrant kicks etc.

unintentionalthreadkiller Tue 24-Apr-18 13:32:14

Squats squats and more squats.

KirstenRaymonde Tue 24-Apr-18 13:33:54

You need weights. Running is one of the worst for body sculpting. Get lifting and squatting.

boymum9 Tue 24-Apr-18 13:37:24

You need to do weightlifting, as others have said squats, but also deadlifts, hip thrusts, weighted lunges!

BlueBug45 Tue 24-Apr-18 13:38:21

You need to do a mixture of strength training and flexibility as well as cardio if you want a toned body.

Running especially outside is good for weight control but you won't get toned just doing it.

If you really don't have time to do that then you should do circuits or HITT classes a couple of times a week plus stretching. The other alternative is to play a team sport in a league and do all the training as you will find they make you do a mixture of exercises while training.

megletthesecond Tue 24-Apr-18 13:43:56

No, you need squats for that I'm afraid.

Teacuphiccup Tue 24-Apr-18 13:45:01

I used to run the same as you and do yoga 4 times a week, I was very slim and toned but I didn’t have a bum and had terrible cellulite.
Then I starated weight training and I did squats and got big muscly thighs which helped with cellulite but then I changed my personal trainer and she got me doing heavy glute bridges and WOOW my arse is totally different. I have a big round bum now, people even comment on it.

Do glute bridges and don’t look back.

MakeMineALarge1 Tue 24-Apr-18 13:59:38

What is a glute bridge?

NoFuckingRoomOnMyBroom Tue 24-Apr-18 14:02:49

I run & have a great arse-I also do squats & a bit of glute work at the gym though. Running alone is good for your thighs & calves.

AlbertaSimmons Tue 24-Apr-18 14:03:45

Squat as if your life depended on it.

thecatsthecats Tue 24-Apr-18 14:05:22

Squuuuuuuuuuuuuuats. Bum clenches when sitting.

My bum always does come back extra toned from when i go on a walking holiday, but that's all the hill-lunges, rather than merely walking.

Teacuphiccup Tue 24-Apr-18 14:10:20


These. I still squat and do deadlifts and everything but these are what’s really made a difference to my behind.

PoisonousSmurf Tue 24-Apr-18 14:17:16

Teacuphiccup. Is that using a 15kg bar? As others have said, you can only get a toned bum by doing weights whilst performing squats. So another exercise is to squat with a heavy weight.

3stonedown Tue 24-Apr-18 14:17:20

As everyone has said you need squats, lunges, bridge holds etc. I was at parkrun at the weekend and noticed that everyone had quite a flat bum. Not in a mean way at all they all had amazing figures, just very small bums.

HadronCollider Tue 24-Apr-18 14:24:54

Watch this video clip: starting at 15:21. Great booty firming excercises using a resistance band.

Teacuphiccup Tue 24-Apr-18 14:25:06

I do it with 50kg

Teacuphiccup Tue 24-Apr-18 14:28:06

My pt makes me do ten reps of 50kg (which is about body weight for me) with a three second hold on each one. Then takes the weight down to 20kg and I do ten fast pulses straight up.

Then I die, and when I’m resurrected we do it again. Repeat four times.

MaudlinMews Tue 24-Apr-18 14:35:11

You need squats. I do mine everywhere and have a bum like two bowling balls so I'm told grin

Running just makes you lean and in my opinion a bit saggy as you get older.

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