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What are your pets favourite luxuries?

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DameDoom Sun 22-Apr-18 12:31:29

Have posted similar before but am a bit obsessed.
Mine are spoiled, and as I have no children, I am unapologetic for the money I spend on them.

My cats:
have a cashmere blanket each
have 800 thread count sheets on their day bed
have quarterly vet check ups to nip any health issues in the bud ( old and a bit doddery)
eat organic meat from the farm shop at the weekend
drink filtered water.

We got them for free, but have spent a fortune on them over the years - we can afford to and it makes me very happy to do so.

We also bought our house because it has the ideal, safe environment for cats. The kitchen and layout is a bit crap for humans.

scaryteacher Sun 22-Apr-18 13:18:16

Both like tinned tuna. Both are partial to warm roast chicken and one likes warm steak.

They have an IKEA fleece or three each for the back of the sofa, but share the humsn'e beds. Senior cat is most put out when ds is home from university as he can no longer have the double in that room entirely to himself.

RebeccaBunchLawyer Sun 22-Apr-18 20:43:22

I’m with you, OP- my dogs and cat are my kids.

All have a wonderful lifestyle- great food, toys and treats, Christmas and birthday gifts galore, oodles of love, several beds between them (but all tend to sleep wherever they fancy!), we even have a private bedroom for the cat in case he needs to get away from the dogs!

They’re all lovely, all rescues and definitely part of the family.

DeathlyPail Sun 22-Apr-18 20:48:30

I think the brand new king size mattress, duvet, and fleece blanket that DCat1 likes to stretch out on. Plus the expensive cushion and throw that DCat2 favours come close to a grand. Sometimes I’m allowed to share but only me there is no room for DH.

They only get normal (but premium) cat food and prefer puddles to filtered water.

Puffycat Sun 22-Apr-18 20:50:39

You can buy them a lovely expensive cat bed and they’ll still opt for the cardboard box.
You buy them all sorts of expensive gourmet food and treats and they’ll turn their nose up in favour of Felix
Ya just gotta love em, after all, they tolerate us (that is until they discover a paw operated tin opener)

minniemummy0 Sun 22-Apr-18 20:57:20

I’m seriously considering upgrading the dogs bowls to Emma Bridgewater personalised bowls! Watching with interest in case any dog owners come along, I think I don’t spoil the doggy enough and feel a bit bad, trying not to neglect him with new baby on the scene, and he’s been such a good dog with her.

BarbarianMum Sun 22-Apr-18 21:03:53

Pet tortoises.
- their solarium (adapted cold frame)
- being hand fed with wild garlic
- a nice new plant from the garden centre to eat, sit on, trample, all 3

In autumn/early spring basking in front of the wood burner.

ToothTrauma Sun 22-Apr-18 21:06:24

Kitties: their own gated room away from the dog, with a full bed in it as well as their food and toys. Five litter trays and seven water bowls throughout the house.

Dog: bloody anything he fancies hmmgrin

fourpawswhite Sun 22-Apr-18 21:06:24

Lovely idea for a thread.

Dogs here and lots of things. Super high value treats means really good recall even with four terriers. So roast chicken, cheese, sausages.

Packing for holiday just now and it's all their stuff. They have special harnesses, travel cages with fluffy mattresses, waterproof blankets for pub lunch or beach. They have blankets and beds all over the house. In summer we have high beds outside in shade and sun. A ball pool which they absolutely LOVE.

We are on a farm so warm goats milk is a special treat on a Sunday which they almost smile at.

Absolutely ruined I tell ya. But all very loved and well behaved, mostlywink

tealandteal Sun 22-Apr-18 21:06:30

DDog1 thinks ultimate luxury is eating out of the bin. DDog2's is rolling information something unmentionable. Apparently worth it for the whole 5 minutes she gers to smell of it before she has a bath.

They have more beds throughout the house than I do, plentiful food and a water bowl on each floor yet still prefer to live like street urchins.

fourpawswhite Sun 22-Apr-18 21:09:30

Ha, yes tealandteal, the bloody bin. That's ddog one here as well. She is 14 and very loveable but I cannot leave her alone with the bin ever.

BananasAreTheSourceOfEvil Sun 22-Apr-18 21:12:30

I bought my kitty a lovely cat house and bed. Refuses to use them.

She now sleeps wherever she wants in our bed and we just mould ourselves around her.

Efrig Sun 22-Apr-18 21:14:23

My cats have their own comfy garden chairs for the summertime.

I buy them those soft fleecy baby blankets for their beds.

They get good quality food.

They have dental care with scale and polish.

Wicker baskets in front of the multifuel stove in the winter.

I put cat videos and relaxing music on for them.

findingmyfeet12 Sun 22-Apr-18 21:20:05

Only have the one cat and although she has separate blankets for the sofa and bed (she has several beds but sleeps in whichever human's bed she fancies) it's her the behaviour that she gets away with that really spoils her.

She scratches furniture as and when she feels like it hmm regularly pushes people off chairs and sofas so she can take their place and demands to be accompanied to her room when she wants to eat or use her litter tray.

DameDoom Sun 22-Apr-18 21:23:20

Efrig ours have comfy padded loungers whereas we have a knackered, old director's chair each.
Need cat music - mine would expect a bloody personal trainer.

Allmyshilldren Sun 22-Apr-18 21:53:21

My dog has a superking sized bed with a Tempur mattress that he graciously allows my husband and I to share, provided we stick to the very edges.

FiveGoMadInDorset Sun 22-Apr-18 21:54:11

Bovril on toast which we share at 6.30 in the morning

Barbaro Sun 22-Apr-18 22:03:01

Got a horse. He pretty much has a personal vet now as he sees them so often.

PurpleRobe Sun 22-Apr-18 22:11:46

Our dog has one of those really thin (1 minute?) steaks on top of his food .... otherwise he won't eat it :-/

TheBigFatMermaid Sun 22-Apr-18 22:15:32

My old lady, a 17 year old dog, border collie/whippet x, has her own sofa. I have mine, DP has a recliner and the DC have beanbags/cushions. If anyone dares to sit on DDogs sofa she just stands and stares at them until they move! Her sofa and used to be mine but she started to struggle to get up to it, so we swapped and she now has the comfiest, lowest sofa!

Hilariously, I have repeatedly been reported to the RSPCA for neglect, for an 'untreated skin condition', because the hair around the base of her tail is now grey and she look bald there from a distance.

She has had three strokes, which the vet has said nursing care after he has given her injections is the main factor in recovery. I think she is far from neglected!

Bunbunbunny Sun 22-Apr-18 22:18:20

Rabbit dried apple is his favourite treat, spent a lot of money on his castle but it’s his hiding place so worth the money

Funclesmuck Sun 22-Apr-18 22:19:06

I win, my downstairs Neighbour bought a sun lounger for my cat as he loved being in hers so much grin

BarbaraofSevillle Sun 22-Apr-18 22:20:06

We also chose our house with Road safety for the mogs in mind. It was the only thing that we wouldn't compromise on. It also backs onto green belt so they have an endless hunting ground.

The middle two got to keep their beloved baby sister in the form of a foster kitten that they got very close to when we were supposed to only keep her until a permanent home was found.

The vacuum doesn't come out if it would disturb them, for example if they are asleep and it is raining and the vacuum is likely to drive them outside.

If any of them need tablets they are always given a treat afterwards. One who needed daily medication for years was given a spoon of philadelphia from his own tub, kept just for him.

Squirrel26 Sun 22-Apr-18 22:26:19

My dog also has a king sized bed, duvet, fleecy blankets, a hot water bottle in night he shares it with me, but he always makes sure to get on first. I also quite often oven roast chicken for him (he especially likes it warm).

NatureGal Sun 22-Apr-18 22:28:52

One of my lovely spaniel has a very lovely armchair to rest his tired little head on. It is actually known as his bed. I bought it when we had our log but being boiler put in so I could read a good book whilst snuggled in front of the fire. I have never actually sat in it! Spaniel 2 has a very expensive leather armchair that dh purchased years ago to call his bed. Neither of them sleep in there beds that have nice plump cushions and soft blankets. They get a marrowbone every week from the butcher, he actually puts them aside for them. Our old cat who is 16, has a basket by the fire, porridge, stilton cheese and still gets a daily ramekin of milk. All spoilt rotten and because I love them!.

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