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BBQs- bloody well done to DH for being able to flip a burger?! 🤔

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user1483390742 Sat 21-Apr-18 11:32:29

Having a BBQ today at DHs suggestion and he has invited the neighbours and gone to footie with DS. He asked if i could 'pop out and get some meet and salad'. So i will end up shopping, planning the food and making all the salads...he will flip a few burgers and be praised for doing such a good job! AIBU to not go shopping and enjoy MNing in the garden with a cuppa instead?! He can do it all, it was his idea!

AhoyDelBoy Sat 21-Apr-18 11:33:51

YANBU! halo

PiggeryPorcombe Sat 21-Apr-18 11:37:02

Yeah I’d text him something like “oops forgot I’ve got xyz to do so no time to get bbq stuff. You’ll have to get it after footie. See you at X o’clock 🥩🍗🥗 🍻”.

BreakfastAtSquiffanys Sat 21-Apr-18 11:38:55

My DH was a "typical" male like yours that considered that he was "doing the cooking" if he cooked a steak despite me spending ages on the side dishes. I encouraged him to care about what would complement his "wonderful" steak and i developed an inability to get it right grin. So my salad dressing was rubbish but his was good.
Gradually he has become much more interested in cooking and now does half the cooking (and more importantly, the deciding and shopping) for half our meals, year round

CuntPuffin Sat 21-Apr-18 11:45:59

Haha! Complete opposite going on here. I have suggested a barbecue as we have friends over later. DH is already out for the morning, so I have requested that he goes shopping, gets everything needed etc. He will then do all prep and cooking while I entertain guests.

bestBuddyBestPal Sat 21-Apr-18 11:52:36

I married a wonderful chef but it's foolish to pretend that working the grill is the same as making a salad or few side dishes or popping to Waitrose.

Assuming you will enjoy having friends over, you're incredibly lazy to think he should do everything when he gets back from football with your (I guess equally yours) son.

When DH and / or I decide to host something, it's expected that we both pull our weight.

goose1964 Sat 21-Apr-18 12:00:15

dh can't do a sausage and burger bbq, it will be steak, chicken plus either fish and pork chops. I do the salads, mushrooms a la grecque and if I'm doing bbq chicken, the bbq sauce. He cooks the meat , makes potato salad and prepares the cucumber for the tzatziki
He makes it such hard work

SpringNowPlease2018 Sat 21-Apr-18 12:04:15

"When DH and / or I decide to host something, it's expected that we both pull our weigh"

I thought, from the OP, that OP decided to have a barbecue just at home with family and DH invited the neighbours without checking with her.

if I got that right, it becomes 100% his responsibility - you can't invite others without checking who is doing what and if it's okay.

user1483390742 Sat 21-Apr-18 12:31:39

I didn't invite the neighbours- he did! I just wanted a lazy burger with family!

SpringNowPlease2018 Sat 21-Apr-18 12:42:06

that's as I thought OP.

you can't invite people without consulting with the household, that's not on. A cup of tea - okay. A BBQ - er, no!

I would text him and say he needs to do it. If he arrives home with nowt, send him out again.

TinyBarista Sat 21-Apr-18 12:55:44

Aha yes, it's BBQ season, for we all must run around like headless chickens, buying, preparing, and then, all together now...
... stare in wonder and rapturous joy, behold the male, King of the BBQ!

CluelessMummy Sat 21-Apr-18 13:03:18

Oooh this really winds me up. If DH ever turns the BBQ on, he suddenly becomes Gordon Ramsay and treats me like his personal sous chef, shouting through the back window, "Can you pass me through a spatula ... some tin foil ... a plate ... a fork ..." on and on! Meanwhile I am running around the kitchen like a blue-arsed fly preparing the other 90% of the meal, and if I ever do capitulate and get him what he wants, I will inevitably find him standing there dicking around on his phone with a beer in hand, while the sausages sizzle away unattended. Phew, it felt good to get that out of my system, thanks OP!

user1483390742 Sat 21-Apr-18 13:22:54

You're welcome!grin

pinkyredrose Sat 21-Apr-18 21:09:06

How did it go OP?

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