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How do you decide price of items to sell on eBay?

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DrowningEveryDay Sat 21-Apr-18 03:01:55

Brand new with tags, without tags, preowned etc?

NotSoSuperz Sat 21-Apr-18 03:07:29

Put it on at 0.99. You will often get the listing for free if you do. You can usually estimate the rough selling price by looking at similar items. In my experience an item starting at 0.99 will be more likely to sell and probably for a bit more than the same item at 7.99, even if the item is worth say £10. People want a bargain so they’re tempted by the 99p. People like the buzz of an auction (likely one of the reasons they’re on eBay) so they will bid up and up from 0.99 and it may even go past the 7.99 because they are now invested. Human nature means people want something other people want, bids encourage bids!

steff13 Sat 21-Apr-18 03:10:00

I don't sell a lot. I usually just start items at $1 and let people bid.

MissCherryCakeyBun Sat 21-Apr-18 03:16:45

I check out what others are pricing identical items for and go around those prices but make sure you triple check what your asking for postage and that's bloody expensive

umpireStrikesBack Sat 21-Apr-18 03:23:48

As above, start low. You'll usually get a 'fair' price. That is sometimes lower than the seller thought but that means they were wrong.

tigerrun Sat 21-Apr-18 03:26:00

I agree with the above, I always start everything at 99p (except cars! Or very high value items). I’ve often had people pay more than I anticipated.

eBay does suggest prices though during the listing process, based on what similar items are priced at, if the algorithm recognises your item title.

headinhands Sat 21-Apr-18 03:31:21

Two options.

Search eBay to see what that item is selling for...

or decide for yourself what you'd be happy to sell it for.

DrowningEveryDay Sat 21-Apr-18 03:33:24

So basically forget how much you bought it for? I am kinda struggling with this

MissCherryCakeyBun Sat 21-Apr-18 04:37:09

Yup it's basically only worth what someone else will pay for it

You may have paid £120 for a dress and never worn it but it's currently worth only what someone else will pay be that £5 £25 £55. You have to have the mindset that it's currently worth zero sitting in your wardrobe
Good luck

2018Already Sat 21-Apr-18 04:47:32

It may only be worth what someone else will pay for it but there’s no guarantee that it will sell for more than 99p if you put it on for that at auction, especially if your item might be of interest to a very limited number of people who might pay £20, but then only one of them actually remembers to bid. So if it’s worth more to you than that sat in the wardrobe then consider a buy it now. Look at completed / sold prices for similar items then decide.

greendale17 Sat 21-Apr-18 05:41:34

I always set it at a price that I would be happy to sell for

toomuchtooold Sat 21-Apr-18 06:50:29

You can put it on at 99p but also put a reserve price on it. The reserve price can't be seen by the bidders, they just bid as normal but if they don't reach your reserve, it doesn't sell. And I think it's free to do that.

My other tip is that you want your auction to finish at about 7pm on a Sunday because that's the time when the most people are messing around on eBay and you might get a little bidding war going on. And since you want it to be on there for as long as possible, the way to do this is to choose it to start on a Thursday at 7 and then run for 10 days (the maximum time for an auction). You can choose a scheduled start which costs like 10p or if you are selling a load of things, get them all ready to go and then wait till 7 on Thursday to hit the list button.

HollyBollyBooBoo Sat 21-Apr-18 06:55:53

It depends what it is. Clothing for example, look at what other items in that brand/size are going for. Personally I don't start it at 99p because if there's only 1 or 2 people interested you're going to get very little for it so I put it on for say £5 which I would be happy with.

Some things - Jo Malone, Emma Bridgewater etc go for almost as much as brand new price and if it's a discontinued line then it'll go for more.

It really depends what you're selling.

speakout Sat 21-Apr-18 06:57:31

You need to find out what other items have actually sold for- rather than see what others are asking- that information is meaningless.

Do an advanced search- near the top right of screen.

Type in your item - short description, tick completed items, click new to narrow it down, ( or not then you will see the prices of both new and used items in your search), and search.

The results will then be displayed. Prices in green are sold items, prices in black are unsold items.
This will give you a good idea of what your item may sell for.

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