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To ask if anyone’s taken part in a Tough Mudder before?

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TheTimeToChange Fri 20-Apr-18 23:45:10

I’m looking into doing the Tough Mudder 5km race in London later this year, but don’t really know what I’m letting myself in for (which is probably for the best! grin)

Has anyone done one and survived??

Sammy901 Fri 20-Apr-18 23:46:34

Nope never done it.

But Iv put down to do one in August and it’s the full one ... I have no ideal why I agreed and paid to do it grin

StrugglingMumma Fri 20-Apr-18 23:48:52

Do it! I done it last year.. only threw up twice.

RosemaryHoight Fri 20-Apr-18 23:49:09

I'm signed up for one too. I'm going to try and improve my upper body strength.

I've heard that the showers after are ice cold water. We are planning to walk to the river instead.


ThePlatypusAlwaysTriumphs Fri 20-Apr-18 23:51:45

I've done it twice! I think the first one I did was 13 miles. It was gruelling and very very muddy and very hard! The mud was the hardest bit, because you just can't run in it!

The second one we did was 10K (I think!), Not as muddy, not as hard. Still a challenge, though!

First one just D H and me. Second time we had a team of 4. I think it's definitely better to have a team, because a lot of the obstacles need help from more than one person

eightytwenty Fri 20-Apr-18 23:54:17

I’m doing a 5k one in the summer too. Interested to hear how people have found the shorter distance.

Caulk Fri 20-Apr-18 23:54:43

Yes a few.
I’d imagine over a 5k route the obstacles won’t be too challenging as there won’t be much space for them. If you’ve time, Work on upper body strength and on the day wear clothes you don’t mind getting ruined.

eggsandchips Sat 21-Apr-18 00:05:15

I fancy it but you need a team do you not (no one to do it with)- and I think it's expensive to enter.

greendale17 Sat 21-Apr-18 00:06:05

5k is easy. Not really worth doing

Thattwatoverthere Sat 21-Apr-18 00:27:58

Yeah and I loved it! My upper body strength isn't fantastic but it's about teamwork so there's always someone there to help whether you know them or not.
I did 12miles and did walk quite a lot so I imagine the 5k would be easier in that respect. You can usually see the map beforehand though to see that obstacles there will be. You don't have to do them but it's a shame if you don't try. Some of our group took it really seriously and barrelled on ahead - we caught them up by the end anyway so it was pointless. Some of the group walked the whole way and did the bare minimum of obstacles which again seemed pointless to me but it goes to show that you can make it as easy or as hard as you want to.
I was very, very, bruised afterwards so maybe no short skirts for a little while afterwards grin.
Just go in with the attitude that it's going to be fun and do as much as you can would be my advice.

Caulk Sat 21-Apr-18 06:35:23

I fancy it but you need a team do you not (no one to do it with)- and I think it's expensive to enter.

IME people help each other out, and unless it says “you must enter as a team” you are fine alone.
Groupon often does 20% off vouchers.

supercalifragilisticexpiali Sat 21-Apr-18 06:39:29

"Groupon often does 20% off vouchers."

OMG you have to PAY for this?

rwalker Sat 21-Apr-18 06:46:58

you'll love it good thing is sometimes que for obsticales so you can get your breath back .Brilliant atmosphere everybody helps everybody so don;t panic about getting stuck at obstacles.

PurpleGuppy Sat 21-Apr-18 07:37:34

I did the full one with a team and it was amazing - definitely needed a helping hand over lots of things but everybody does, it's all about teamwork!

TinyBarista Sat 21-Apr-18 07:47:47

5k is easy. Not really worth doing

Well thanks for that, I am sure the OP is really glad of your contribution, knowing as you do about everyones fitness level and threshold for OCR.

TinyBarista Sat 21-Apr-18 07:49:55

My DP has done a few of these and said it is good fun, good atmosphere and very supportive. He recommends taking some big bottles of water, old towels and and wet wipes for afterwards. Oh, and as a PP said, you will get bruises - DP and his mates have a post-race competition confused

eggsandchips Sat 21-Apr-18 14:10:37

Thanks @Caulk - will check that out!

Paperdolly Sat 21-Apr-18 17:22:56

'5k is easy and not really worth doing'

Show off 😡

ghostyslovesheets Sat 21-Apr-18 17:24:53

yes - loved it - it was snowing on the start line and my super fit mate had to be taken off with hypothermia but it was still fun!

NoFuckingRoomOnMyBroom Sat 21-Apr-18 17:29:14

I would imagine the 5k one is good fun. I did a full TM last year, I loved it & had a proper laugh but the training I put in was pretty gruelling & tbh I'm in no rush to have another Arctic Enema or further Electro Shock Therapy... grin
As for whoever said the 5k one isn't worth doing, you just sound like a knob hmm

ghostyslovesheets Sat 21-Apr-18 17:30:36

yes I did 5k - at the time I wasn't a runner and so it was hard - some people just love to shit on other peoples cornflakes don't they?

flowerslemonade Sat 21-Apr-18 18:05:52

What's your PB greendale?

chestylarue52 Sat 21-Apr-18 19:14:43

I did the 13 mile one it nearly killed me but it was fun! I say go for it! Probably worth having at least one friend with you x

eightytwenty Sat 25-Aug-18 21:37:02

I loved the 5k one. No electric shocks or ice baths but lots of obstacles to climb up. Brilliant atmosphere and a mixture of people who sprinted and plodded their way round.

Kolo Sat 25-Aug-18 21:53:59

I’ve done a few, they’re such good fun! I’ve done them up to 13miles, with small and large teams - either way you need help from strangers to do some of the obstacles and there’s a real sense of camaraderie and everyone helps the person behind them (unless you’re running with the elites on the first wave - couldn’t comment on that as I’ve never been that fast! I do them for fun only!). Lots of people of different ages, backgrounds and abilities. I’d say I’m average fitness and I’m in my 40s and I’ve never felt out of place. The sense of accomplishment after is great, and comparing all your bruises afterwards is perversely fun (you don’t feel them at the time). I’d advise you to try every obstacle, overcome some of your fears, enjoy the atmosphere, wear old clothes you don’t mind ditching afterwards, take coke to drink afterwards (incase you’ve swallowed any lake water, it kills the bacteria apparently?), tie your trainers tight so you don’t lose them in the mud, cycling gloves can be very useful to prevent blisters on your hands and give you some grip.

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