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Please put warning in the title.

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BluePony Fri 20-Apr-18 23:35:37

Just clicked of a thread and saw a picture of something I have an irrational fear of. Had a panic attack. If there was a warning, I would have never clicked on said thread; please say you're putting potentially triggering pictures on threads- AIBU?

HuckfromScandal Fri 20-Apr-18 23:37:01

What was it of?

RhinoGirl Fri 20-Apr-18 23:37:40

Was it the spider thread? It did say giant house spiders in the title?

UnimaginativeUsername Fri 20-Apr-18 23:37:48

But people have irrational fears of all sorts of things. Do you really think someone should put a trigger warning about bunnies just in case anyone has an irrational fear of rabbits?

Notevilstepmother Fri 20-Apr-18 23:37:52

I understand you are upset, but without knowing what you are talking about how would people know what’s triggering?

Is it something that a lot of people have a fear of?

Fruitcorner123 Fri 20-Apr-18 23:39:23

In fairness youve said it is an irrational fear so how were they supposed to know? You can't assume that people are afraid of everything and put warnings for everything just in case? What is it a fear of?

WinnieTheW0rm Fri 20-Apr-18 23:39:46

do you mean the spider thread?

With such an extreme reaction, not opening threads with the word 'spider' in the title might be something you have to do. Because even if OP doesn't post the critter in question, someone else might chip in with theirs.

Though I do agree that having a reasonable informative thread title is a good thing. So it's easy to pick out what interests you, and swerve stuff that you have no wish to see.

user764329056 Fri 20-Apr-18 23:40:55

It was pretty obvious there might be a pic of a spider from the title IMO

UnimaginativeUsername Fri 20-Apr-18 23:43:48

If the word spider is in the title and you’re terrified of spiders, why would you open the thread? That makes no sense. The word spider is warming enough, surely.

If it’s not spiders but something that is more unusual to have a phobia of (e.g. bunnies) then it’s not something you can reasonably expect people to trigger warn about.

CarpetMothsFuckOff Fri 20-Apr-18 23:47:07

If it's the spider one YABU, it was obvious from the title

If it's something properly irrational like umbrellas or chairs, I doubt anyone would think a picture of such a thing would be triggering.

DontDrinkDontSmoke Fri 20-Apr-18 23:50:08


DiamondsBestFriend Fri 20-Apr-18 23:50:21

Yabu and ridiculous. And the word triggering is vastly over-used.

Triggering should be reserved for things that cause genuine distress such as child abuse or serious violent pasts. Not for irational fears of pictures on the internet.

Get a grip.

Caulk Fri 20-Apr-18 23:57:02

Are you having some kind of counselling to help you with your fear? That might help.

RunMummyRun68 Fri 20-Apr-18 23:59:17

How do you manage to turn the internet in let alone click on different pages..... there's no 'warnings' outside the MN cosy cocoon

ErrolTheDragon Sat 21-Apr-18 00:00:34

Was it the beard/no beard thread ?

Scabetty Sat 21-Apr-18 00:02:49

Well I just walked in the bedroom and a big one was hanging from the ceiling like a fucking chandelier angry

ProzacAndWine Sat 21-Apr-18 00:03:35

I seem to have come across several people on a site (not MN) who have phobias of cats and all things related to them. Point being - people have can have issues with such a variety of subjects, you'd really have to put a trigger warning to everything to avoid upsetting someone. I could never guess what happens to upset someone. I guess accurate subject lines would be reasonable, though.

MiddleAgedMe Sat 21-Apr-18 00:05:31

The world can't exist to accommodate your phobia, you need to deal with yourself and not make it everyone else's problem. Harsh but true!

sockunicorn Sat 21-Apr-18 00:07:22

was it the string dress thread and you're afraid of strippers?

TodayImThisName Sat 21-Apr-18 00:08:09

I think it’s an unrealistic request. Sorry.

thirstyformore Sat 21-Apr-18 00:09:28

FFS. What a load of bollocks.

UnimaginativeUsername Sat 21-Apr-18 00:09:48

It can’t possibly be the giant spiders thread, can it? No one who has panic attacks at the sight of spiders could possibly think opening that was a good plan.

Complaining about that would be like complaining about disgusting pictures in sporners’ corner.

WorraLiberty Sat 21-Apr-18 00:12:19

Yes, YABU.

Some people have a fear of tomato ketchup for example. Are they also to put a warning in the title?

Whatever your fear is of, you said it yourself - it's irrational.

Therefore I'm afraid it's down to you, to police your own way around the internet.

If you feel coming across whatever it is and quickly hitting the back button, is going to impact upon your life in such a big way, you'll need to rethink whether or not the internet is the place for you.

I'm afraid you can't rely on random members of the public to police this problem for you, as harsh as that sounds it's down to you thanks

Dragonfree Sat 21-Apr-18 00:12:34

I really want it to be the one about men's beachwear....

This one:


BluePony Sat 21-Apr-18 00:17:18

Dragon it was grin

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