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To think about using a sunbed when pregnant?

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coffeeforone Fri 20-Apr-18 15:59:18

Just that really. I’m almost 18 weeks and have a couple of summer holidays to Spain. Despite the risks which I am fully aware of, I would usually have a few short sessions in the few weeks leading up as I have found it really helps prevent prickly heat, and a ‘base tan’ prevents my skin burning in the sun.

I’ve read that skin can me more sensitive when pregnant which is why it’s not advised so obviously I’d go on for the minimum time and stop if there was any sign of an adverse reaction.

Has anyone else considered using a sunbed when pregnant?

whydoineedanickname Fri 20-Apr-18 16:00:40

I wouldn’t. Not worth the risk.

SaucyJane Fri 20-Apr-18 16:01:13

Personally I wouldn't, but then I wouldn't use one anyway!

Here's the NHS take on it:

UtterlyUnimaginativeUsername Fri 20-Apr-18 16:01:25

Wouldn't go near one under any circumstances, and certainly not while pregnant.

BodgingThisMumThing Fri 20-Apr-18 16:01:39

They definitely wouldn’t let you get in.

Bowlofbabelfish Fri 20-Apr-18 16:01:43

If you were truly aware of the risks you wouldn’t even consider it.

That sounds harsh, but as a scientist who has worked on melanoma drug trials I’d like to see sunbeds consigned to history.

The base tan does only damage - it doesn’t protect you. Not from prickly heat either. Sunbeds cause only damage.


TheCriminalMind Fri 20-Apr-18 16:01:44

I wouldn’t either. As PP said, it is not worth the risk.

Whatshallidonowpeople Fri 20-Apr-18 16:01:54

Yanbu to think about it....yabu to actually use one

steff13 Fri 20-Apr-18 16:02:05

As someone whose father died from melanoma, I think you are unreasonable to consider using one ever.

Bobbiepin Fri 20-Apr-18 16:02:15

No, but I would never use a sunbed as there is a massive history of skin cancer in my family.

Having a base tan as you put it will not stop you burning. I dont mean to be rude but frankly that's idiotic. The only things that will stop you burning are sun cream, clothing and staying in the shade. You are more susceptible to burning & heat stroke when pregnant. Why take the risk?

Trinity66 Fri 20-Apr-18 16:02:47

No way

SparklyMagpie Fri 20-Apr-18 16:03:14

Not a chance!

Why would you even take any risk? confused

whydoineedanickname Fri 20-Apr-18 16:05:17

I’d also consider getting a higher factor of sum team than normal for your holiday as your skin could be a lot more sensitive in the sun.

whydoineedanickname Fri 20-Apr-18 16:05:52

*sun cream

ShirleyValentineswall Fri 20-Apr-18 16:06:17

No chance

KinkyAfro Fri 20-Apr-18 16:06:40

Agree with Sparkly, put your baby first, not your vanity

MatildaTheCat Fri 20-Apr-18 16:10:41

Absolutely don’t do it. have a look at this if still in doubt and that’s without the risk of possibly harming your baby.

StepAwayFromGoogle Fri 20-Apr-18 16:12:35

OP, it looks like you are going to be one of the few that gets a unanimous AIBU. Don't go anywhere near a sunbed, really, especially when pregnant. The risks are largely unknown. Why take the chance?

BasilFaulty Fri 20-Apr-18 16:13:10

No way.

What's wrong with a spray tan??

By the time it's worn off your natural tan will have developed.

They've recently been banned for under 16's and the sooner they're banned across the board the better.

ClareB83 Fri 20-Apr-18 16:15:12

So putting to one side using one in the first place, no I wouldn't recommend using one whilst pregnant.

Since 25ish weeks people keep telling me what a lovely tan I have, except it's just pregnancy hormones. My skin has got much darker and new moles have come out despite our depressingly long and grim winter.

Now the sun is actually here I tan in a split second and have to apply factor 30 in any kind of sunshine because I'm so much more sensitive.

This is despite being white/Asian mixed race which normally protects me from burning compared to others.

So no I wouldn't add to that with sinners, even if you haven't had this yet it might come later.

NoFuckingRoomOnMyBroom Fri 20-Apr-18 16:16:50

I haven't been on one since having kids, became strangely aware of my mortality... So no, no way would I go on a sunbed whilst pregnant.

TheHodgeoftheHedge Fri 20-Apr-18 16:18:19

I honestly don't know how sunbeds are still legal.

I'd judge you and lecture you about skin cancer at any time but when pregnant? Why not round off the risks with smoking several packs of fags, drinking a couple of bottles of wine and as much pate and unpasteurised cheese as you can manage. Oh and don't bother wearing your seatbelt when you drive home either.

Bowlofbabelfish Fri 20-Apr-18 16:18:51

If science wont convince you maybe vanity will: you’re much more likely to develop uneven pigment patches (chloasma) when pregnant. You’re more likely to burn.

And sunbed use will age you - it becomes very obvious at a certain age who the tanners are because they do indeed look like tanned leather. It’s about the worst thing you can do to your skin.

There is nothing wrong with being pale.

You do not want melanoma-it is one of the scariest cancers there are. Some starting lesions are so small they’re never even identified - you just present with multiple metastases and that’s you done for. Even if caught early the mortality rate is high.

Just don’t go anywhere near them. They kill.

ImNotReallyAWaitress Fri 20-Apr-18 16:20:34

It’s entirely possible to tan and burn at the same time, the only thing that’s actually going to stop you from burning is sunscreen and covering up.

As for using a sunbed whilst pregnant, I wouldn’t risk it.
If you have problems with prickly heat try a tan accelerator like Elemis or Gatineau for a few weeks before you go away.

FallenAngel89 Fri 20-Apr-18 16:21:02

Never been on one and never understood why people do?! hmm Surely this post isn't for real.

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