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To not understand the heavy makeup trend

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Moment1000 Thu 19-Apr-18 01:59:38

ie girls in their teens and 20s caked in heavy stage like make up with extremely heavy eyeshadow and false lashes- for during the day as well ! Wonder how long this trend will last..

Aquamarine1029 Thu 19-Apr-18 02:05:14

It's horrible and looks ridiculous.

Noqonterfy Thu 19-Apr-18 02:09:26

I don't understand the eyebrow thing. Where women have really black thick eyebrows. Is it supposed to enhance people's looks or is it some kind of statement, like the punk / goth thing was (in a different way). Genuine question (I am old btw, hence not understanding)

Praisebe Thu 19-Apr-18 02:10:27

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

FeckinCrunchiesInTheCar Thu 19-Apr-18 02:12:24

No Praisebe it isn't the same thing.

I agree - Op - they all look dreadful.

SheGotBetteDavisEyes Thu 19-Apr-18 02:13:44

ie girls in their teens and 20s caked in heavy stage like make up with extremely heavy eyeshadow and false lashes- for during the day as well ! Wonder how long this trend will last..

My grandmother said the same thing to my mother when she was 16, over 50 years ago.

It's not exactly new, is it?

Peanutbutterjelly1 Thu 19-Apr-18 02:13:44

hmm I think people should be able to do what they want with their face. I dont "cake" myself in make up but I'm so jealous of the people i know that do. I would love to have that kind of time.

ElderflowerWaterIsDelish Thu 19-Apr-18 02:14:28

I think they are trying to copy the kardashians and the reality stars who wear all this heavy make up and do contouring etc..grin

MrsDilber Thu 19-Apr-18 02:15:37

The worse part is that they all look the same, it's like a face uniform. I don't get it at all.

Moment1000 Thu 19-Apr-18 02:18:51

MrsDibler , that’s exactly what I thought- it’s like some kind of uniform

Shadow666 Thu 19-Apr-18 02:27:21

The eyebrows freak my out. I work with a woman who has the really heavy HD painted-on brows and I find it really hard to talk to her as my eyes keep drifting to them.

I was on a flight recently and one of the flight attendants teeth were almost fluorescent. I get teeth whitening but these were another dimension.

opionated Thu 19-Apr-18 02:28:09

theres a simple solution dont wear heavy make up yourself you seem creepy telling other females what they should and should not wear

DrowningEveryDay Thu 19-Apr-18 02:37:10

It's the veneers (teeth) that I find weird. Everything else is just another makeup trend.

Likejellytots88 Thu 19-Apr-18 02:47:27

Maybe it makes them feel good?
I don't wear a lot of make up but when it do it's to make me feel better about myself. I.e family meals and such, I don't want to parade the spots on my chin so I cover them up with make up, just the same as i cover my muffin top with lose clothing because I know I have spots and I'm conscious of them and I know I'm a bit heavier than I'd like to be so I cover that. You should judge people on their make up, one of my closest friends is heavy make up wearer - she's suffered bad acne since teenage years and has scars from it she chooses to hide. It's her choice, not anyone else's.

FirstTimeRound984 Thu 19-Apr-18 02:48:46

you should't judge people* that was meant to say

Battleax Thu 19-Apr-18 02:54:01

Expressing bafflement isn’t the same as judging.

I too am bewildered by the scouse brow thing and wonder how it looks to those sporting it, what they think it projects, etc.

But I absolutely support their right to have them; everyone’s right to do whatever they like to their faces.

There’s no contradiction there.

Farfel Thu 19-Apr-18 02:56:11

Isn't it to look good in selfies? That's what I thought, make up for pictures on the internet.

DrowningEveryDay Thu 19-Apr-18 02:58:01


Yup, spot on.

Battleax Thu 19-Apr-18 03:00:08

That makes a kind of sense, I suppose.

I hope selfie culture isn't driving too much self criticism and private misery and it’s making my a positive thing.

Battleax Thu 19-Apr-18 03:00:20


123MothergotafleA Thu 19-Apr-18 03:06:09

Isnt it that they are all trying to look like porn stars or something? I must admit to finding " the look" freakish, but, like all fashions, it will pass.

Topseyt Thu 19-Apr-18 03:07:43

I think it looks daft, but then, I am happy to admit that I just don't do make up anyway. I can't be arsed with it and never have been.

I guess they do it to fit in and to feel good though.

Farfel Thu 19-Apr-18 03:17:23

Hahaha, the only porn star I now know is Stormy Daniels and she looks totally normal in interviews. But what struck me, I needed new mascara the other day and many of them are labelled 'fake lashes' whereas 'in my day' (oy) fake lashes were labelled as looking natural. So maybe looking fake is the very trend and not just a result.

Praisebe Thu 19-Apr-18 03:19:39

Why don't you bugger off and bully someone else. How you can't see that this is wrong is beyond me

Shadow666 Thu 19-Apr-18 03:22:59

It's more drag queen that porn star. Not that I'm an expert.

I honesty don't notice what 99.9% of people look like, but the eyebrows that look like my 4-year-old drew them on do really freak me out.

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