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To ask you what you think about this cute flat I spotted for rent in North London?

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purplebush Tue 17-Apr-18 22:46:59

Isn't it lovely? And only £765 a month. BARGAIN!

They tidied it up beautifully for the photoshoot too. smile


AmericanBiscuits Tue 17-Apr-18 22:47:58


Ivebeenaroundtheblock Tue 17-Apr-18 22:56:15

Very strange...what/where is the front windows...that yard??? Someone would have to pay me to live there. Or rent free in exchange for cleaning the yard.

SaucyJane Tue 17-Apr-18 22:57:51

If that's a "prime" estate, where are the "overpriced tiny shit hole" estates??

bellabasset Tue 17-Apr-18 22:58:13

Where's the lounge? Reckon it's one large room partitioned off. Could build a shed in the garden I supposegrin

OwlinaTree Tue 17-Apr-18 22:58:30

Is it a converted garage?

Merryoldgoat Tue 17-Apr-18 22:58:58

I properly laughed out loud at that grin

CelticSelkie Tue 17-Apr-18 22:59:33

Harry will be amazed it got four views

clumsyduck Tue 17-Apr-18 22:59:56

London prices are seriously batshit

I was bored once and lost a good hour on right move seeing what I could afford to rent /buy in London . Amusing but depressing stuff !!

HaroldsSoCalledBluetits Tue 17-Apr-18 23:00:03

Fucking hell.

Clarich007 Tue 17-Apr-18 23:00:06

Gorgeous !!
This is a joke .....right ?

Changerooroo Tue 17-Apr-18 23:01:55

Tbf I pay more than that for a room in N16 sad

Bluelady Tue 17-Apr-18 23:01:59


hedgebackwards Tue 17-Apr-18 23:03:53

You have got the makings of a nice little courtyard garden there smile

flat is shit though

xyzandabc Tue 17-Apr-18 23:04:00

That's a garage or she'd that someone has plumbed a bathroom in to.

xyzandabc Tue 17-Apr-18 23:04:16


Curdsandwhey Tue 17-Apr-18 23:07:10

They should've waited for the tenant to move out before taking photos.

AlecTrevelyan006 Tue 17-Apr-18 23:08:03

It’s funny

But also tragic

I feel for people trying to get decent affordable housing in London

HabituallyOptimistic Tue 17-Apr-18 23:08:53

That estate agent has got an eye for a good picture.

Noqonterfy Tue 17-Apr-18 23:10:10


clumsyduck Tue 17-Apr-18 23:10:19

It is bloody tragic . Where I live that would honestly get you a beautiful detached home in a quiet and really nice area .

I wonder if it will ever change ( London prices )

overnightangel Tue 17-Apr-18 23:11:54

Over 9k a year 😲
I think a lot of people in London fail to realise what they can do if they live outside of London.
Still, if people are happy to pay a fortune to be miserable and live like rats more fool them.

theeyeofthestormchaser Tue 17-Apr-18 23:12:27


They’re like the Terrible Real Estate pics -

ineedamoreadultieradult Tue 17-Apr-18 23:12:41

That's a shed!

Excited101 Tue 17-Apr-18 23:13:05


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