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to find 12 years too young for contraception.

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DropItLikeASquat Mon 16-Apr-18 19:20:33

was on this morning but came up on my youtube feed.
Apparently its okay fr 12 year olds to be given the contraceptive implant.
AIBU or is this just disgusting.
IMO a 12 year old can't possibly make a real informed decision about this. Most 12 year olds wouldn't even pass being gillick competent.
and by law any child age 12 or under that is having sex, can't legally give consent regardless of the other persons age.
this would mean that anyone that have sexual intercourse with this girl is automatically guilty of rape as she legally can't give consent.
I don't understand how that child can't give consent to sexual intercourse but can give consent to have a contraceptive device fitted so they may partake in sexual intercourse.
were not taking about girls going on the pill to treat symptoms of periods etc this is to have an implant fitted.
Im shook that anyone would let a child have this device fitted.

BarbaraOcumbungles Mon 16-Apr-18 19:21:29

Would you rather a pregnant 12 year old?

PurpleDaisies Mon 16-Apr-18 19:22:14

Isn’t it too young for motherhood?

Korg Mon 16-Apr-18 19:22:23

Um, you do know that just because something comes up on your YouTube feed doesn’t mean it’s actually true?

DairyisClosed Mon 16-Apr-18 19:23:00

The implant can be used to treat more difficult period symptoms too you know.

heymammy Mon 16-Apr-18 19:23:30

If it stops them getting pregnant then I'm all for it. The law on under age sex is irrelevant are still having sex!

riddles26 Mon 16-Apr-18 19:24:44

Sensationalist media article! I can guarantee you the youngest girls receiving the implant are having it due to difficult periods which probably makes it difficult for them to go to school for several days each month.

slashlover Mon 16-Apr-18 19:24:54

Could it be for non contraceptive reasons? I was on the pill at 12 years old because of how erratic and heavy my periods were at that age, not for actually having sex.

UrgentExitRequired Mon 16-Apr-18 19:25:18

I wouldn't be happy about it if this was my own child, I think 12 is slightly too young - to make this decision and also to have whatever is in the implant in your system. Was the 12 year old saying that they were defo going to have sex? If the child was adamant then I would probably contact social services as i would be worried about who exactly she was sleeping with!

HighwayDragon1 Mon 16-Apr-18 19:25:21

Contraceptives can be really helpful with bad periods. I would assume that a 12 year old who had the implant would do for that reason. If she were sexually active it wood be a concern, but it's better to prevent a pregnancy then help her.

Scrumptiousbears Mon 16-Apr-18 19:25:29

Being on contraception doesn't make kids have sex.

qazxc Mon 16-Apr-18 19:25:47

Yes twelve is to young to have sex, but they sometimes do. I'm assuming that the parents are thinking " rather safe than sorry"

SaltireSaltire Mon 16-Apr-18 19:25:47

Yes - too young and it suggests a child at risk and parental/carers neglect. It’s very sad. such a short childhood

QuestionableMouse Mon 16-Apr-18 19:26:20

There are reasons other than sex to use hormonal contraception.

Awwlookatmybabyspider Mon 16-Apr-18 19:26:23

The thing is though. 12 year olds do have sex and you're never going to stop them. It's better to keep them safe from unwanted pregnancy than pretend it isn't happening

MrsSmile Mon 16-Apr-18 19:28:28

It’s Fraser competent.

A 12 year old having sex is statutory rape.

Sometimes they will be given an implant for periods etc.

Popc0rn Mon 16-Apr-18 19:29:26

I was a student nurse in an abortion clinic years ago, the youngest patient I looked after was 12, there were also a few 13 and 14 year olds. Yes they all seemed far too young to be having sex, but better to have a form of contraceptive than an abortion imo.

Speedy85 Mon 16-Apr-18 19:29:55

A girl at my school gave birth aged 13.

So I guess this is sometimes necessary.

BiddydeBint Mon 16-Apr-18 19:30:15

Er, it could be to manage problematic periods?

I have various gynaecologist issues including endo and had to miss a week of school each month from the age of 11. The doctor said the only thing he could suggest was the pill.

My mum got all po faced and said no, for much the same reasons as you- she assumed it would put the notion of SEX into my head.

So I suffered on for another 4 years, compromised my education, and developed anxiety. And had sex as a teen anyway.

I wish she'd just let me have the pill, so I didn't spend over 1/4 of my teenage years in pain

TellerTuesday4EVA Mon 16-Apr-18 19:32:47

GP & practices nurses etc seem to be steering people away from the contraceptive pill in recent years though so I would presume it's the same as when our generation we're put on the pill for heavy periods etc rather than the contraceptive side

blackteasplease Mon 16-Apr-18 19:32:57


I dislike taking hormones generally and having them on top of teen hormones sounds horrendous. So I see that point.

BUT a pregnant 12 yr old and 12 /13 yo mother is a much worse option! How would they cope?

So bearing in mind 12 yos will.have sex if they want to (or think they want to) I would say it can be justified. obviously they need to be protected from.abuse by education and understanding and a loving home life. But if those things have been absent you can at least protect them.from motherhood
And some will have sex with boys their age out.of.curiosity or whatever and again they need protecting from themselves. If they ask for contraceptives it's a fair indication they will be thinking in these terms. Again discussion and education are first but it doesn't always work

x2boys Mon 16-Apr-18 19:33:37

12 year olds shouldn't be having sex I agree but sometimes they do and I would rather they had contraception and didn't get pregnant?

blackteasplease Mon 16-Apr-18 19:34:05

And for period pains is a good point..

FluffyWuffy100 Mon 16-Apr-18 19:38:20

I find 12 too young for a pregnancy.

Would rather a 12 year old was on contraception and had a trusted adult they could talk to re and coercion or convent issues etc than not.

crunchymint Mon 16-Apr-18 19:47:46

Not statutory rape if the boy is also 12.

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