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Dh ordering medication online

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meadowposy Sun 15-Apr-18 11:46:07

I've found out about it because he's doing it through my name.

I don't know what to think about it and I'm asking here... Are these sites always dodgy? I can't talk to him about it as he tells me to be quiet and I don't know what I am talking about.

DragonsAndCakes Sun 15-Apr-18 11:48:04

What medication is it?

UpstartCrow Sun 15-Apr-18 11:48:18

Its dodgy af if he's doing it in your name, you need to put a stop to that right now.

If he is ordering legal meds from legit sites, he has no reason to use your name.

ConciseandNice Sun 15-Apr-18 11:48:52

There are some entirely legitimate websites to buy drugs online. I’ve done it and my friends have. From painkillers to fertility drugs to penicillin.

LoniceraJaponica Sun 15-Apr-18 11:49:51

He is using your name hmm
He is telling you to be quiet hmm

He is the one who is dodgy

OhMyGodTheyKilledKenny Sun 15-Apr-18 11:51:54

We need more info here eg. which drugs? Legit website or not?

The fact he's doing it in your name suggests something dodgy is going on

meadowposy Sun 15-Apr-18 11:52:24

Something called pregabalin I think and some other stuff. He has ordered some in his name too.

LoniceraJaponica Sun 15-Apr-18 11:52:36

Are they OTC drugs or prescription drugs?

meadowposy Sun 15-Apr-18 11:52:52

I don't know if the website is legit or not.

meadowposy Sun 15-Apr-18 11:53:12

Not otc, prescription.

timeisnotaline Sun 15-Apr-18 11:54:47

Bunchofdaffodils Sun 15-Apr-18 11:55:50

If he has it in prescription, is it that cheap online? (£10 a month for prepayment card covers all his prescription meds). Does he want to take more than his doctor has advised?

DragonsAndCakes Sun 15-Apr-18 11:55:54

Oh that’s a funny one to be ordering online. wiki entry below. I’d worry about his defensiveness about it.

Pregabalin, marketed under the brand name Lyrica among others, is a medication used to treat epilepsy, neuropathic pain, fibromyalgia, and generalized anxiety disorder.[9][10][11] Its use for epilepsy is as an add-on therapy for partial seizures with or without secondary generalization in adults.[12] Some off-label uses of pregabalin include restless leg syndrome,[13] prevention of migraines,[14] social anxiety disorder,[14] and alcohol withdrawa

VladmirsPoutine Sun 15-Apr-18 11:58:33

What are you asking? I'm lost on this.

For a start he shouldn't be ordering medication online in your name and secondly telling you to be quiet and that you don't know what you are talking about is rude and dismissive.

MyRelationshipIsWeird Sun 15-Apr-18 11:59:05

I’d be more concerned about him using your name and telling you it’s not your business. I order meds from overseas as I can’t get them on the NHS and can’t afford to go private. If his are from a tried and trusted source and he has researched and understood their use, along with potential side effects etc then I couldn’t get too worked up about it. People put much worse things in their bodies than unprescribed legit medicines. However, his cocky attitude about it suggests a lack of humility that may mean he hasn’t really thought through the implications for him or for you. I’d be livid about that. Not sure how you get him to remove your name but he needs to.

Beaverhausen Sun 15-Apr-18 12:00:19

IS your husband addicted to prescription drugs? Pregabalin as said is used for epilepsy and anxiety but if not prescribed by a dr and he gets it online, I think that might be illegal.

Plus I think addicts crush it up and sniff it.

LoniceraJaponica Sun 15-Apr-18 12:00:53

How is he paying for them? Is he using your card details?

I have just googled pregabalin and found some news articles from last year stating that the government want it to be classified as a class C controlled drug.

This is decidedly dodgy, and dangerous. If the parcel arrives with your name on can you take it to a pharmacy and ask them to dispose of it?

meadowposy Sun 15-Apr-18 12:00:54

I don't think I know either Vlad.

But I have no one I can talk to.

He's got big problems with abusing medication. Won't talk to me.

hettie Sun 15-Apr-18 12:01:32

Many people who abuse street drugs also abuse over the counter medications, pregablin is very popular in this area

meadowposy Sun 15-Apr-18 12:01:37

He'd go absolutely mad if I threw his stuff out. He uses my card but transfers the money in. So it can't be traced to him I guess.

Galerina Sun 15-Apr-18 12:02:11

You should have a look at what else he is ordering. Pregabalin can be used (amongst other meds) for an opiate home detox program. It can ease the restless legs. If he is also taking 'supplements' called Phenibut and or Kratom then this may be the case. This stuff can have adverse effects so not a good idea as you really have no idea what you are taking, from an online source.

Plus, who is he to tell you to just shut up? Ordering stuff like this in your name is not on. Has he got access to your cards too?

TwoBlueFish Sun 15-Apr-18 12:02:33

Pregablin is a prescription drug so if he doesn’t have a prescription and a doctor hasn’t prescribed it then he’s probably taking it for recreational purposes. It’s also about to become a controlled drug (class C) so will be illegal to buy. If he’s taking it due to pain he needs to see his GP and get it legally in his name, if he’s hooked he needs to seek help. Either way using your name and telling you to be quiet shows he’s a twat and you need to decide whether you want to be with a person like that.

Chanelprincess Sun 15-Apr-18 12:02:42

I would be very concerned about the quality of the drugs he is buying as there are so many counterfeits and poor quality generics being sold online and you have no idea of their content.

NinkyNonk1 Sun 15-Apr-18 12:02:56

Yes pregab is also used illegally around my parts too because it does make you high as a kite. I used to take it for my restless legs etc

MrsTommyBanks Sun 15-Apr-18 12:03:30

There's a massive street market for pregabalin.

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