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Apparently this “isn’t enough food”

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foodFood Wed 04-Apr-18 13:19:43

Dd is 8
Height and weight fine

I’ve just been told by a visiting friend I’m basically starving her when she saw her lunch !
1 mini pitta
6 mini breadsticks
Dessert spoon of houmous
Dessert spoon of guacamole
Bowl of strawberries cut up (6 big ones)
A frube

That’s fine isn’t it??
For breakfast she had a bowl of plain yogurt and loads of berries
She will most likely have an afternoon snack usually cheese or a piece of fruit and dinner is normally casserole/fish pie/jacket potato and soup or similar
She has milk before bed
She’s fine !! Always has small snacks lunches and doesn’t complain of hunger
Friend was aghast and said her kids at 18 m old ate more than that

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Mrscog Wed 04-Apr-18 13:20:43

It sounds fine - possibly on the small side but if she’s ok with it then it must be ok!

SweepTheHalls Wed 04-Apr-18 13:21:59

My 7 and 9 year old would still be ravenous after that! It would fill the 2 yr old though as long as you added some cheese or ham!

ZeroFuchsGiven Wed 04-Apr-18 13:22:42

If its enough for her then its enough for her but no way would that have filled up any of my dc at that age.

foodFood Wed 04-Apr-18 13:23:35

I think she’s just got a small appetite then ? But her height and weight are fine and anymore she wouldn’t manage

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foodFood Wed 04-Apr-18 13:24:10

Was just a bit shocked at how shocked my friend was !!

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Hastalapasta Wed 04-Apr-18 13:24:21

My DD (8) just ate a cheese wrap and a yoghurt. Has refused all other food offers. Her little brothers ate a bit more but not much. Honestly would not worry, as long as she is getting a broad range of foods over the course of the week then she will be fine.

Trinity66 Wed 04-Apr-18 13:24:28

Well I presume if it wasn't enough she tell you she was still hungry?

Arapaima Wed 04-Apr-18 13:24:33

It wouldn't be enough for my DC (also a healthy height and weight) but some children do have small appetites.

jaseyraex Wed 04-Apr-18 13:24:45

Ignore your friend. Your DD would let you know if she was still hungry. If that's how she normally eats with no complaints and weight is fine then there's nothing wrong with that. However that wouldn't be enough for my almost 3 year old. He's a ravenous creature and food doesn't seem to go anywhere on him!

FrancisUnderwood Wed 04-Apr-18 13:24:51

I don't think it sounds like much either tbh, but you know what's best for your daughter's eating

beckyh2502 Wed 04-Apr-18 13:25:11

I was eating adult portions at 8 years old lol

Eatsleepworkrepeat Wed 04-Apr-18 13:25:17

Well, if she's a normal height and weight and it gives her enough energy to run about then it's fine. It's nutritious enough, I wish my dc would eat that and not immediately clamour for chocolate biscuits!

Mydoghatesthebath Wed 04-Apr-18 13:25:34

It wouldn’t fill my 2 year old grandson but it would be s big amount for me snd I am 50. Everyone is different. Your friend sounds an interfering cow

FrancisUnderwood Wed 04-Apr-18 13:25:58

And yogurt & berries really isn't much for breakfast.

DragonsAndCakes Wed 04-Apr-18 13:26:00

I have three children. It would be fine for two of them but not the third.
Does your child ask for more food afterwards? If not I think it’s fine.

Quietlife1979 Wed 04-Apr-18 13:26:11

My toddler would starve on that !

There is nothing substantial there. Where is the protein?

My toddler and five year old this morning ate

Bowl of cereal
Orange segments

They have just eaten a bowl of veg soup and a ham sandwich

My friend is very skinny and is obsessed with keeping her child skinny and feed her hardly any thing too

StormTreader Wed 04-Apr-18 13:26:22

That does sound on the small side for an 8 year old, it's more what I'd expect for a 5 year old.
Is there fruit etc available in the house as and when if shes still hungry?

Buddyelf Wed 04-Apr-18 13:26:37

As pp has said if she's happy with that amount of food that's fine but my DD's would still be hungry if that's all I offered. My almost 7 year old is like a bottomless pit at the moment though!

Neolara Wed 04-Apr-18 13:26:54

I think that's not very much.

iveburntthetoast Wed 04-Apr-18 13:26:57

It would be enough for DD2 at that age, she exists on very little and doesn’t enjoy eating (it’s more that it serves a purpose. DD1 would be starving.

MollyDaydream Wed 04-Apr-18 13:27:10

My 4 and 7 year olds have just had a sandwich (2 slices of bread) and a handful of grapes each for lunch.

Quartz2208 Wed 04-Apr-18 13:27:16

It does sound more like something a 4 year old would eat rather than an 8 year okd

LadyDeadpool Wed 04-Apr-18 13:27:31

I think I'd be a bit shocked if one of my friends was serving that to their 8 year old but only because my kids eat so much blush they're both normal height/weight but that would have been a meal for them at 2 now at 4 and 15 they'd eat about 3x that amount and still probably not think it a meal.

MrsHathaway Wed 04-Apr-18 13:27:55

That's more than my 6yo would eat but my 9yo eats like a hungry adult so it would barely touch the sides for him. 18mos can be demons for food as well if they're growing or never sit still.

At least it's real food. Nutritionally dense (unlike e.g. crisps).

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