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DH told friend I am pregnant before scan!

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ballerini Sat 31-Mar-18 01:01:34

I am 11 wks pregnant and have my first scan next week. DH and I agreed not to tell anyone before the scan and I have been really stressing about anyone finding out!
Last night DH went out with a friend and told him that I am pregnant!
AIBU to think I can't trust someone if they can't trust themself?
I feel completely undermined! I can't see what consequences DH will suffer or what I can do! He's just going to get away with disrespecting my wishes!

RedSkyAtNight Sun 01-Apr-18 15:10:03

A fairly distant friend told me she was pregnant before she told anyone else. Much like OP, she and her DH had agreed not to tell anyone until the 12 week scan, but she was desperate to talk to someone.So she picked me on the basis that I didn't "matter" and didn't know her family and better friends well enough to blab to them! Much like OP feels quite happy about spreading her news around MN ...

PasstheStarmix Sun 01-Apr-18 15:16:04

‘Nobody cares about your baby names or its weight. Being just a tad PFB!’

I don’t agree with the above comment. I find everybody has some unwanted comment to make on a baby’s impending name. I was hassled endlessly on what I was to call ds. It’s ridiculous, why do people you don’t know that well care so much and want to pass judgement!

Jellycatspyjamas Sun 01-Apr-18 15:26:34

I can see why you’d be disappointed but I’m guessing he was either excited and it slipped out or someone asked him directly about kids and he didn’t want to lie. In any event, if your ability to trust is so fragile you’re going to struggle with parenting when you really do need at times to trust that he’ll be ok with his child, while make different decisions to you or not doing something you’d previously agreed.

Nows the time to start practicing the art of letting things go because my goodness there will be a lot you’ll need to relax about. Punishing him isn’t the way here, he’s not a child and actually hasn’t done anything wrong given you were wanting to tell your friend too.

fuckingjournocunts Sun 01-Apr-18 15:37:26

It's funny but you don't come across as pregnant at all...hmm

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