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To think Mumsnet is OBSESSED

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AccidentalKylie Thu 22-Mar-18 20:11:24

I used to read Mumsnet because it was a lot of clever, funny women talking about stuff I was interested in, but it's become a one issue forum. It's exhausting.

Booboobooboo84 Thu 22-Mar-18 20:12:34

I agree

MrsJoshDun Thu 22-Mar-18 20:13:00

Well that looks like a screenshot from the feminist board not active convos.

You can always hide the section if you want. But don’t try and stop people debating an important issue.

petmyunicorn Thu 22-Mar-18 20:13:03

I absolutely agree. It's both exhausting and frustrating.

Rainboho Thu 22-Mar-18 20:13:27

Is that the feminism board? Because that doesn’t look like active convos to me.

PrincessoftheSea Thu 22-Mar-18 20:13:29

Agree ridiculous

MorningsEleven Thu 22-Mar-18 20:13:45

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

DianaPrincessOfThemyscira Thu 22-Mar-18 20:14:00

Yeah...that’s the thread list from Feminism Chat. This is a real issue that women, especially feminist women, want to talk about.

You don’t want to read anything about it - do don’t. Or maybe, you could read some of it - especially the thread you were so scathing about earlier, the one about the petition?

clownfaces Thu 22-Mar-18 20:14:11

I think there are still many clever and funny posters, but I'm also fed up of seeing those threads. I just ignore them.

NotUmbongoUnchained Thu 22-Mar-18 20:15:04

It’s so fucking boring now.

DianaPrincessOfThemyscira Thu 22-Mar-18 20:15:12

PS nobody forces you to be here. If you look hard enough you’ll probably find another parenting forum that has fewer critical minds than here.

GreenSeededGrape Thu 22-Mar-18 20:15:18

How about you keep out of feminism then if you find it boring hmm

I can't understand any female who isn't interested in knowing more about self ID.

TeachesOfPeaches Thu 22-Mar-18 20:15:58

The trans threads seem particularly prolific tonight.

UnimaginativeUsername Thu 22-Mar-18 20:16:00

My active convos looks like this.

If you don’t like it, hide the feminism boards.

PattiStanger Thu 22-Mar-18 20:16:02

I agree, I'm hiding so many thread these days

MrsJoshDun Thu 22-Mar-18 20:16:14

There’s a lot of threads on mumsnet which don’t interest me. Mainly anything to do with babies, kids or parenting.....I don’t complain about them, just rarely bother reading them. grin. Nobody holds a gun to your head making you read everything. Pick what interests you.

halfwitpicker Thu 22-Mar-18 20:16:48

It's all a bit much really

Tartyflette Thu 22-Mar-18 20:17:01

But sadly absolutely necessary because it's one of the few places where women, including transwomen, can have an open debate about something so hugely important withouth being harassed, shouted down or threatened with violence.

Rainboho Thu 22-Mar-18 20:17:07

I used to love Mumsnet, it was full of intelligent women debating screen time, now you’re all watching TV and letting your brains rot. MNHQ need to tackle this.

Slitherout Thu 22-Mar-18 20:17:13

THIS is active convos (hope photo loads!) - mners are actually just obsessed with a whole range of AIBUs if we're being fair.

NannyOggsKnickers Thu 22-Mar-18 20:17:15

Perhaps don’t look if you find it boring. HTH

Some of us actually find it interesting and important.

NotACleverName Thu 22-Mar-18 20:17:34

If a transwoman falls over in a wood does she make a sound if there aren't 3,842 MN threads about it?

AnyFucker Thu 22-Mar-18 20:18:06

Hide the feminism boards then

It's not rocket science

Fairenuff Thu 22-Mar-18 20:18:23

It can be whatever you want it to be. You can screenshot any one of the many topics. Maybe it's just you that's obsessed OP?

Tattybogle89 Thu 22-Mar-18 20:18:33

There is a sudden rush of threads with trans in the title. Roll my eyes and move on

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