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to ask what you long to do tonight...

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cjt110 Thu 22-Mar-18 15:43:21

...when you get home vs what you will be doing?

I want to go, have complete silence and be on my own. Maybe a soak in the bath and some wine then take myself off to bed and sleep in the middle.

What I'll actually do is head home, go to the gym for about half an hour, get in, make tea for the child and manchild, usher child to bed then sponge on the sofa watching crap telly.

MunchMunch Thu 22-Mar-18 15:46:22

I want to put the heating on and be all warm and toasty instead I'll be sitting freezing waiting on the emergency gas bloke to fix the boiler that's been on a "emergency ticket" since Monday tea time angry No hot water either so can't even have a shower to defrost! It's actually warmer outside than it is in my house.

cjt110 Thu 22-Mar-18 15:50:26

Oh dear Munch That sounds rubbish.

Sarahh2014 Thu 22-Mar-18 15:53:14

I want to have a whole bottle of wine and some snacks and watch terrible reality tv but instead I'll be cooking for 3 of us,drinking lemonade then compromising on watch to watch later

Sarahh2014 Thu 22-Mar-18 15:53:34

What to watch

ankasi Thu 22-Mar-18 15:54:50

Munch, I hope they'll fix it soon

I would like to go home, have some food, put my feet up and rest. Instead I'll be working until at least 7pm, get home late and collapse on the bed. But and end to long hours is in sight.

OneFineDaye Thu 22-Mar-18 15:56:57

Munch that sounds crap. Hope it gets fixed soon, wrap up warm.

WipsGlitter Thu 22-Mar-18 15:57:19

Children have been teleported home to arrive simultaneously to me
Go home to a clean house - dishwasher emptied and dinner ready.
Long bath and good nights sleep.

Get kids from afterschools.
Kitchen is a shit tip. I think I need to go to M&S for a ready meal as I can't face cooking. Then have to get DS1 to finish his homework.
Will probably manage the bath.
Dreadful night sleep where I'll be tossing and turning all night.

DoneAdulting Thu 22-Mar-18 15:59:03

I want to have a long hot bath, a takeaway and watch a good film but instead I have an Open Uni assignment due and I have to get it done tonight.

Cheekylittlenumber Thu 22-Mar-18 15:59:11

I want to go away for the night to a 5 star hotel and eat a delicious meal with wine with DH then sleep at least ten hours and ha e breakfast in bed.

Instead Im looking after two DD's on my own one of which is almost 6 months and breastfeeds every two hours at night. Tired doesn't begin to cover how I feel.

TheWoollybacksWife Thu 22-Mar-18 15:59:57

I want to go home, have a snooze, then make dinner and knit while I wait for DH to get home from his business trip.

What I'll actually be doing is collecting DD2 from work, dash home, pick up DS and his friend, take them to a 90 minute karate lesson, wait with them, get home, have dinner, wash up, take DD2 to meet her boyfriend, harass DS into the shower soap dodger and then fall into bed after a brief chat to DH.

MunchMunch Thu 22-Mar-18 16:04:33

Thanks everyone! They actually came out to look at it last night but the pumps gone and can't get one until today, just as he was writing out his paper work there was a knock on the door..."hello I've come to fix the boiler", the HA had sent another plumber out as well as the first one. I've waited since Monday then two turn up at once hmm

I'm liking these wish lists though.

EnglishRose13 Thu 22-Mar-18 16:05:17

I want to go home, get into bed, read a book and actually have the ability to stay awake past 9pm.

Instead, I'm going out for a team meal...

cjt110 Thu 22-Mar-18 16:05:38

I sense a problem theme here.... children grin

cjt110 Thu 22-Mar-18 16:06:46

No actually, I change mine. I just want DH to do everything for one night whilst I do nothing.

OhHolyFuck Thu 22-Mar-18 16:07:40

Would love to - drink a bottle of wine and eat lovely calorie laden snacks, in my pjs, watching Tuesdays 'bake off'

Am going to do - go and watch ds1 sing/try and get the tiniest glimpse of him as his class in one of 8 on stage, wrestle ds2 to be still and quiet for the 2 hours the concert is on, come home and put knackered children to bed, eat fruit as I'm fat and on a diet

TheQueenOfWands Thu 22-Mar-18 16:07:45

I'd like to have a hot bath and snuggle up in bed watching CTM and drinking either a hot chocolate or a merlot.

Not feeling well. Have a headache, a cold and my depression is bad.

But I have to go work. Hoping for a quiet one. Can probably still have a hot chocolate, and can watch something on Netflix during my break, and can wear my favourite hoodie so I'm cosy. It's not all bad.

TalkFastThinkSlow Thu 22-Mar-18 16:07:53

Have a massive glass of wine and a hot bubble bath. Order takeout, and finish watching Jessica Jones.

Instead I have to go home, cook, and tidy. Once DP and DS get in, we'll all have dinner. Then it's DS night time routine. Might get to sit down with my wine and Jessica Jones at half 8.

Ok, so it's not that bad, I would just like to cut out the responsibility part grin

AnneLovesGilbert Thu 22-Mar-18 16:09:36

I need to sleep, sleep, sleep. Wake up to eat some tinned fruit. Then more sleep.

Instead I'm going to a local fundraising meeting at the pub.

...or am I? Maybe DH will represent and I'll get horizontal.

cjt110 Thu 22-Mar-18 16:11:22

I'd like to do what we used to do before DS and go to the pub, have tea and get pissed.

headoutofthesand Thu 22-Mar-18 16:11:23

Children and husbands. I do remind myself that when I used to live in my tidy, clean, quiet, decorated just how I like it flat, I used to long to be in a relationship and hoped to have children one day. Tonight, I would love to be back there, for it to be 10 degrees warmer so I could have a glass of wine in the minuscule but evening sun trap garden, have a random selection of bits from M&S for supper whilst watching Location, Location, have a long bath & then go to bed. The bath in that flat was the comfiest bath ever.
The reality - currently hosting a play date; will feed DC2 and guest; guest will get collected; collect DC1 & take both DC to their swimming lessons; home, bath, reading, bed; put supper on; eat with DH; log in & do a couple
of hours work.

ReasonableLlama Thu 22-Mar-18 16:11:36

I want to go out for a curry and have lots of wine and talking with DH. Instead I will be doing what you are doing minus the wine!

Foxyloxy1plus1 Thu 22-Mar-18 16:13:08

I would like to ear chocolate. Lots of chocolate. But I shall try to resist. Well, maybe a square or two.

Loonoon Thu 22-Mar-18 16:14:51

Reading this I realise that to some of you I am living the dream. I have just got home to a spic and span house house as our cleaner came today. I have my favourite M&S 'Welsh rarebit cheesebake' for tea which I will probably accompany with a couple of glasses of wine or maybe a G&T. DH is out so I can watch whatever I want on tv or sit quietly in front of the fire with a book.

What I would LIKE to be doing (if I had a time machine that could take me back 15/20years or so) is picking the DC up from school, hearing about their day, wrangling homework and piano practice and sibling rows and housework whilst making their tea and then watching Spongebob or Mary-Kate and Ashley or some such before putting them to bed with stories and cuddles.

I know everyone says it, but they really do grow up so quick. Enjoy it while you can.

Ohmmmnm Thu 22-Mar-18 16:17:20

I'm a sahm so right now i'd like to sit on Richmond Green on a blanket eating olives, posh cheese, sun-dried tomatoes and drink too much champagne. I'll need some sunshine for this. Then i'll go see a movie and take a wander down the river bank. Finish up with more wine at a pub.

In reality I'll be wiping bums, noses and various stains. Watching cbeebies and wondering why I moved to this crappy part of the country sad

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