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To be concerned my daughter still sleeps with her ‘blankie’ aged 17!

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Applebojangles Thu 22-Mar-18 00:58:16

My dd (17) still sleeps with her blanket and literally cannot be without it at night, she has had it since she was born but just won’t give it up. She is mature for her age apart from this. When I looked in on her just now she had it over her face just like she was 4 years old again, she used to have a thing about it keeping her safe while she was asleep. She will hopefully be off to uni in September and I’m very worried about this, she can’t exactly take it with her can she? So is this weird or am I just overreacting?

Ishouldntbesolucky Thu 22-Mar-18 01:00:55

You're overreacting! I think it sounds quite sweet.

And of course she can take it. I'm sure she'll hide it if she's embarrassed about it.

prideofaberdeen Thu 22-Mar-18 01:01:27

Overreacting! There'll be plenty of kids there with their childhood teddies. I think it's lovely that it still helps her. She may still have it when she's 40 and so what?!

user1486241726 Thu 22-Mar-18 01:06:31


Greenyogagirl Thu 22-Mar-18 01:09:45


BreakfastAtSquiffanys Thu 22-Mar-18 01:10:52

Has it ever been washed? grin

iamthere123 Thu 22-Mar-18 01:10:59

I’m 32, living in my own house, a perfectly normal grown woman with a respectable and responsible job and I have my beloved, mostly furless, nearly headless teddy tucked in with me! At 18 most of my flat mates (girls and boys) turned up at uni with some sort of comforter tucked away somewhere! It’s normal!

CocoPuffsInGodMode Thu 22-Mar-18 01:11:25

Overreacting and a bit late to be concerned really. At this stage any detrimental effects would have already occurred! At 11 it might have been considered babyish by her peers and left her open to teasing but at 17 it reverts back to "Aw, that's so sweeeeet" in a "we're proper adults now, we're allowed to be sentimental" sense. I wouldn't worry.

BlackBeltInChildWrangling Thu 22-Mar-18 01:11:37

I would have no problem at all with this. I think you'll find it disappears into the back of a drawer or a memory chest at some point, possibly if there's a boyfriend on the scene at Uni. Starting Uni and being away from home is a huge change, and her blanket will probably provide some much needed comfort during the almost inevitable times of homesickness and loneliness. Stop fretting about this OP.

Spenlo Thu 22-Mar-18 01:12:13

I took my childhood teddy to uni and (and so did lots of my friends in halls) and still sleep with it now at 30! don’t think it’s weird or a problem

RedForFilth Thu 22-Mar-18 01:12:38

Yabu. I still do some things for comfort that i did when i was a kid. And i still have my favourite childhood teddy. I think many people keep things like that.

iamthere123 Thu 22-Mar-18 01:13:29

My teddy was actually taken hostage once by my flat mates bunny because I was taking too long to get ready to go out for dinner and was sent a pic of teddy taped to a chair with packing tape and a ransome notice from bunny round his neck!

CocoPuffsInGodMode Thu 22-Mar-18 01:14:41

^ I say I wouldn't worry but that's assuming we're not about to have a major drip feed along the lines of ^yeah but she also saves all her toenail clippings in a jar and has a shit fit if her meals are served on anything other than her childhood Magic Roundabout plate.

Applebojangles Thu 22-Mar-18 01:19:38

Haha coco. No she doesn’t do the toenail thing or have a special plate so I guess she’s ok!! 😂

BlackBeltInChildWrangling Thu 22-Mar-18 01:23:55

I don't think you needed to be concerned earlier either OP. I know plenty of young/mid teen DCs who stuff their old cuddly toy or bit of blanket into the bottom of their bag with their pyjamas when going off on overnight school trips or sports tours - and that's boys too. Some hide it from their friends and peers, some don't.

1forAll74 Thu 22-Mar-18 01:29:14

Its lovely and not odd at all to always keep an item from childhood that makes you feel safe and comfortable. I bet lots of new uni students take something lovely from home when they go away for the first time.

BlackBeltInChildWrangling Thu 22-Mar-18 01:30:29

A Magic Roundabout plate, you say? Ditch the toenail clippings but I'd quite like one of those. Happy days.

Bippitybopityboo Thu 22-Mar-18 01:33:44

Yabu. DH suggested I pass my shaggy (and now very disheviled) dog teddy down to our DS last week and I was absolutely outraged. I tuck him in with us every night unless DH sneeks him into the washer!

LolitaLempicka Thu 22-Mar-18 01:38:10

My 18year old son tucked his teddy in his rucksack for his gap year. There was very limited space, but he obviously thought it was important 😂 I think it’s sweet.

BlackBeltInChildWrangling Thu 22-Mar-18 01:44:52

The occasional, but sometimes unspeakable, torture and hostage taking of stolen said treasured comforters on school overnighters and sports tours is another matter however....

Nofunkingworriesmate Thu 22-Mar-18 01:59:19

I took my special soggy doggy to uni and I'm a fine middle aged normal person now ( doggy is under my bed so my grand kids do t mess with him )

Duckies Thu 22-Mar-18 02:02:06

At 35 I am only just learning to sleep without my teddy... Because I've got DD 7mo sleeping beside me and need to keep bed clear. As soon as she is in own bed, teddy is straight back in and maybe DP

UrgentScurryfunge Thu 22-Mar-18 02:21:49

I'm snuggled up with mine right now. 17 was over half my lifetime ago. DS (4) loves me to "talk" my cuddlies and he chats away with them. He knows they are special and must be treated gently... more gently than he treats his!

Lots of uni and adult friends have had them in active service. They've been some of the most rounded people I've known!

Broken11Girl Thu 22-Mar-18 02:55:08

I took my teddy to uni blush it was soon relegated to the wardrobe as flatmates were constantly in and out of each other's rooms, I got used to sleeping without it quickly. It's now in my box of childhood mementoes. It's normal. I don't remember taking it to sleepovers or on trips when much younger though, Coco is right. Don't worry.

GruffaloPants Thu 22-Mar-18 04:17:02

My friend is in the 40s, married with kids, and still sleeps with her blankie. She can sleep without it. Let your daughter be.

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