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What shall I do about this holiday?

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1981m Wed 21-Mar-18 08:03:07

Not AIBU but need speedy reply with advice.

Ds (5) was sick on Monday in the night (now Wednesday here in Uk), lots of sick. Kept him off school yesterday and had a sofa day. He was fine in himself mostly. Up and down. Lying down sometimes but also jumping around. Saying his heart was hurting. No other symptoms except being sick.

Wasn't sure what to give him food wise. He had toast with butter for b fast and no lunch. Bacon sandwich for dinner with bread and butter. Dh thinks silly to give this. Was a bacon sandwich wrong?

Anyway, ds sick again last night, tiny amount of sick. Then a further three times with just water and bile. Again no other symptoms.

The problem is we are going on a long haul holiday tomorrow morning. We are meant to get up at 5 am, drive for two hours to the airport, then do 7 hour flight! We don't know if we should cancel holiday or still go. We would loose the total price of the holiday to cancel £6,500. Or £200 per person to try and change dates on it with hotel provider. The flights look like they are non- transferable and we would loose the cost automatically. We don't have travel insurance.

Dh wants to go and reckons its just a stomach bug. He reckons if we stave ds today and on the flight it will be ok. Reckons its a 24 hour bug.

I am reluctant as worried he will be sick again in the night. Worried about having strange food in a hot place will just make him sick again and he will just want to rest all holiday. Think the holiday will be ruined with moany ds. Don't want to risk taking him on long flight if he's ill, could be a nightmare. But we stand to loose £6,500 if we don't.

FlouncyDoves Wed 21-Mar-18 08:05:17

Do you have insurance for health related issues when overseas? If not, I wouldn’t take as it could cost you a damn sight more than £6.5k (also hugely irresponsible not to have travel insurance).

pasturesgreen Wed 21-Mar-18 08:07:57

Sorry, not what you want to hear, but YWB hugely U to book an expensive long-haul holiday without insurance.

Personally I'd try and reschedule if at all possible.

LIZS Wed 21-Mar-18 08:10:57

Bacon probably was not wise but not harmful. Keep to plain foods. If he is sick again today you should rearrange, for his sake as well as others. If a bug you will probably go down with it too. Learn a lesson for next time re. Insurance.

ShatnersWig Wed 21-Mar-18 08:11:55

Why on earth wouldn't you take out travel insurance when you spend that much on a holiday? Madness.

TittyGolightly Wed 21-Mar-18 08:13:26

We would loose the total price of the holiday to cancel £6,500........ We don't have travel insurance.

That’s karma right there. Why the fuck would you go anywhere without travel insurance?!

pinkdelight Wed 21-Mar-18 08:16:15

£6500 hol and you didn't get travel insurance???

MsGameandWatching Wed 21-Mar-18 08:18:47

See how he gets on today. If he's not sick and seems fine, then go. I'm not going to focus of the travel insurance, I'm sure you don't need hundreds of lectures and shock faces about it.

MsGameandWatching Wed 21-Mar-18 08:19:34

Yes and get insurance NOW for while you're there.

1981m Wed 21-Mar-18 08:20:38

Yes very stupid not having it. Must admit didn't think. Never needed it before and ds is never sick. This is only the second time he's been sick since he was a baby. Lesson learnt the hard way!

With no other symptoms do you think ds would be ok? Is it 48 hour bug? If so he should be ok by tomorrow morning. Feel need to make decision today though as have to get up at 4am to leave and if he's sick in night again it's too late.

Feel annoyed gave him bacon sandwich probably wouldn't have been sick if hadn't had that. We have very limited food in the house as meant to be going on holiday.

WipsGlitter Wed 21-Mar-18 08:20:49

Agree you need to have insurance for when you are there!

Bacon is a bit salty. Stick to plain food.

HunterHearstHelmsley Wed 21-Mar-18 08:20:57

If you do decide to go... Take out some insurance.

ShatnersWig Wed 21-Mar-18 08:21:39

It may just be a stomach bug. But can you imagine what it would be like if it's not and you have a 5-year old throwing up on the plane, possibly spreading it around? Won't be much of a holiday if he's ill over there. And what if one of you two get it in the next day?

MsGame Actually, I think someone who spends that much on a holiday and doesn't take out insurance DOES need lectures because maybe they won't be so stupidly irresponsible in future.

HobnobBob Wed 21-Mar-18 08:21:50

You don’t have travel insurance? Are you nuts?

Branleuse Wed 21-Mar-18 08:21:52

id still go. How long is the holiday for?

LayerShortOfALasagne Wed 21-Mar-18 08:22:07

no insurance 😮😮😮😮😮

LayerShortOfALasagne Wed 21-Mar-18 08:24:17

You don’t not get insurance because you’ve never needed it before!

What if you needed to get home? Could you afford ££££££££? What if? What if? WHAT IF?????

AnnabelleLecter Wed 21-Mar-18 08:25:14

Let him eat if he wants, don't Starve him.
You've never needed travel insurance? That's illogical. Neither have we but always have it. Hope your house/car is insured.

1981m Wed 21-Mar-18 08:25:42

A week.

Yes, enough about the insurance. Just didn't think. It's a big lesson learnt. We ve been very silly. Lectures about it won't change the situation though.

Dh is currently looking into insurance. I am assuming that any policy doesn't activate immediately so we activate it today and then can use it to cancel tomorrow if we need to?

Lucisky Wed 21-Mar-18 08:25:59

This has got to be a wind up, surely?

1981m Wed 21-Mar-18 08:26:55

Luc- really wish it was.

MsGameandWatching Wed 21-Mar-18 08:28:15

Actually, I think someone who spends that much on a holiday and doesn't take out insurance DOES need lectures because maybe they won't be so stupidly irresponsible in future.

I'm sure you do smile

But I don't need to add yet another to the many.

flowerslemonade Wed 21-Mar-18 08:29:29

I can't believe you didn't get travel insurance shockshockshockshockshockshockshockshockshockshockshockshockshockshockshockshockshockshockshockshockshockshockshockshockshockshockshockshockshockshockshockshockshockshock

Nocabbageinmyeye Wed 21-Mar-18 08:30:13

No if you get it today and cancel tomorrow that won't work, and rightly so, why the hell should the insurance pick up your tab?

The bacon has nothing to do with either, the "starve" them advice is gone, he would have been sick whatever he had eaten if it's a bug.

If you need to decide today then you should decide not to go, personally I'd be hanging on to the last second clinging to hope

HobnobBob Wed 21-Mar-18 08:30:51

What were you thinking of doing if one of you get ill on holiday? Have you spare those sands in the bank to get homeadford treatment abroad? Have you got house insurance? Car insurance? It’s the same thing.

Go with the BRAT diet, keep fluids up, I’ve lollies are good.

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