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To want an alternative baby name

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GreenieBeanie Wed 21-Mar-18 02:27:59

DP and I are trying to come up with baby names (we're waiting to find out the sex), he is favouring names such as Leo and Leona, but I love the name Green for a boy or girl. He's trying to veto it but I'm sticking to my guns here, I love it! AIBU to want a pretty out there name for lo? Would I be setting them up for a life of hating their name?

DryHeave Wed 21-Mar-18 02:31:16

Green is so far out there, it’s in orbit.

(Hmmmm, Orbit?)

Redglitter Wed 21-Mar-18 02:32:32

Green? Seriously? I'm with your partner on this one. You're setting them up for a lifetime of jokes & comments about their name not to mention the field day kids will have when the poor wee soul is at school

Backscratchesforever Wed 21-Mar-18 02:33:13

My favourite colour is Green and is my maiden name... but for a first name? Not my cup of tea!

I also see your name op... sounds like a bogey. Which is what they will get a lot of. Leo is cute.

So YABU, in my opinion, sorry flowers

MuddlingThrough1724 Wed 21-Mar-18 02:35:06

Let your DP won on this one and keep the determination for a different battle perhaps.

GreenieBeanie Wed 21-Mar-18 02:35:57

Orbit is going down in the potential middle name pile

GreenieBeanie Wed 21-Mar-18 02:37:30

I really don't like Leo or Leona, I'm not trying to be a hipster but well, I guess I am, I'd rather give lo a name that I only associate with him/her. I still love Green despite bogey comment grin

Trixie12 Wed 21-Mar-18 02:43:16

You should definitely compromise, I’m all for out there names but green seriously? Would you call your child Pink, Orange or Yellow? There is a Blue and a Red (short for redmond I think) in my dd’s class at school and of course you can name your child whatever you like but you should put yourself in your child’s shoes, would you honestly want to be called that? I hated my name growing up and was teased a lot about it at school and even now (I’m 30) people double take when they look at my name badge, when I asked my mum about it she said she just liked the name so went with it 🙄 (l love her dearly but could kill her for giving me that name) just something to think about 🙂

ScipioAfricanus Wed 21-Mar-18 02:44:33

Do you know the song ‘Little Green’ by Joni Mitchell? It would be too out there for me, more hippy than hipster even. However I gave my child a fairly unusual name and nowadays there are so many out there names that people are more accepting even of the oddest. We have children named after seasons, animals, compass points, why not colours?!

DarkRoomDarren Wed 21-Mar-18 02:47:15

I think it’s fine to want an ‘out there’ name, but you absolutely cannot stamp your feet and demand that you get to pick what that name might be. That goes for both of you. He can’t insist on Leo either. Honestly, it just leads to resentment if one half of a couple overrides the other when it comes to picking names.

Green? Meh, not my cup of tea, but I’ve heard worse. There’s a brilliant baby name board here you and dp could look at for inspiration.

ILoveAntButHateDec Wed 21-Mar-18 02:50:29

Leo is the only name I would consider out of the names in your OP. Green?? Are you having a laugh??

LolitaLempicka Wed 21-Mar-18 02:51:44

I wanted a baby called Green when I was a teenager, because of the Joni Mitchell song, beautiful lyrics. When I got older I realised that it is actually a really ugly sound and is a bit bogeyish. I don’t even think it is very out there, just a bit 90s.

Ickyockycocky Wed 21-Mar-18 02:52:01

Green is plain ridiculous. How you you contemplate saddling a child with such a stupid name. Really!

GreenieBeanie Wed 21-Mar-18 02:52:10

Ooo where do I find it?
I do like Lila, Avery and after that recent comment Joni grin
I wouldn't hold onto the name Green unless DP agreed, I was just reluctant to let him veto it so early on without consideration, you never know it might grow on him (lol) grin
I think I am just a little hormonal

falsepriest Wed 21-Mar-18 02:52:20


DarkRoomDarren Wed 21-Mar-18 02:54:22

Backscratchesforever Wed 21-Mar-18 02:56:21

I love Avery, for a boy or girl. Huge Greys anatomy fan

littlemisscomper Wed 21-Mar-18 03:02:05

Please, please, please be joking OP!

You are joking aren't you?


Definitelydrowningthistime Wed 21-Mar-18 03:03:17

What about green in another language? In Croatian it's 'Zelena.' Rather pretty and different grin Loving Joni too though...

GreenieBeanie Wed 21-Mar-18 03:06:44

@falsepriest I googled balonz because I thought you were trying to curse me and up popped the funniest MN thread I've ever read, my ribs hurt grin

GreenieBeanie Wed 21-Mar-18 03:07:45

Zelena is giving me some serious badass-90s-witch vibes.

I like it.

FifiVoldemortsChavvyCousin Wed 21-Mar-18 03:08:11

Those names are for the children of celebrities who never have to apply for a job.

GreenieBeanie Wed 21-Mar-18 03:10:00

If lo was a girl and we agreed on the Name Green, I admit I'd probably call her GiGi most of the time

mathanxiety Wed 21-Mar-18 03:31:55

I think I am just a little hormonal grin
<wipes eyes>

How about Leif?
It has elements of Leo in it, and leifs are green...

Lila and Avery are lovely.
Arden is a name I came across a few years ago.

How about Eden?

mathanxiety Wed 21-Mar-18 03:37:32

Or maybe use 'Greenleaf' as a middle name for a girl or a boy? John Greenleaf Whittier was an American Quaker poet and abolitionist.

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