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Is anyone still awake? Anxiety through the roof

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Sofuckingstupiddespair Mon 19-Mar-18 03:29:30

I had another thread about getting very drunk last night and was so anxious. Was ok for the evening but it's bad again now.

Earlier, the panic was in case I'd been raped. Now I can't stop obsessing over what if I committed a crime and don't remember. What if I've ruined my life if I end up with a criminal record.

I'm trying to make myself believe this is a mental health anxiety issue and I've probably not committed a crime.

I think I underpaid the taxi driver and that's the other obsessional thought, if he wants to get revenge he obviously knows where I live.

I'm too afraid to put the light off and go to sleep. My anxiety is running away with me.

TravellingFleet Mon 19-Mar-18 03:32:02

Is there something you usually find soothing? Perhaps you could get up, make a cup of herbal tea, and watch some nice panda videos on the Internet.
Then tomorrow, have a think about making an appointment with your GP to discuss anxiety. It does seem to be having a negative impact on you at the moment.

stillvicarinatutu Mon 19-Mar-18 03:34:19

love. - please go to sleep.

taxi bilking isnt a crime if you did underpay. and if you did he will go to police and you can just sort it thayt way but my spidey senses say he wont bother.
its a civil issue. not a criminal one.
go to sleep. and if getting drunk makes you super anxious then dont get drunk! easy!! no?
if you were raped you will know. you wont have been raped trust me.

sleep now. sort the taxi thing tomorrow if it needs sorting. my guess is it wont!

Sofuckingstupiddespair Mon 19-Mar-18 03:36:10

I was managing though. Now I'm not.

I feel if I just let go and stop worrying the bad stuff will definitely be real. Pure madness. Worrying doesn't do anything. I'm really thirsty but too anxious to go and get some water.

It's almost paralysing me right now.

stillvicarinatutu Mon 19-Mar-18 03:39:16

get the water.

the taxi thing is a non issue - trust me im a cop and its really a non issue.
get your water.
stop worrying about it now because i promise if it was something to worry about youd know by now.
sleep girl!

ChaChaChaCh4nges Mon 19-Mar-18 03:39:17

Do you have anxiety issues more generally, or is it this one incident?

ellephant Mon 19-Mar-18 03:39:21

It's very unlikely that anything bad happened last night. You've got the fear and that's natural when you have a blackout after drinking heavily. Forgive yourself, look after yourself and try to get some rest. Speak about your anxiety with your GP. Do you have family or friends you can talk to? Take care.

OceanMoon Mon 19-Mar-18 03:40:52

I have PTSD and anxiety, and mine always plays up late at night. When I used to drink, the hangover days were the worst- anxiety strikes when you are vulnerable. If there are any self soothing methods you find work, try to put them into practice now - I know how difficult this is when you're in the throes of an episode but remind yourself that it only lasts a short amount of time before your mind and adrenaline gets tired and gives you a rest. I usually watch something on tv or find a good blog on the internet for an hour to really distract myself and then usually I can fall asleep as the fatigue from the adrenaline rush kicks in!
As for the thoughts, imagine you are standing on top of a bridge looking down at a stream of water, imagine the thoughts passing under the bridge and slowly drifting down the stream and away (it sounds very cheesy but it can work!) Also reminding yourself that the thoughts are just a side effect of the adrenaline and they don't need to be acted on, you can listen to them and let them pass you by.

Sofuckingstupiddespair Mon 19-Mar-18 03:42:54

I have anxiety in general but it's different. This feels like I have no control and like I'm going to die. I assume it's a different kind of anxiety though.

Sofuckingstupiddespair Mon 19-Mar-18 03:44:26

Thanks for talking to me, all I f you. Talking helps.

stillvicarinatutu Mon 19-Mar-18 03:44:54

can you regain some control in knowing nothing bad happened and the taxi thing is nothing.

can you sleep knowing that? you can sort the rest tomorrow.

ADarkandStormyKnight Mon 19-Mar-18 03:46:16

I think you will feel better if you can get some water.

Lots of people suffer from anxiety after drinking. It's the "beer fear" or The Fear. Water will help your body and mind get back to normal.

Don't worry about the taxi. I'm fairly confident you did pay the right amount or the driver would have said something. Did you pay in cash? You could check your purse in the morning.

Sometimes writing stuff down helps if you are anxious - try making a note of what is troubling you and promise yourself you will deal with it in the morning.

OceanMoon Mon 19-Mar-18 03:46:24

That's adrenaline, sweet I promise you. It doesn't feel like it is - it feels intense and paralysing but its just your body putting you in survival mode because it believes you're in danger. The less you do and the more you distract yourself, the adrenaline will stop because your primitive brain realises it's not in danger and will let your rational brain take over again! It'll all be over soon and you can have a good rest, just find something good to distract yourself, lie on the floor if you can, feel the cold against your body

stillvicarinatutu Mon 19-Mar-18 03:47:12

not that there is anything to sort tomorrow except a possible taxi fare and a headache?
that amounts to bugger all in the great scheme of things op! so go to sleep now and stop worrying?

WLmum Mon 19-Mar-18 03:50:28

Take small steps in getting yourself a drink. Put the light on and wait. When you can accept nothing bad came of it, sit up. Then put one foot on the floor. Etc. The rehydration will help you.

Sofuckingstupiddespair Mon 19-Mar-18 03:54:23

I got some water smile it's helping.

Definitely when feeling that awful paralysed by fear thing - it massively helps to force myself to go and do something. Even small simple things like getting a glass of water help.

PapaLazarousWife Mon 19-Mar-18 03:55:31

Can you play some relaxing music or some white noise? White noise always helps me quiet my mind. I use "heavy rain" on the "sleepy sounds" ap.

As others have said I'm sure you'd know if you'd been raped and equally if you'd committed a crime it would have been picked up at the time. If you were really drunk you probably wouldn't have been subtle or been able to run away quickly so the fact that you are home safe means that everything is ok.

If you're worried about the taxi fare call the company tomorrow and offer to pay. That's what I would do. I'm sure it happens all the time, you're not a criminal!

Do you have a friend you can call?

Emily7708 Mon 19-Mar-18 03:55:33

Do some breathing exercises to calm you down. Take a deep breath in while you count 1, 2 and a deep breath out on the count of 3, 4. Do this lots of times.

Maybe just lay on your bed and do the breathing, leave the light on if you feel better for it.

I know you don’t want to hear it but deep down you were in control last night. You may have been drunk but you remembered your address for the taxi home and you are still home and safe. You can get through this.

FindoGask Mon 19-Mar-18 04:06:17

I suffer from anxiety too and hangovers intensify it x 1000. It's hard to be rational because your every thought spirals towards doom! But it's all chemical and you will start to feel better in the morning.

fzpotts Mon 19-Mar-18 04:18:01

I've obviously missed something here (rape?) but...

PLEASE just take à minute. You seem to bè home. That is a start.
Drink water.

Have you a friend you can call?

It seems there iß alot to deal with.

fzpotts Mon 19-Mar-18 04:19:40

Sorry. My typing takes ages....kidß....Dad thinks I'm a spy lol.

LassoOfTruth Mon 19-Mar-18 04:46:48

Oh OP, hugs! flowers I hope you're asleep by now. Others have given you good advice here though. Anxiety like this is a familiar enemy to me too, with or without drinking! Small, methodical action helps me. Fix yourself a snack, do a crossword (I knit), put away laundry - try not to think, and feel yourself calm down. Then try reading something to make yourself sleepy. The darkest hour is before the dawn, but dawn isn't far away now.

WombOfOnesOwn Tue 20-Mar-18 03:09:55

This kind of obsessional thinking was the first major symptom of a psychotic episode for someone I once knew. If you can get in for an evaluation, I'd do so. Psychosis is very easy to deal with if you catch it early, there are plenty of meds etc., but it can spiral out of control very fast.

The person I knew was terrified he had committed any crime he saw on the news or read about. It was genuinely very frightening to watch his very real fear about it, when he wasn't even located anywhere near most of the crimes he was afraid he'd committed. Please look after yourself. Drink and drugs can exacerbate psychotic symptoms.

glsgow107 Tue 20-Mar-18 03:36:31

You really need to seek help.

nursy1 Tue 20-Mar-18 04:05:37

Drink obviously does not agree with you. Is alcohol an issue?
I have occasional nights where I obsess over something or other ( usually some crass comment I’ve made, or I’ve upset someone) but I’ve learmed that once slept on it’s not usually so bad in the morning. Sounds trite but that old adage, it’s really true!
This sounds a bit more than that, are you getting any kind of ongoing help in the bigger picture op?
For tonight try breathing exercises. - breathing slowly in to count of 5 out to count of six for 10 breaths helps to calm jitters.
There are some good guided meditations on youtube which I might try shortly - really bad back tonight and too soon for next bout painkillers.
Hello to all fellow night owls x

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