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To call the police

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SwimTo Mon 19-Mar-18 02:34:57

I live in a v quiet street lots of families, older couples etc. So a bit surprised as the last hour and a half there's been someone shouting at the top of their voice on the street, I can't see them but they're definitely out on the street. They sound drunk or maybe under the influence of another substance but in the shouting I heard call the fire brigade call an ambulance etc. but mostly the shouting seems to be just rambles about hair cuts and ex partners. The thing is it's bloody freezing outside, the shouting is most definitely keeping the neighbours awake and I'm worried the person is not in the right state of mind to be out in sub zero temperatures at 2:30am AIBU to call 101 to check it out or should I just leave it?

Magmatic80 Mon 19-Mar-18 02:36:08

I would. I hope they’re ok

Pinkbedsheets Mon 19-Mar-18 02:42:03

Yes. Call

PapaLazarousWife Mon 19-Mar-18 02:46:58

Yes call if you are worried - the police deal with disturbances in the street. It will probably be logged as a concern for safety in the first instance. They can get an ambulance if needed.

Motoko Mon 19-Mar-18 02:50:27

Call them. He's probably a disgruntled ex of someone in the street.

LostPlatypus Mon 19-Mar-18 03:20:54

I've called the non-emergency number for similar before, and they sent someone out, so I would definitely call if I were you. At worst they'll not be able to do anything because they're busy elsewhere.

SwimTo Mon 19-Mar-18 03:22:43

Thank you. I called and they said they would send someone but as soon as I hung up I didn't hear her again, hopefully I didn't waste their time!

Bullet991 Mon 19-Mar-18 08:47:54

One time I called 101 when I was younger thinking I'd heard a woman screaming as though she was being hurt. Turned out it was a Fox and I honestly was so mortified but better safe than sorry!!!

ditavonteesed Mon 19-Mar-18 08:52:37

swim to, glad they quieten down, hope they are warm and safe now, you did the right thing.
Bullet that's really funny, when I first moved to London I sat up in the middle of the night and got my phone, dh said what you doing, 'going to call the police some woman is being attacked' that also was foxes dh thought I was a proper country bumpkin.

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