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Cut on finger

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AverageSnowflake Sun 18-Mar-18 01:38:34

I feel like I am losing my mind and I'm hoping for some rational perspective.

Last night I went to an escape room with some friends and whilst "escaping" I cut my finger on a rusty box. Nothing major and they gave me a plaster immediately as my finger was bleeding a bit.

Today my finger is somewhat sore and I am incredibly paranoid that I have contracted tetanus or some other hideous disease. I have been googling nonstop and it has only fuelled my paranoia.

Should I go to the non emergency OOH? I literally feel sick with the thought that I could have contracted some disease and now I cannot sleep because I'm so upset. Am I crazy? What are the chances that I've gotten some sort of infection?

umizoomi Sun 18-Mar-18 01:42:20

Is your tetanus jab up to date?

Tbh I would smother in Savlon and stick a plaster on

Your reaction seems extreme

Pinkbedsheets Sun 18-Mar-18 01:42:37

You cut your finger. It’s sore and presumably red. That happens, don’t worry. You are fine

MissionItsPossible Sun 18-Mar-18 01:44:28

It’s just paranoia and probably because you have recently been in an escape room that you are feeling this way. You do not need to go bothering people that are working treating people - deserving other otherwise - about a cut on your finger!

Stressedout10 Sun 18-Mar-18 01:45:12

If you've had a tetanus shot in the last 7 years you should be okay from that point if the cut or surrounding tissue is red or hot to the touch go to ooh otherwise clean with antiseptic apply a fresh dressing and keep an eye on it if anything changes get it checked

AverageSnowflake Sun 18-Mar-18 01:47:35

Honestly the ridicule is very reassuring...I don't know why I've gotten myself so worked up. blush

I just feel inexplicably paranoid that something extreme could arise from the stupid cut. blush

DancingLedge Sun 18-Mar-18 01:48:29

Tetanus bacteria live primarily in soil. Nowt to do with rust, or rusty nails. An open scratch or wound is not where they thrive: it's puncture wounds, where there's little contact with air.

So, you almost certainly stand no chance of contracting tetanus from a scratch.And you're probably vaccinated anyway.

Some other infection? Not impossible, but not likely.Keep an eye on it. Bathe it in salty water, hot as you can bear.
If there's pus, or considerable swelling or redness, take it to a HCP.

But chances are, it'll be absolutely fine.

AverageSnowflake Sun 18-Mar-18 01:53:18

Well that's the thing, it IS a puncture wound. I literally had to pull the metal out of my finger. I find it hard to believe that no one else has had a similar accident, as it occurred when opening the box to get the next clue. So my concern is that I've been infected with some sort of infectious disease!

MissionItsPossible Sun 18-Mar-18 01:58:21

It was either ‘nothing major and they gave me a plaster’ or ‘literally had to pull the metal out of my finger’.

Sorry, but I have to.

AverageSnowflake Sun 18-Mar-18 02:01:25

Well yes I did have to pull the metal out of my finger but I didn't bleed profusely IYSWIM?

I suppose it's not a cut, but more of a small puncture wound.

AverageSnowflake Sun 18-Mar-18 02:02:45

Either way, I'm pretty sure I'm overreacting! blush

Takfujuimoto Sun 18-Mar-18 02:04:22

Your name is misleading op, nothing average about this snowflake.

Look it's either 'nothing major' or a nasty puncture wound, maybe a bit of both.

If you are reacting like this than nothing will help you feel better except a trip to the drs or ooh, it definitely not for the A&E.

So go do that and hopefully they can reassure you.

Ofthread Sun 18-Mar-18 02:08:55

Have you been listening to the Archers op?

MarSeeAh Sun 18-Mar-18 02:13:28

What's an escape room?

AnnieAnoniMouse Sun 18-Mar-18 02:17:25

FGS put some germoline on it and a plaster.

Go to sleep, let your body do what they're good at & heal itself.

If it’s falling off on Monday book to see the nurse.

Go. To. Sleep.

AnnieAnoniMouse Sun 18-Mar-18 02:18:32

Mar. They’re places where you go for fun, you get shut in a room & have to use the clues to get out.

AverageSnowflake Sun 18-Mar-18 02:20:28

Ofthread I don't know what the Archers is, so no I'm not listening to it.

MarSeeYa Escape rooms are a new way to waste time and money whilst also potentially contracting infectious diseases. sad

MarSeeAh Sun 18-Mar-18 02:22:20

Mar. They’re places where you go for fun, you get shut in a room & have to use the clues to get out.

Okaaaayy! I wish I hadn't asked. I always have to know I can get out of any enclosed space - no matter how big - easily. I'll have nightmares now!

OP - if it's infected, the cut and area round it will feel hot. Immerse it for a while in hot, salty water.

AgentZigzag Sun 18-Mar-18 02:28:56

Things are always worse at night when there are limited distractions.

Not looking at Dr Google's worst case scenarios is a good start, even though you know you're overreacting it's still not easy to get the anxiety to STFU.

Is there anything else making you feel so uneasy?

Coyoacan Sun 18-Mar-18 02:49:49

But you are supposed to thoroughly cleanse a wound to avoid infections.

AnnieAnoniMouse Sun 18-Mar-18 02:50:44

Mar. Me too. I can go from calm to panic in one second flat if a bathroom lock doesn’t unlock etc. I was even getting bad on planes - I gave myself a bloody good talking to and I’m ok on planes etc now, but unexpectedly not being able to get out sets me off before I’ve had time to think about it, I mean, ffs, last time I was at my friends house, loads of people around, it’s not like no ones going to help me if the lock is actually broken (and it’s not just me being a tit). It’s ridiculous. I know where the fear comes from, but it’s still stupid.

Anyway, the rooms are monitored. You’d only have to say you wanted out & it would be opened, so it’s really not scary.

Italiangreyhound Sun 18-Mar-18 02:56:06

If you are worried, why not go to the Chemist and speak to the pharmacist tomorrow?

Clandestino Sun 18-Mar-18 03:45:50

Bookmarkjng in case we read your obituary soon.
Looking disapprovingly at the snoring cat who play-bit me recently with the clear intention of killing me with his deadly germs.

deptfordgirl Sun 18-Mar-18 06:15:30

My first thought was also the archers!

Eddierussett Sun 18-Mar-18 06:45:09

Go to a pharmacist today if you're worried. This is the sort of thing they can advise on (and they will tell you if you need to see a dr) without you having to spend hours in minor injuries.

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