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Was I rude... Well yes I was, but was it deserved?

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PizzaPower Wed 14-Mar-18 00:45:18

It’s a WIBU rather than AIBU: I know I was rude (the 3rd time), but was it deserved, let me explain.
Mobile rang this afternoon, asking for DW, said unfortunately unavailable and could I help? It was about her accident and they could help with the claim. (Haven’t had an accident and certainly no claim to be made). Explained not interested as hadn’t had accident etc, hung up and blocked number.

Phone rings 5 min later, apparently it was the man who I had been speaking too’s supervisor and I had been rude to his member of staff!! Told him to go listen to the recording and he might draw a different conclusion, and no I wasn’t interested in their services. Hung up and blocked this number.

Five minutes later, another supervisor. I’d had enough at this point and summoned Mumsnet and told him to fuck off to the far side of fuck and when he got there fuck off some more (my God, I love that phrase), but never used in anger until today. He tried to get a few more words in at this point but I just laughed and hung up.

So yes I was rude, but will the Mumsnet jury forgive me?
Oh and if you’re on here call centre bod, no matter what the result, I may remain unrepentant so until I tell you other wise, you can stay fucked off!

UnrelentingFruitScoffer Wed 14-Mar-18 00:49:33

Well done. These vultures deserve to be ticked off for intruding into our lives and wasting our time. I hate unsolicited anonymous phone calls.

Graphista Wed 14-Mar-18 00:50:40

Register with tps - doesn't stop them all but greatly reduces the calls also gives you the satisfaction of playing along until you get all the info you need THEN telling them to fuck off AND reporting them to tps.

No better than con men in my opinion.

I occasionally get this type of call (much more rarely than pre tps) and I KNOW they're lying because I haven't even had a car for nearly 8 years!

Prestonsflowers Wed 14-Mar-18 00:52:01

Completely forgiven.
As a new member to mumsnet, I may not have the power to forgive you, and that phrase is magnificent.
Well done

DalekDalekDalek Wed 14-Mar-18 00:52:36

That sounds iffy. You sure that was a call centre and not someone taking the piss? Have you tried googling the numbers they rang from? Other people might have had similar experiences. Why would they keep calling back when they are cold calling? I would imagine they get loads of responses like your first one, I can't believe they call them all back!

PizzaPower Wed 14-Mar-18 00:54:28

Oh @Graphista can you register a mobile with the TPS? I’ve done the land line, but didn’t realise you could mobile.

ClemDanfango Wed 14-Mar-18 00:55:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Awwlookatmybabyspider Wed 14-Mar-18 00:56:17

They deserved it. Phoning you 3 times that's borderline harassment.
They were definitely not a real company, anyway. I mean no one from a reputable company would phone you back up on the bounce. Yes they might say between themselves; "did you hear the way that "cf" spoke to ..........

PizzaPower Wed 14-Mar-18 00:58:31

I’m not sure Dalek, what you say makes sense. It was an 020 so London Number?
All three obviously different because I blocked the first 2. Not sue I know anyone in that area that would make such a joke.

Puffycat Wed 14-Mar-18 01:08:56

Well done you! I hate these calls! My old mum who sadly passed last June would say “haven’t you got something better to do than bother an old lady who is dying of lung cancer?” She was a feisty lady and was always upset at the thought that these people were ringing vulnerable oldies who may not even remember if they’d been in an accident let alone got PPI!

DalekDalekDalek Wed 14-Mar-18 01:09:16

Try googling the numbers, you can see if other people have had twatty calls like this from those numbers. Just seems strange to keep calling back to have a go at you for "being rude". Why wouldn't they just cut their losses and move onto the next number victim on their list.

MarSeeAh Wed 14-Mar-18 01:09:46

My DM once hung up on a cold caller, after having said she wasn't interested and warning that she would hang up if they persisted.

The cold caller phoned back and said, "Don't you hang up on me, you auld bugger!"

DalekDalekDalek Wed 14-Mar-18 01:12:44

I always tell them I'm 14 and can't drive/have never heard of PPI. They usually end the call pretty quickly themselves!

Bluelonerose Wed 14-Mar-18 01:13:52

The best is when I say "well she's 13 now so I'm guessing the accident was about 14 years ago"
They hang up on me grin

Llanali Wed 14-Mar-18 01:17:42

I had one many years ago try to sell me a mains gas boiler. Hilarious, when there’s no gas around Here!
In general I’m not rude, it’s just their job, but three times and complaining to you!? I’d have been rude then too!

Onlyoldontheoutside Wed 14-Mar-18 01:17:59

I find I get lots of these call when I change car insurers each year.
My stock answer now is also from MN.
'Yes,it was terrible.I died'.

Rollonweekend Wed 14-Mar-18 01:20:57

You weren’t rude at all. They were rude harassing you.

PizzaPower Wed 14-Mar-18 01:21:01

In bed at the moment with the iPad, will google the numbers later on when I have my mobile.
Thanks for the laugh though, love some of the responses.

TeatimeForTheSoul Wed 14-Mar-18 01:22:38

If I’m feeling bored, or annoyed that I’ve had too many calls, I like to keep scam calls on the line for a bit, just to delay them getting to the next person and annoy them. But one day I went too far. It was an IT type scam and I talked the guy in circles for 5 mins then confessed I knew he was a simple their and told him he would lose his soul. He paused and said in a little voice ‘I know’. Feel a little bit guilty for that one.

TeatimeForTheSoul Wed 14-Mar-18 01:24:30

I’ve used the ‘It was awful, I died’ too grin Think the woman had heard it a lot as she told me to F off and hung up grin

ThumbWitchesAbroad Wed 14-Mar-18 01:49:56

They phoned me once on the day of my Mum's funeral.
I told them I wasn't in the mood and why - they did actually apologise and hung up themselves.

A BT person called me once and all jollily tried to tell me about internet secuirty and how to keep my kids' safe - I may have suggested that as he didn't know whether or not I had children, he didn't know whether or not I COULD have children and how dare he make assumptions that, just because I was female and at home, I DID have children. Lots of backtracking and apologising and he fucked off. (I actually didn't have any children at that time).

WilyMinx Wed 14-Mar-18 01:54:58

They were totally asking for it! Who does that? Complaining to their supervisor and then having supervisor call back to scold you!?

TheClaws Wed 14-Mar-18 02:06:37

I don’t know if would actually use that particular phrase, but other than that, you weren’t BU. Usually I can tell when I answer a call if they are legit or not, and that guides if I actually speak, but sometimes i think it might be a business call and I get stuck. I’ve had the accident one too. I just hung up. But I have had one call back angry - I hadn’t been rude to him at all; he was trying to sell me an electricity plan, and I said “Nope, all good, thanks,” and hung up. He called back instantly and started to abuse me, saying this was a better deal, and if I was a man I would know that - I must be stupid and deserve to to killed because I didn’t listen to him.

I hung up, of course, blocked the number and reported it - but what can you do? These are international call centres, and they aren’t regulated.

Nowadays, my stock response if I get caught is This is a military secure number. If you do not hang up immediately and remove this from your system you will be tracked and reported. This works 100% and you may steal it. grin

PizzaPower Wed 14-Mar-18 02:28:16

Consider that one stolen @TheClaws I almost want another insurance call now! (Just spent two minutes looking for the like button before I realised this wasn’t Facebook!)

MerryShitmas Wed 14-Mar-18 03:39:36

It's irritating but I'd be thinking that's a scam tbh. I've unfortunately worked in PPI reclaims (I was on the incall team not the outcall vultures team though, so never phoned anyone who hadn't rang in first) and the shit they push is that 10 no's get you closer to a yes so if someone is rude/nasty or says no hang up and ring someone else. It would've been a hanging offence for a supervisor to spend what, 10-15 minutes? Ish, tracking down a customer for this. Waste of time, really. So I'd be inclined to look into it a bit more and see if there's anything you can report.

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