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AIBU to think neighbours' building work...

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impressedneighbour Tue 13-Mar-18 16:19:56

....looks too amazing that it's making the rest of our houses look old and shabby? (light-hearted)

Our house is part of a semi-circle of 5 houses, all built around the same time in the same style, and set off from the road.

The middle house, the one you face as you drive in, have recently had some building work done, knocking down their garage and fence and putting in a far nicer garage and new brick posts (Same style as all the houses) with lovely lights on them.

My AIBU is, their renovations look so amazing that it's making the rest of our houses look shabby by comparison!

BrownTurkey Tue 13-Mar-18 16:52:55

I always feel slightly bad that our loft conversion is bigger and better than next doors (because theirs was done under more restrictive planning laws). I expect some of the other houses in your street will start extending too.

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